Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Implement Stories #10: Danielle

Here's Danielle! She's going to tell us about her leather slapper paddle and how she acquired it.

A year ago, in January 2006, we 'met' another couple. While I was reading the comments on MBS, I saw one asking for contact. I thought, "why not?" and responded. Soon I got an e-mail address. After the first mail, we had a good laugh. We were writing in English, but we were all Dutch. They even lived only 80 km away from us.

At first, the approach was with care. Talking with someone about spanking and your sex life is a bit different than discussing the weather. But we liked each other. Once, talking about implements (always by mail), I asked B if he could recommend an address for leather paddles. I'd seen them on different spanking sites, but found them rather expensive. I wondered if maybe there was a shop in Holland to buy them. However, B suggested that he could make one himself. "Yes please," I said. We had a deal.

The first of April (Fools day in Holland), they intended to visit us and bring the paddle. We both were a bit nervous. I'd told my husband about my fantasy. He wasn't totally convinced I could do that.

It was a bright day, with sunshine all over the village. We were sitting in the garden when two people approached us with "We presume we have to be here." They had big smiles on their faces.

We had coffee and I admired my leather paddle and a lovely mini carpet beater I got as a present. Was it because of nerves that I forgot to thank them properly?

Maybe, but my husband was annoyed by my behaviour. He ordered me upstairs for a sound spanking with the new paddle. Our friends were invited to watch, and they eagerly did.

A few days afterward, we named our paddle "Slapper." It has used for punishment spankings as well as erotic.

Thank you, Danielle! I'm thrilled to learn about how your friendship began through MBS. I think that's wonderful!

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Paul said...

Nice story Danielle, Great the way that you met through MBS, thanks for sharing.
Great Bonnie.
Warm hugs,

john said...

Great story. Wonderful how you met.

dwcmike said...

Danielle; Glad to know of another occasion when you were spanked. I imagine hubby has often been given his turn being spanked with slapper also.
bottoms up

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