Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Demographics: Who We Are

Every so often, it's useful and fun to to learn a little more about the good folks who visit MBS. So, if I may impose for one moment of your time, I ask you to share just a little bit about who you are.

There's no sophisticated marketing plan at work here. I'm just curious.

Which best describes you?

Male under 25
Male 25-34
Male 35-44
Male 45-54
Male 55-64
Male over 65
Female under 25
Female 25-34
Female 35-44
Female 45-54
Female 55-64
Female over 65



Paul said...

Bonnie, interesting spread, not surprising.
Warm hugs,

Grizzly Bear said...

Hmmm, I seem to be a minority in the spanking community. I guess I will have to do my best to represent the Male Under 25 group.

CeeCi said...

As of 5:45 PDT 116 men and 64 women, hmmmm, interesting demographic going on here, Bonnie, very interesting indeed!

Paul. doesn't seemed surprised. *waves at Paul.*

*Big Hug*
♥ CeeCi

Bonnie said...

Paul - I'm a little surprised because the overall reader population is a bit different from those who comment regularly (so what's the deal, guys?).

Griz - You're a star in any crowd, and I'm glad you're here!

Ceeci - That's precisely why I ask such questions.

It appears that my writing particularly appeals to men who are my husband's age. That's good to know!

Thanks for participating.

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