Monday, October 23, 2006

In With the New: Autumn Edition

Every so often, I like to introduce some of the new spanko (or spanking-related) blogs created during the previous few months.

I'm delighted to highlight fourteen more blogs to explore and enjoy. When you visit, I encourage you to not only read, but also to offer some encouragement. It's difficult to start a new blog. In the beginning, it feels as though you're writing for no one. A few positive comments at the right time can make the difference between a successful blog and an abandoned effort.

Check these out!

Bbobb's Place
Brat Under Control
Dolli Be Good
Domestic Discipline Spanking Stories
His to Spank, His to Love
Jujubee's Journal
Living with Spanking
Maggie Dear
Make My Cop Come
Master Fitz and His Brat
Pandora's Blog
Sweet Sassy Girl
Taught a Lesson
The Spanking Spot

(If I've forgotten anyone, please tell me)

To these new bloggers, I bid you welcome. I look forward to watching your blogs grow and thrive.

Here are some suggestions I assembled as a guide to enhancing your blog. While it's certainly not the final word, I think you will find a number of useful tips.

My Blogging Smarts

More Blogging Smarts

My Blogging Smarts Again

I hope you find the spanko blogging experience as rewarding as I have!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Bonnie!!!


jujubees1 said...

Thanks for mentioning my Journal. I really appreciate it! And all those others you mention will be fun to check into. This is all new to me. Thanks for all those helpful suggestions.

MaggieDear said...

Thanks a million Bonnie! I think blogging might just turn out to be kinda fun :-)

bbobb said...

Hey, Bonnie!

Let me add my thanks as well for the mention.


Anne Elizabeth said...

Oh Bonnie, you are so sweet !!!!!! Thank you !
And today, of all days, I have a cookie recipe up !!!!!
AugggHHHH !

Have a great Monday !
Anne Elizabeth

A.S.S. said...

Thanks for the links. We know there are some really good ones there... 'Make My Cop Come' and 'Master Fitz and His Brat' are already amongst our favorites. Reading a new blog is a ton of fun. Great to watch interesting and talented people develop their style. Looking forward to checking out your finds.

Also, your blogging tips are wonderful. Even a long-time blogger should take the time to read them... but for a newbie, they are a must! Best single tip... if you have an idea, write it down!

~Todd & Suzy

Kayley said...

Hey Bonnie! Thank you again for listing my site... and I will absolutely read your recommandations! Promoting a blog is not as easy as promoting a site... I realized that already... Well, espcially a spanking blog! :)

Thank you!

Ree said...

Its great to see so many new blogs about such great topics :)Thanks for pointing them out to us!


Aunty Agony said...

Such a nice welcoming post, Bonnie. I also welcome all these new blogs - some of which I am already familiar with.

Master Fitz said...

There's some damn fine blogs on that list! It's an honour to be counted amonst them, it really is.

We're both so touched and pleased at all the great people who are enjoying our blog!

I'm going to be having a good look at those blogging tips, Bonnie. We can't thank you or anyone else enough.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Good Tuesday morning, Bonnie,

Made you a special 'thank you !' post on my blog yesterday !

Got 100 more visitors than usual because of your kindness -- THANK YOU again !!!

Loved the bloging tips ! That was great ! How exactly do you go about backing up your blog content ???

Voted in the poll you posted above this post...
Have an excellent day ahead !

Anne Elizabeth

Kayley said...

Bonnie, thanks to you and AngelBrat my counter went up like crazy - of course that 80% of the hits come from your and Angel. So... thanks a lot a lot, girl! BIG HUGZ!

Bonnie said...

Tigger - It's truly my pleasure to share these great blogs.

Jujubees - You're most welcome!

Maggie - It does work that way for me sonmetimes. :)

Bbobb - You're certainly welcome. I want to tell everyone to visit Kasey's wonderful blog as well, but she's not new!

Anne Elizabeth - Sorry about the timing. You appear to have recovered nicely.

Todd and Suzy - I really enjoy discovering an expressive new voice. At some point, each of us was just getting started and felt unsure about this medium and uncertain of our own capabilities. If I can provide a small boost to a beginning blogger, I'm delighted to be able to do so. My efforts have been repaid many times over.

Kay - In my mind, promoting a blog is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming.

Ree - Hi! It's good to hear from you! I hope you enjoy meeting these neighbors.

Aunty - Thank you! It's always a pleasure to have you visit.

Master Fitz - You two are off to a great start. i hope you find the tips helpful.

Anne Elizabeth - That's great. I'll have to post my backup procedure. Maybe that could be the start of a blogging tips part four...

Kay - I'd love to tell you that Tracy and I conspired to do this, but it was just a coincidence. You're most welcome.

bbobb said...


We haven't made any decisions yet, but Kasey and I have discussed discontinuing our individual blogs and doing one joint blog. If we do go that route, it'll be a new blog, so you can put in a plug for it then. :-)


foxthatsspanked said...

Oh sorry it took me so long to notice I was on your list! I feel so honored. Hubby and I LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for including mine/ours (he hasn't posted yet but its just a matter of time). I'm so excited! And thanks for the great list to read. I love finding new blogs.

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