Sunday, February 25, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Feb 25

Today’s brunch was dedicated to our desert island spanking implements. As you shall see, the brunch participants took off in all sorts of interesting directions in their responses. It’s enough to make one almost crave a shipwreck…

Bella: I'd choose the tawse. It's thuddy and stingy and has that lovely aroma of leather. Special care would be needed to keep it safe from the elements, thus elevating its importance in island life.

Here come the mental images now...

Pagan: A nice firm oval leather paddle. Definitely.

Bonnie: For my desert island spanking adventure, I’d choose a versatile implement that can be appropriate in a variety of spanking situations. Since it might be repeatedly exposed to water, conventional leather and wood seem like less than ideal choices. This situation calls for something a bit different.

For these reasons, I would take my 1970s vintage large plastic hairbrush. It was made before the hollow models with the rubber dome became ubiquitous. Instead the bristles are held in place by the thick plastic of the body. The head is an oval shape and the sides are rounded. The lack of defined edges prevents most cuts and bruises.

Even by hairbrush standards, this tool delivers an intense sting. However, it lacks the thud of heavier wooden brushes. It would be perfect for this quick, reminder spankings, as well as slower, romantic encounters.

Eva: Okay, I know that those of you who know me fully anticipate that I'm yelling "CROP!" at the top of my lungs. But wait... If we are on an island, don't you think we probably could improvise something similar to a crop? And I'm sure there would be plenty of wood type objects... So I'm thinking I want to take the flogger because that would be the hardest to duplicate.

Paul: If I were to be on a desert with Mel, it would have to be the tawse and a large bottle of Neats Foot oil.

I'm sure that I could improvise a switch or even a birch, if such were needed. Under normal circumstances, my hand and the tawse should suffice.

Tigger: This is an easy one! The Boudoir Paddle from the London Tanner! It's my favorite implement to get spanked with! In fact, I call it the American Express of spanking implements, meaning, “Don't leave home without it!” *grin*

Cindy: Wow, you can tell we're all spankos! Everyone's mind is already turning around spanking implements that can be created on their island! And I agree. We'd have Dave's hand, switches or crops might easily be fashioned... Perhaps palm fronds tied with seaweed to make a passable flogger? At least we would have time to experiment! But I think I have to choose something leather, even with all the warnings about it surviving the island elements. Heck, maybe coconut oil would help preserve it? I don't rightly know, but I have to go with the strop on this one.

Hmm... If Dave gets to pick one too, does that mean we got two implements? Such thoughts!

Kallisto: Great question, Bonnie! I would have to pick our big wooden paddle. It is very thuddy, and the thing we would be least likely to be able to improvise. Since you specify that shelter is not a problem, I don't think we would have to worry too much about it being damaged by the elements!

Elis: Since we would already have his hand, I get to pick something else! I would want his old black leather belt! I have loved that thing for years, since long before I came out as spanko. I would take it down from the hook and caressed it long before I felt its caress on my butt! It is the only thing he has ever used that I could feel the next day! Yep, I'm picking the belt. That thing and I are old friends!

TX Spankogirl: I'm going to have to pick our square head wooden hairbrush. As bad as that thing hurts, it has to be my favorite implement. It's the one that gets used the most so I know I would miss it if it were gone!

Thank you, everyone, for spending some time on our desert island! Next week's question will be considerably more serious. I hope you will join us then.

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