Monday, October 30, 2006

Bonnie's Mailbag

Once again, we dig deeply into the MBS mailbag.

Question: How can you manage to invest so much of yourself into a free service?

Response: Randy and I discuss this topic regularly. I struggle to find the ideal balance. There is no doubt that the blog enhances our love life and that in turn enhances everything else. Yet, at some point, enough must be enough. I have a difficult time defining that point.

I've never taken money for the blog and I never will. No advertising. No soliciting for donations. No links I can't believe in. I have to be a shameless mercenary all day long. This place is different. It's mine. I alone decide what belongs here. I'd quit before I would sell out. It simply can't be about money.

I feel torn sometimes because I want this to be a nice little hobby (and nothing more), and yet my perfectionist side aspires to make MBS ever better. Sometimes, I get tired. I'm not tired of writing about spankings or short of ideas, just physically exhausted.

There are a lot of things going on in our lives right now and I yearn for stability. I know it's out there, and within myself. We simply have to find the correct mix. Until then, please excuse me if I don't always post everyday or occasionally neglect my e-mail. That's part of getting things right.

Question: I hope this question isn't too personal. At the conclusion of oral sex, do you swallow or spit?

Response: Yes, I would rate that as a personal question. More often than not, I swallow.

Question: How do your drop down menus work?

Response: If you would like me to send you the HTML code, I will. Otherwise, please feel free to view source on this page and see for yourself. I claim no ownership over this code. Use it as you please to make your blog better!

Question: How many pairs of jeans do you own?

Response: I would guess there are about eight pairs in my closet right now.

Question: If you are spanking someone and they spunk over you do you make them lick it up?

Response: Have you ever read this blog?

Question: Have you ever been made to stand in the hands-on-head position?

Response: The answer is yes and no. Randy and I don't really do discipline. It's just not us. So I've never been "made to stand" as you describe.

On the other hand, we do a lot of role-play, sometimes involving disciplinary themes. In this kind of scenario, I have done corner time. It's not my thing, but occasionally, it can help to set the scene for a good spanking.

Question: Will you exchange links with me?

Response: I've answered this question before, but I still get many such requests.

If you ask nicely, and the blog has significant spanking-oriented material, and I like your content (consensual, adult, not extreme or abusive, respectful of women, reasonably good presentation), then I probably will exchange links. Otherwise, please feel free to save my eyes and your fingers.

Question: Do you think homosexuality is a sin?

Response: Do I look like a theologian? That's a strange and off-topic question. However, you asked my opinion and I will share it: No. Even if I believed it were a sin, it's not my place to judge others. Label them if you must, but people are people. Everyone is entitled to basic respect, dignity, and human rights. I dream of a world where men and women are free to live, learn, and love as they choose, so long as they cause no harm to anyone else.

The God in whom I believe is tolerant and wise. This tolerance allows accepting each person as they are. The wisdom provides for seeing the good, even in individuals who cannot themselves be tolerant. Throughout time, people both great and small have sought to employ religion as a mirror for their own prejudices. These schemes eventually collapse as their self-serving nature is revealed. I will not shun my brothers and sisters.

Question: Do you attribute any of your happiness and togetherness in the "scene" to any kind of twelve step program or therapy?

Response: I've not spent much time with a therapist. I think I'm pretty well adjusted over all. Like anyone, I have issues that arise, but for the most part, I've been able to work through them.

Question: Do you have any problem being loving, life-affirming, and happy while finding excuses/reasons to play?

Response: I have no problem at all "being loving, life-affirming, and happy while finding excuses/reasons to play." For us, spanking is not about discipline or punishment. That's not our game. It's play, plain and simple. We do it because we both enjoy it and it brings us closer together.

Question: What do either you or your partner think of trading places and roles?

Response: We don't switch. Neither of us finds that scenario appealing. I'm a natural submissive and the role suits me well. It's a formula that works for us.

Question: Do you like having your panties wedged up the crack of your ass?

Response: Let's just say that's not the reason I get out of bed in the morning.

Question: Have you ever taken Arnica in pill form to prevent bruising.

Response: No, I haven't. But we've used the lotion.

Question: Have you ever had to sign your name on a spanking paddle and maybe write down hash marks for the number of whacks you just received?

Response: No, but my sorority paddle does have my name on it. That might make for a fun role-play scenario.

Question: When are we going to hear from Randy?

Response: You never can tell. If his manly muse (picture Cupid with five o'clock shadow wearing a t-shirt and boxers) decides to bite him on the ankle, we might get another feature. I wouldn't suggest holding your breath!

Question: Do you always have sex after a spanking?

Response: No, not always, but a girl can dream!

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Anonymous said...

Wanna guess which one made me laugh out loud? I love it when you do the mailbag thing Bonnie. It's ALWAYS enlightening and entertaining.

It was the "Let's just say that's not the reason I get out of bed in the morning" comment that got me.


Anne Elizabeth said...

it's interesting that you brought up the dilemna between loving the blog -- and needing to find a balance/appropriate time to put into it...

It does feel a bit like a welcome -- but hungry -- monster sometimes, doesn't it, my dear Frankenstein ???

I liked your Q/A... Nice to get to know a bit more about you !

Happy Halloween tomorrow !

Anne Elizabeth

Doc said...

Do my eyes decieve me, or is Reformations on the link list *is shocked.* I really didn't expect that. I BARELY EVER SPELL CHECK... That's like my biggest internet honour ever (and this is me being sophistimicated and using my big words.)

Thank you.

Oh, and as to the post: Informative and... unusual as always.

Come on Bonnie, you know a wedgie is the perfect way to start your morning. It's right up there with OJ and a balanced breakfast.

Kayley said...

This is funny stuff! I start wondering if people don't start sending weird questions like that only to see the questions on your blog. hehe ;)


And thanks a lot for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great replies, Bonnie!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, love your Post bag posts,
humour and wisdom beautifully balanced.
Your view on life is sane and heartwarming.
Thank you Bonnie,
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Just found your very interesting blog. I like the fact that you're deeply into the sexual-play aspect of spanking, while maintaining some boundaries.

Anyway, since you are, as you say, noncommercial, I wonder if you would be good enough to tell me what you've heard about the spanking personals sites. Which ones do you hear good things about?

I'll try to check back here to see if you post an answer. Thanks!

Bonnie said...

Eva - I do get some weird questions. I couldn't make up material as good as this.

Anne Elizabeth - Yes, it feels a lot like that sometimes.

Doc - It's been on there for a couple of months! No fooling.

You're most welcome.

Kay - Sometimes I wonder that as well. Other times, I'm almost certain.

Tigger - Thanks!

Paul - Thank YOU, Paul, for your steadfast support!

Anon - Welcome to MBS!

I have no first hand knowledge of spanking personal sites. I suggest you might want to post that question on one of the popular forums. I imagine it will generate plenty of responses.

I wish you the very best!

Anonymous said...

It must be real devotion to the blog, to spend so much time sitting at your computer, with an often tender bottom !

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