Friday, February 02, 2007

Implement Stories #3: Amber

Our third installment of the Implement Stories series brings us to Amber. She is the author of the excellent blog, Farmwife with a Twist. She chose to share three of their favorite implements. Here are Amber's descriptions:

This is our new riding crop from the Eden Fantasys. It was welcomed with great enthusiasm. For one thing, I've never seen my husband enjoying himself this much during an S&M session. He was smiling radiantly. He had this cheeky, playful look on his face, and he whipped me and controlled me with the help of this crop with more delight than ever. It clearly appealed to the horseman in him, and he kept making horse calling noises at me as he directed me into positions. Of course, a woman who is naked, wet, and trembling with arousal is not exactly the same as three hundred head of cattle or even a serious desert cattle driving horse, but you can see where his sentiments were coming from.

This is our coffin paddle from Blue Ridge Leather. You know, there are paddles, and then there are OAK paddles. The impression the solid oak makes is not comparable with anything else. It gives its own unique heavy burn, but a burn that is strangely sensual too, at least the way I see it.

This cane is my idea of tree trimming. Just right for those early Christmas gifts. Oh, and the pain is absolutely exquisite.

Thank you, Amber, for sharing with us a little slice of life on the farm.

So what do you and your partner use for spanking? Readers who wish to participate in our Implement Stories series may do so by contributing photos and/or tales of their favorite (or feared) spanking implements. Simply e-mail me your entries and I will post them here.

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Pagan said...

Amber, I like riding crops too - although I think I'll pass on the oak paddle. EEK. Won't even mention the cane. ;)

Anonymous said...



Amber said...

Thank you, Bonnie! You are one of the kindest bloggers in the kinky blog land, I appreciate that. I am very honored by your sharing it here.

Pagan - one thing I never had is a leather paddle - what does it feel like? Only leather I've had so far were tawses, straps, loopy Johnny, now a martinet as well, and the crop. So I was curious in what way the paddle is different.

Amber said...

Not to mention, Pagan, that in fact, this crop is as painful as the cane or the paddle, in my husband's hands. It's not a mild tool for me, it's quite severe, and the welts are incredible (maybe because of the narrow tip).

Pagan said...

Hi, Amber. :) The riding crops we have are small ones designed for children to use while riding ponies. The one we generally use is short enough for OTK, and has a small leather hand. It's a mild toy, although he only uses the slapper part.

I'm not really into thin, whippy sting - I prefer the fully 'twump' of a paddle. Leather feels better than wood, IMO - less unforgiving. Closer to the feel of a hand. It is skin, after all.

They come in a wide variety of shapes and intensities. If you'd like to discuss in more detail, let me know and I'll send you an e-mail. Don't want to impose on Bonnie's good nature by chatting on her blog. :)

Bonnie said...

Pagan - To each her own. For me, a lot depends upon the mood and setting. If Randy prepares me properly, he can have me begging for almost anything.

Tigger - Isn't it?

Amber - You are mosr welcome. I appeciate your generousity.

Let me add my endorsement to the leather paddle. We have several and they are all delicious!

Pagan - I don't mind if you two chat in my comments. You're definitely on topic!

Pagan said...

Thanks, Bonnie. I wasn't sure if you'd mind.

Amber, we have NINE leather paddles (I'm a tad...keen). They are my favourite spanking implement, other than the factory equipped one conveniently located at the end of my hubby's arm.

We have some wood ones as well, of course. The CB, the VBB, a large cherrywood wooden spoon and other assorted kitchen weapons. ;)

My hubby's favourite wooden paddle is a small oar I won on a spanking board for writing spanking limericks. lol

He loves it, but the varnish makes it sting like fire!!! Definitely gets my attention. :)

Nothing is as bad as our rubber strap though! Although I've thus far resisted lexan's lure.

This is such a fun series. Thank you for starting this. :)

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