Saturday, February 03, 2007

Implement Stories #4: Rob

It seems only fair that we allow our F/M friends an opportunity to show off their toys as well. Accordingly, here is Rob and his lexan paddle.

My most memorable spanking implement is this lexan paddle. It may not be all that big at 14" long by 5" wide and 1/4" thick, but leaves a lasting memory long after the spanking is over.

I had wanted a "bad boy" spanking, but my wife tends to let up when the spanking has me ow-ing or kicking. Last year, I wanted a new Titleist driver, but money was tight. I started slipping a twenty or two every week from my wife's purse figuring she would not know. We went golfing one evening and she noticed that I now had a Titleist driver instead of the Taylormade driver I had before. She started asking questions. I could tell she was getting pissed and then she said, "Your ass is mine when we get home."

When we got home, she told me to "set up the horse up and when I come downstairs you had better be bare-assed and bent it" (I built a spanking horse that we occasionally use). She came downstairs with the lexan paddle in hand and was quite vocal with me as she secured me to the horse. I had a few butterflies in my stomach as I was unsure what was about to happen. Before I knew it the first swat landed and then the next. These were firm swats, alternating with cheek, coming at the rate I guess to be about two per second. There was no time to recover from one swat to the next and the intensity quickly built. If you have never felt lexan on the bare, let me tell you that it hurts like nothing else, including the cane. After a dozen licks or so, I started to say "ow" and kick. Shortly thereafter, I began telling her, "I'm sorry, please stop." She continued on with vigor at that fast pace and said, "You will be very sorry when I finish with you!" My butt was on fire, but there was no sign of her letting up. I was howling and begging her to stop, but it did no good. She continued for perhaps a minute or two longer, but it seamed like an eternity. I did not think a spanking could hurt so much. Was I wrong! Since then, I have not received a spanking like that one and I have no desire to! That incident with the lexan paddle left a memorable impression.

Thanks to Rob for enlightening us about life with lexan. That sounds like one spanking that will not soon be forgotten!

Readers who desire to contribute implement photos and/or stories can e-mail them to me. Watch this space for more Implement Stories in the coming days!

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Amber said...

Now already two people are telling me that lexan is wicked and they hate it (or love it while hating it). I hate to purchase something else right now, but it will definitely be on my list for someday. A lexan cane I was thinking, since another friend who loves it edgy said she loved/hated it.I think I am always ready to have my limits pushed a bit.

Greenwoman said...

Just curious...where do you get those? I don't believe I've seen any at my usual toy haunts.

You know...I think a truly fun post would be a bunch of links to cool places to shop for toys. I'd love to add to my toy links list!

Paul said...

Rob, thanks for this, we don't get too many F/M spanking stories.
Over the last year or two several people have written about Lexan all with the same love/hate stories.
Thanks Bonnie.
Warm hugs,

Tony said...

Great comments Rob, and it sure sounds like you took a delicious paddling . I've heard that Lexan paddles are some of the stingiest, most severe implements available, even more so than canes or razor strops. I've got to get a hold of one and have a taste! It would probably be too much for my wife but since I'm a switch I'm sure I'd enjoy it!

And Paul brings up a good point, i.e., that we seldom get any F/m spanking stories here. It'd be great if we could get some of us guys who switch or sub to share some more stories. In the meantime, I'd recommend Disciplining Ford (link on the right in Bonnie's collection of links). It's one of my favorite sites (after this one of course, Bonnie!). Ford receives some serious discipline from his wife and every story I read there makes me more envious!

bella said...

Add me to the list of people with love/hate relationships with lexan. I have several of these paddles in various colors. They are all bolo paddles with the rubberband and rubber ball removed.

One thing that makes this implement so unique is the stickiness. It is a quick trip to a raw bottom and then the paddle kind of sticks to the skin. So you have a double shot of pain; the swat and the paddle being pulled away.

It hurts just to think about.


Tony said...

I guess I shouldn't tell you what it does to me to "just think about it"...! :)

bella said...

Aw, come on Tony... you can tell.



Bonnie said...

Amber - It sounds like an impulse purchase to me! I hope your new toys will be all desire.

Green - Throughout the Implement Stories series, I've tried to link the toy suppliers when the contributor shares them. There have been a couple of toys that have intrigued me already.

Thanks for joining us!

Paul - I agree. I don't believe I have ever read an account that offers an unqualified fondness for lexan.

Tony - A lexan paddle is a paddle nonetheless. I have to believe it offers a thuddy component not found with a cane or strop.

Another fine source for F/M stories and information is Mike over at Spanked Hubby.

Bella - Ow! Not having played with lexan, I didn't realize that aspect. Your description reminds me of rubber toys. Ow again!

Tony - I believe you have shared that with us in the past.

Bella - Let there be no doubt... Tony is a thoughtful guy.

Anonymous said...

A lexan paddle with holes 18" long from Hansens is about the WORST!! After about 8 or 10 good licks, you just can't stand it, and after 20 or 25, you've got the kind of anguish a teen-age boys experience by the time he has 13 or 15 of them.

Evan said...

Maria, my switch girlfriend, has plans of purchasing one. She says that it will leave me red much longer than the cane does, and she likes a well-reddend rear! I think she means she likes seeing it on me... I take a long caning, but wonder how much I will be able to handle. She says we'll buy one cheap on e-bay.

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