Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Poll: Your Halloween Spanker

Happy Halloween! Sometimes it's fun to be scared...

Which Halloween Spanker is Your Favorite?

Schoolmaster with a Cane
Gym Teacher with a Paddle
Pirate with a Flogger
Governess with a Hairbrush
Lumberjack with a Switch
Blacksmith with a Strap


Pandora said...

I'm not sure why these are particularly Halloweeny, but OMG BLACKSMITH SPANKING. You, my dear, have just given me a whole new fetish :D

Kayley said...

I'm not sure that I would prefer a pirate with a flogger to spank me, but I do love pirates way too much to miss the opportunity to vote for them! hehe


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...that's a toughie!!! Though I absolutely adore the strap, I couldn't resist the pirate!!! Perhaps he could borrow the strap from the blacksmith!!! *grin*


Anne Elizabeth said...

Happy Halloween, Bonnie !

I vote for the pirate !

Cyber-Hugs / Sincerely,
Anne Elizabeth

Paul said...

I vote to be the Blacksmith, leather was always our favourite.
Warm hugs,

Tiggr said...

Oh geez, now Paul's gone and taken it over the top for me... I'd already voted for the blacksmith and the strap but like others, was lamenting over the pirate... but the thought of PAUL wielding that strap... sorry Johny Depp, you'll just have to wait for next year! Can I bring my own tawse?


bbobb said...

Having just recently learned what a dogging bat is, I was a little disappointed that Cowboy with a dogging bat wasn't one of the choices.

Oh well, without that option, I couldn't resist one of the classics - Schoolmaster with Cane. My new canes should be here Thursday. Yipee!


padme said...

Great poll Bonnie. Happy Halloween!!

jeanmarie said...

They EACH sound splendid in their own way; like a Chinese food menu I pick one from each column to savor. Great poll!
(And thank you for your sane words on the previous post. Thank you for being you.)
Jean Marie

Doc said...

The pirate seems to be the most festive.

Katie_Spades said...

I loved this poll Bonnie! I went with Governess with a Hairbrush... it was the least of all the evils, LOL.

Hope you had a great Halloween!


Bonnie said...

Pandora - I thought these would be great costumes for spankers to wear at Halloween. I share your swoon for the muscular, sweaty, bare-armed blacksmith.

Kay - Arrrr!

Tigger - I make these questions a little tough on purpose so everyone doesn't give the same answer.

Anne Elizabeth - Double Arrrr!

Paul - He's a popular fellow!

Tiggr - There's just something about that bright flame and the glow of molten metal...

Bbobb - Oh boy, that's tomorrow! I can't wait to read your reviews. Swish! Crack!

Padme - Thanks!

Jean Marie - Isn't this fun?

Doc - Aye, ye saucy wench! I love that pirate-speak.

Kate - Yep, that makes perfect sense. Halloween was relatively uneventful for us this year, but this weekend is shaping up to be a good time.

bbobb said...


I don't have a review of the dogging bat yet, but I do have the story of buying it (and why I don't have a review of it yet) on my blog.


Lisa said...

You gave me to many choices bonnie I can say the only one I wouldn't want is the governess with the hairbrush. You also didn't mention the English horse rider with the riding crop.


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