Monday, January 15, 2007

Spanking Theme Restaurant Coming to Windy City

Press Release


For more information, contact:
Rosie B. Hinde
Public Relations Director
OTK Cafe Partners
(312) 555-9000

Spanking Theme Restaurant Coming to Windy City

CHICAGO, IL -- The Windy City will soon host the first location for what is expected to become an international chain of spanking-oriented theme restaurants. The OTK Cafe will offer moderately priced lunch and dinner menus, but the real attraction will be the decor.

"For the past few years, we've been collecting all sorts of spanking memorabilia," said Tina Hamilton, executive vice president of the firm. "For example, we believe we own the world's largest collection of fraternity and sorority paddles. I think patrons will be surprised and delighted by these unique items."

The Chicago restaurant will be divided into four major rooms. Each will have a unique thematic decor - classroom, woodshed, boudoir, and dungeon. There will also be several smaller party rooms and alcoves that explore other aspects of spanking.

The Chicago location, located on Wacker Drive, is expected to open its doors around June 15th. "The construction is already underway, and the excitement is beginning to build," said Hamilton. "We've spent a lot of time refining the concept. Our hope is that its appeal will extend beyond the established spanko community. I think there are many people who have an interest in adult spanking, but they've never really explored this area. We hope the OTK Cafe can show them that not only is this activity solidly in the mainstream, it can be safe and a whole lot of fun as well."

The name OTK Cafe was a compromise after corporate legal staff nixed alternatives such as Hard Swat Cafe, House of Bruise, Pain Sorest Cafe, and Planet Paddlewood. "OTK stands for 'over the knee,' which is a popular position for administering spankings," explains Hamilton. "It's kind of an inside joke, yet not so obscure that it cannot become a household word."

The privately held partnership is currently in negotiation for properties in several other popular US locations including Times Square in New York, the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, and Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. "We really wanted to open first in Chicago because spanking themes run especially deep in Midwestern culture and tradition," Hamilton said. "We expect that success at this location will provide a springboard for future growth."

There will be a number of events associated with the grand opening. These are expected to include public appearances by luminaries from the spanko community and promotional give-aways. There will also be a press night. Details will follow as the opening approaches.

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enegrl said...

We Can only hope.........

Anonymous said...

Great post, Bonnie.

I guess they'll save money on chairs since many will be having to eat standing up.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! How cool would that be?!!!


Spanky said...

Too funny! You had me going until I went back and looked at the name of the author again. Very well done!

Doc said...

They'd do wonderfully with their party bookings. Kink clubs should start frequenting here, they'd get a number of excellent ideas for future branching out!

Paul said...

Very good idea Bonnie, wouldn't that be fun!!!
Warm hugs,

Al said...

April already?

A.S.S. said...

if only.. !!! Could you imagine the menu?

For an appetizer, I'll have the mild scolding. Then I'll go with the bare bottom ass slapper platter. I can get that with the belt included, right... good. Oh, and make sure the panties are left on the side please. Bring me a 'screaming orgasm' too... and I'll need to open a tab.

mitch said...

There actually was a spanking themed restaurant (I think it's gone now) in New York about 10-12 years. It was in Chelsea as I recall, and patrons could dine and spank. Does anyone recall its name?


mitch said...

oooooooops, I should have Googled before my first post.

La Nouvelle Justine - the link is to an article from 2000 in NY Rock. As said, I don't think (?) La Nouvelle is still around.

Great idea to franchise the concept, Bonnie!

Mary said...

Reserve me a table on opening night! Oh and please hose a Sunday Brunch there as soon as they can get us in!

rivka said...

Oh I wish!!!

Wintermute said...

And of course there really is a
Wacker Drive in Chicago. There are
several financial firms located on
this street, including the transnational
Swiss bank UBS. A spanking themed
restaurant would probably do pretty
well, given all of the fat cats in
the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Will the public appearances include your famous derriere, Bonnie ?

Web-Ed said...

Very funny, Bonnie, especially the W(h)acker Dr. address. It was beginning to whet my appetite, if you know what I mean, until I finally noticed the bogus "555" exchange. And I was so looking forward to posting a notice in the Chicago Spanking Review!

Bonnie said...

Enegrl - Hi, and welcome to MBS. Let's unleash the power of suggestion.

Anon - This's a good point! They'll need some of those tall tables like they have sometimes in airports. There will be plenty of patrons who choose to eat while standing.

Tigger - I'd be a regular!

Spanky - Thanks. I thought this might be a fun concept, and who knows? Perhaps someone can make money with it.

Doc - Yep, kinksters would surely call it home base.

Paul - Thanks!

Al - Just sit back and enjoy!

Todd and Suzy - Oh yes, we'll have to have a special menu. The possibilities are endless...

Mitch - I never knew about that establishment. That's so cool! Thanks.

Mary - As very loyal patrons, I have to imagine we could convince the management to open for Sunday brunch. That's a great idea!

Rivka - Me too!

Wintermute - I couldn't imagine placing this establishment on any other street in Chicago. I suppose, to be precise, we'd want an address on Lower Wacker Drive.

Anon - I never go anywhere without it! :D

Ed - I thought you might enjoy this little bit of fun. Maybe someday...

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