Wednesday, January 03, 2007


First, there were waterproof scuba diving watches. Next, came jogging calculators that keep track of distance and time. Soon after, cyclists got their own trip computers, complete with altimeter. There are now quite a few varieties of athletic chronometer devices.

What about our favorite sport, you might wonder? Well, you need wait no longer. Some enterprising entrepreneur has invented a spankometer!

I can just hear the bedroom conversation, "Well, honey, I'd like to stop, but it hasn't beeped yet."


Anonymous said...

That is too funny, Bonnie!!!


dwcmike said...

Personally, I believe Randy has his own internal clock by now. Very funny however.

Anonymous said...

It says 'strap it on', but where ? Bottom or hand ? To measure strength of smack, it must be bottom, but how do you fix it to a bottom; there seems only one possibility ! D

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Isn't it a hoot? I just wish I had found it in time to make it a Christmas gift recommendation.

Mike - He definitely lives in his own time zone!

D - I'm guessing it goes on the wrist, but I've been wrong before...

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