Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bonnie's Mailbag

Here we are in the new year and there's lots of mail to read. Thank you to everyone who sent cards and holiday wishes of every sort. I really appreciate these kind gestures. What follows are questions and comments sent in by actual readers (no, I couldn't make up some of this stuff if I tried). I think you'll agree that this is a bumper crop. Some of the questions are summarized for the sake of brevity.

Question: Can you tell me the brand, style, size, and color of the panties you're wearing at this moment?

Response: At this very moment, I'm wearing Jockey for Her cotton hi-cut briefs, size 7, in a pale pink color. They're practical, OK?

Question: Will you spank me?

Response: I must politely decline your offer because (a) I'm strictly submissive, and (b) I choose to play exclusively with my husband.

However, I have to imagine that you can find someone in your area who might be inclined to spank. You might want to contact a local kink-oriented group or try a personal ad.

Question: Do you think I should spank my teenage daughter? She's been very naughty.

Response: This blog deals with spankings between consenting adults. The scenario you describe involves neither adult participants nor consent.

If you have sexual fantasies about spanking teenage girls, so be it. However, should those fantasies cross over into reality, the consequences will be very serious. If you ever feel compelled to harm a young person, I beg you to please seek professional counseling immediately.

Question: How do you manage to write about the subject of erotic spanking every day?

Response: The fact that I love the topic helps a lot. So does having a network of e-mail correspondents who offer constructive suggestions.

Although the subject of spanking may seem narrow, it can be viewed from many different angles. I believe there are a number of aspects I have yet to explore.

To answer your question more directly, about once a month, I find a quiet place to brainstorm. Armed with only a pad of paper and a pen, I sit in the back a coffee shop and just start writing. In an hour's time, I can generally produce six to ten viable new story ideas.

My favorite posts are those that recount actual spankings. They require both inspiration (in the form of well executed bottom warmings) and the time to record the details. The first part has been available in ample supply over the holidays, but, alas, the time and energy I can devote to writing have been limited. I do have a couple of excellent spankings to share and I hope to do that in the next week or so.

Question: How do you feel after a hard spanking?

Response: That's a great question. In fact, I wrote a post on this very topic.

Question: Isn't it humiliating to have to wear thong panties?

Response: I don't "have to," and no, I don't consider underwear to be humiliating.

Question: After my husband spanks me with the paddle, even though my bottom is very red, the center of each cheek looks kind of whitish. What is that?

Response: I know exactly what you mean. I'm not certain, but I think what you see is dead skin. Perhaps a reader can offer a more complete explanation of this phenomenon.

Question: Have you ever considered writing comedy professionally?

Response: Not really. I'm pretty satisfied with my life as it is.

Question: Is that your real butt?

Response: Yes, it is made from all natural ingredients.

Thanks, everyone, for your e-mail!

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mthc said...

I just love your last comment! The comedy comment may be a valid point.

bella said...

Yes, it is made from all natural ingredients.



Anonymous said...

Great answers, Bonnie!!! And I, too, loved the "all natural ingredients" comment!!! LOL!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, every time I visit I get a chuckle. You are an important and valuable natural resource. Thank you.
Warm hugs,

Kallisto said...

Bonnie, you never cease to teach and entertain! Your blog is always a great read!

SmartNnaughty said...


I have a question for your next mailbag. What do you like best about blogging and what keeps you going when it gets tough?

I think I know the answer but I will wait to see what you write.

BTW, Happy New Year!


Bonnie said...

MTHC - Thanks!

Bella - I'm glad you enjoyed my mailbag. It seems there are always a few surprises in there.

Tigger - There's no artificial color either. That's all natural too.

Paul - You're most welcome. It's gratifying to learn that something I enjoy doing pleases others as well.

Kallisto - Thank you!

Nancy - Watch for a future post on those subjects.

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