Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bonnie's Mailbag

I get e-mails. Quite a few, in fact. Most are quite pleasant. Some are a little zany. A few ask really interesting questions. The mailbag segment is my chance to share with you, my dear readers, the very best of this correspondence. Some questions or statements are summarized for the sake of brevity.

Statement: Hey, your big round butt looks beautiful!

Response: Flattery will get you nowhere... I'd call that a backhanded compliment, except that I'm rather fond of a well placed backhand.

Question: Do you ever get tired of blogging?

Response: Yes, of course. But the feeling passes and onward we go. As I've said before, there will undoubtedly come a day when other interests take precedent over the blog. That's simply how life works. However, I have no plans to abandon MBS.


Response: I hear you just fine. There's no reason to raise your voice. I have such a picture and I will be sharing it in the near future.

Statement: I find your ass to be quite proper.

Response: I'm pleased to learn that. After all, I wouldn't want to sit on something improper.

Question: Will you link my spanking website?

Response: As I've described before, the vast majority of my links are spanking-related blogs operated by private individuals. I have no issue with pay sites or blatant commercialism, but they shouldn't expect free advertising from me.

As for paid advertising, I'm not interested. The ads I see are too often garish and distasteful. I consider MBS readers friends with whom I share, not customers from whom I profit. The latter case is a whole different dynamic where I would feel obligated to deliver. To me, that would rob this experience of its spontaneity and its fun.

Question: Do women into spanking really enjoy viewing Hollywood depictions? Do women relate to being the one over the handsome leading man's knee? I'm curious if those special "down there" stirring feelings that I as a man get when watching these movie scenes finds a parallel in the fairer sex.

Response: I'm a spanko. My reaction, especially if the scene is presented well, is one of great interest and excitement. Do I relate to the woman being spanked? Yes, of course. Is it a turn-on? Most definitely. It makes me want to seek out Randy and suggest...

Statement: Great blogs keep them coming!

Response: That was the entire e-mail, but you know, I love getting encouragement from readers. I think I speak for most bloggers when I say that an occasional vote of confidence like this one is what keeps us writing. I'm doing fine, but if you are inclined, I urge you to tell your friendly neighborhood blogger when they do or say something you like. I promise they will genuinely appreciate your words of support!

Statement: I am a bad boy and need a lesson.

Response: You might want to try a personal ad in a local alternative newspaper or a kink-friendly personals web site. I hope you get that lesson.

Question: We have a neighbor who actually took a belt to his 22-year-old (!) daughter the other night. We were appalled, yet curiously interested. What do you think of the notion, as our neighbor proclaims, that as long as someone is living under his roof...?

Response: I believe the police would call it domestic violence.

Spanking, when practiced by consenting adults, can be a wonderful experience. But absent the consent, the very same activities qualify as assault. It's analogous to the difference between lovemaking and rape.

I believe that many people fantasize about non-consensual scenarios. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this, so long as they remain safety in the realm of fantasy. Once these feelings escape into the real world, however, great harm can ensue. At very least, the young woman needs to get out of that house and the neighbor should seek counseling immediately.

Statement: [I'm] very interested in hearing more of your spankings you have recieved.

Response: I believed I've documented 76 such occasions here on the blog. I invite you to dig in and read to your heart's content (or whatever sort of content you prefer...).

Question: After your husband spanks you, does it hurt when you sit down?

Response: Yes, it definitely does for a while. It can range from a matter of minutes for a modest bottom warming episode to hours or even days following a real scorcher. In truth, I rather enjoy that reminder.

Question: Have you ever been to Atlanta, Georgia?

Response: Yes.

Statement: Do please do another Panty Drawer Inventory. I know that every one will love it but they might not want to say so.

Response: I knew I couldn't get away without a panty question. I'm planning some upcoming posts now and, without giving away too much, this is a distinct possibility.

There you have it, another month worth of mail messages! Thanks to all of my correspondents for giving me the material for this post.


Anonymous said...

At last we are promised a photo of your bottom in a suitably bent over pose. Perhaps a paddle should be added to it, for making your admirers wait so long .

Bonnie said...

Anon - Allow me to reassure you. There's at least one paddle in this house that's not gathering any dust!

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