Sunday, January 14, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Jan 14

Here are your thoughts about aftercare and other activities that follow a spanking.

Todd and Suzy: Most of our spankings are of an erotic nature, with sexual play flowing quite naturally after the spanking. Actually, sexual touching, even to orgasm, is often a part of the spanking itself.

For punishment spankings, the aftercare is quite a bit different. If it was an especially long or hard session, I'll rub ice onto Suzy's bottom before moving to a soothing lotion. I use lots of gentle and loving words while I'm rubbing and caring for her sore bottom. This eventually leads to sex.

Sometimes, aftercare takes as little as ten minutes, and then other times it can take over two hours. It really depends on Suzy's mindset.

I’m not sure anything else would work with Suzy as far as aftercare goes. It would be interesting to give a spanking in the middle of the day, and then offer no aftercare until much later in the evening. Suzy's not real good at waiting though... LOL

Mike: It's real simple for us, hot sex. It’s nothing set or routine, just whatever strikes our fancy, after something struck a bottom.

Tigger: Our spankings are always of the erotic variety, so after such hot foreplay, my hubby and I make love! *sigh*

Paul: Most of our spankings were erotic, as very intense foreplay often including orgasms led to hot and satisfying love play.

After the rare punishments, I used ice to reduce swelling, Arnica to heal bruising, lots of reassurance and cuddles, and often in the evenings, gentle love making.

Mary: When we first got together, sex was not on the list of options. Aftercare was often spent sitting on his lap, while he whispered words of comfort and reassurance, brushed my hair out of my face, and rubbed my back. That is the same response now following a severe punishment for letting things go. Only now, sex will follow eventually.

If it is an ordinary punishment or a play spanking, it always leads to great sex. For certain "crimes," the spanking is very erotic and the sex is intertwined, rougher, and more rowdy. It’s very much about SEX and the power exchange of a spanking is intermingled with the intercourse. It is very "bad girl" sex and very delicious. Other times, the sex that follows is sweet and tender, make up kind of sex. The whys or what happened don't matter. It is conclusive. Orgasms come much more readily after a spanking.

One other aftermath ritual is the "bottom inspection." Later that day/night/the next morning, he announces that a bottom inspection is needed. It means I am to bare my bottom and present it to him, often over his lap, sometimes by bending over the bed. He rubs his hand over my tender bottom and "inspects" the marks and results of his labor. Unfortunately, I do not show marks readily (even when I’m still quite sore) and he is often "disappointed" in his handiwork. When time allows, this can mean only one thing - more spanking for me! I love "presenting" my punished bottom to him. I love feeling his hand rub over my bottom. I giggle and swear he has trouble with his eyesight when he says he doesn't see anything, because I sure do feel it. I often have to inspect it myself in a mirror and point out where it still hurts and maybe is showing some signs of the spanking. For me, this ritual has been one of the playful, fun aspects of our spanking relationship.

Kallisto: Great sex always follows spankings for us! If I feel like there might be bruising, I will sit on an ice pack for 15-20 minutes, and it does help reduce bruising. Sometimes Spanky will rub aloe vera gel onto my hot bottom, and that feels really good too!

Natty: Usually, it starts with A. saying "big cuddle for my girl" and me pulling my trousers up and laying next to him in bed. During said cuddling, A. will joke about what a "mean boy" he is. To which I'll readily concur. ;)

Now that I'm on blood thinners, we do have to watch for bruising. If a nasty bruise is arising, icing can become part of the after spanking ritual, along with Arnica gel.

Funnily enough, sex has rarely been an outcome of spanking. Sometimes, um, a bit of wanking is involved. So there may or may not be an orgasm ending it all. Most of the time, though, it's just lots of cuddling and chatting.

Dave: As with most of the answers, if it's an erotic, or good girl spanking, some form of sex will follow.

If it's a punishment spanking, we may go immediately to me holding her tight while Cindy sobs the "I'm sorry’s." Even if she cries during the spanking, having me wrap around her tightly and kiss her softly brings her a new wave of release.

Other times, there may be some corner time for reflection before I pull her tight inside me, and reassure her that it's all done. No more spanking (for this offense anyway!).

Sometimes after a punishment spanking, and the cuddling until she's calmed down, I will have her 'thank' me with her mouth on the part of me that's been so hard and drippy during her punishment.

We very rarely use any creams on her bottom. A punishment spanking is supposed to hurt, and I believe any lasting discomfort only further benefits her memory for the long term. And we've never used any ice or other treatment to reduce the bruising, as she is as proud to wear them as I am to see them.

Cindy: Aftercare is essential, especially if the spankee has had an intense emotional reaction. Some time has to be spent bringing her back to 'reality'. As Dave has already answered, I'll only add that rubbing lotion onto a well spanked bottom, namely mine, would be awesome! I even have special lotions I could keep handy for just such occasions. Then, whenever I used it or smelled that particular lotion, oh the memories it would bring!

I hope Dave reads the wrap up!

Bonnie: I wrote a post back in 2005 that summarizes my thoughts pretty well.

Regardless of the purpose of a spanking, Randy and I virtually always make love afterward. This act relieves any residual stress, provides a feeling of completion, and renews our spiritual bond.

I'd like to offer a big thank you to everyone who contributed today. Please be sure to join us next weekend for the one year anniversary of our MBS Spanko Brunch!

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