Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Ten: Why We Rub

I recently received an interesting e-mail from a long time reader named Brett. It read in part:

Bonnie, you have more spanking experience than anyone I know so I'm sure you can answer my question. Whenever I see video of a woman being spanked, as soon as it's over, she nearly always rubs her ass like crazy. Why is that?

I was going to save this question for my monthly mailbag feature, but I decided instead to turn my answer into a top ten list. So, here are my top ten reasons why a recently spanked woman will often rub her sore bottom.
  1. It provides a great visual display for the spanker (thus convincing him that he's done the job well and need not repeat the procedure)

  2. It helps to bring oxygen-rich blood to the punished region and aids in healing

  3. It's a good method for assessing the scope of the damage

  4. Placing hands over a spanked bottom signals a desire to protect it from further harsh treatment

  5. When paired with an appropriately contrite facial expression, it's a demonstration of submission

  6. It focuses the spanker's attention upon the spankee's curvy posterior and other potential activities that might ensue

  7. It gives the spankee something to do with her hands at a rather awkward moment

  8. Rubbing brings out the pain, but in a controlled way

  9. It's kind of fun to feel the heat

  10. It allows the spankee to symbolically accept her spanking and take ownership of the consequences of her actions

I hope that clears up the mystery!

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Spanky said...

Interesting post, Bonnie! I can't say that I've noticed Kallisto rub her butt after spanking her, but maybe I haven't been paying enough attention? However, she does like to look at her butt in the mirror sometimes and see how red it is!

CindysDave said...

Excellent Top Ten! I think early on I scolded Cindy enough 'no rubbing!' that she's reluctant to now without permission. Although she has confessed to rubbing it while standing in the corner if she think I'm not looking.

Now however, I actually prefer to watch her rub for many of the reasons in your list. Guess I'm going to have to tell her it's OK to rub, unless I specifically tell her no.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Bonnie!!!

Though I actually love to rub my bottom after a spanking, I love when my hubby rubs and squeezes my freshly-spanked cheeks even more!!!


Anonymous said...

It's a natural reaction when I unbend, to grasp and rub the two objects which are blazing behind me; whether rubbing actually soothes them is another matter, but if I can't rub, because , say ,
my hands are tied, I just long to get my hands to my poor bottom.D says he just loves the sight of me bouncing my cheeks in my palms ! S.

Baba Ganoush said...

First Visitor Alert.....Very funny post. I like to read all the history when I visit a new blog.

So, I'll comment again when I am done around June.

Until then.....

Paul said...

Bonnie, there are very few better sights then my Mel doing the spankee's dance and rubbing. I think that it aids the blood flow and helps to prevent bruising.
Then she dances into my arms and we do the well known horizontal dance,
Warm hugs,

Cassie said...

I am so glad that Tom has never told me I can't rub bucause,boy, sometimes I do need to! Often he helps! But if you think even if you stub your toe most people grab it and hold it tight or rub it.

I think Tom likes it best when he just sees me rubbing later long after the fact because he always comes over and gives me a hug.


Bonnie said...

Spanky - Maybe I'm conditioned by years of spanko fun, but I find rubbing to be almost an involuntary response. I pretty much always rub!

Dave - I know Randy enjoys watching my futile attempts to rub away the burn.

Tigger - Oh yes! I've featured that act a number of times in my spanking accounts. Randy knows exactly what my response will be!

S - I agree. Rubbing is a very natural response (ineffective as it may be).

Baba - Hi and welcome! I hope you will enjoy exploring my archives. There's some fun stuff out there.

Paul - Ah, the old hop and rub two-step. It's a dance I've performed myself a time or three.

Cassie - This is one area where a little timely assistance can be most welcome.

Randy smiles when he sees me rubbing (or sitting with a grimace) long after the main event. That gesture reassures him that he has done a fine job. Not that I couldn't have told him that...

klank said...

oh, the dreams of rubbing some sore bottom

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