Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spankings in the News

Singer and songwriter Carly Simon recently revealed that she depends upon spankings to overcome stage fright.

How cool is this? I've been a fan for years, and now I learn she's a spanko too? One has to wonder whether this always sexy songstress is equally captivated by the erotic power of a warmed bottom.

Either way, bravo to Carly for sharing this fascinating story!

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A.S.S. said...

Wow... interesting story. We're both Carly Simon fans. Can't wait for her 'biggest hits' album to come out.

-Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

Who does the spanking ? Presumably the group's drummer?

bella said...

Wow. I hadn't heard that, but I think it's really cool.

We really are everywhere.


FelineFrisky said...

Well, how 'bout that? How wonderful, she's a fantastic talent. D

Theresa said...

I love her too, I seriously listen to her old stuff daily. Too cool!

Anonymous said...

That is very cool!!! I also heard that Meredith Viera from The View has said that she's into spanking!!!


Anonymous said...

This news was near and dear to my heart. In 1978 Carly Simon began her first tour in years. It was well known that she had terrible stage fright that had kept her appearances to a minimum. The 1978 tour was her comeback. She started at small (less than 2,000) venues. I was fortunate enough to see her on the second stop of that tour. Not surprisingly James Taylor was with her for the first few stops on the tour so we got to see James Taylor and Carly Simon in an intimate setting. My date that night was a beautiful redhead on whom I had a HUGE crush. I asked her to the prom that night on the way home from Carly Simon. -- the story goes downhill from there - but Carly Simon has always been a favorite of mine. I wonder if that have need for a RICOS (Roadie in Charge of Spankings). What would the application for that position look like?

Bonnie Rocks!

Paul said...

I'm a great fan of Carly also. Isn't it nice when someone you really like shares something else you like.

jeanmarie said...

This news gives new meaning to her song, "Anticipation," which I always felt had spanking overtones.
James Taylor was her "handy man" for years; now who does the honors before she steps out on stage?
Jean Marie

Mary said...

i have always love Carly too. IT was as if I detected a kinship when she sung. The being a spanko must be it! Jean Marie, You are so right - anticipation has more meaning now.

Doc said...

I've been moving so I haven't been able to check this place for awhile, but there's so much posted since last I was able!

Well, I probably won't be able to come back for a long time. Later all.

Cool about the singer. I should use that technique when I'm acting.

Bonnie said...

Todd and Suzy - She used to sing "I haven't got time for the pain." Now Carly apparently manages to find the time.

Anon - As a matter of fact, on at least one occasion, the horn section did the honors.

Bella - Yes, we are indeed.

D - The spankings help her relax. I can totally relate.

Theresa - I agree!

Tigger Too - There's a rumor worth checking! I hadn't heard that one.

Anon #2 - Thanks for sharing that memory. Just imagine the interview!

Paul - I absolutely love it.

Jean Marie - Anticipation indeed!

Mary - I love the fact that someone so talented is one of us.

Doc - I hope your move is a great success!

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