Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Poll: Who Knows?

Other than your partner(s), how many real life people are aware of your spanking activities?

One or Two
Three to Five
Five to Ten
More than Ten
The whole world knows!


Kayley said...

Very interesting poll, Bonnie! Smart idea you had! I was excited to vote... funny,eh? hehe


PS I am taking your blog building advice slowly slowly... ;) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very cool poll!!


Anne Elizabeth said...

Great poll, Bonnie !

Have a happy Tuesday !

Anne Elizabeth

Paul said...

Bonnie, blogger was acting up yesterday so I couldn't comment.
I voted, nice poll.
Warm hugs,

MaggieDear said...

Neat poll, Bonnie. Interesting results!

Anonymous said...

My spanking activity is so seacrate, I don't even know about it. Shimon

Edward said...

I think Lisa's father knows.A few times when he was over for dinner she was being cheeking and I swatted her(not lightly).His reaction was an evil grin and chuckle.

Bonnie said...

Kay - I toss these questions out and I never quite know what reaction I will get. Sometimes the results are about what i would figure and other times I find myself surprised.

I'm glad you're finding my blogging smarts article helpful. I working on a fourth installment that should hopefully be posted in a couple of weeks.

Tigger - Thanks!

Anne Elizabeth - Thank you!

Paul - This hasn't been Blogger's best week. I'm glad you were able to vote and comment.

Maggie - Yes, as I said to Kay, I wasn't sure what kind of responses I would get for this poll.

Shimon - Now that's some secret!

Edward - A wise fellow I'm sure. LOL

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