Friday, September 15, 2006

The Ass Quiz

I found this quiz at Submitting with Love.

What Ass Do You Have?

Bend over, because I'm your master. I'm going to spank you harder and faster. Beat your ass good until it burns. Then let my friends take their turns.
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Is it that obvious?


Theresa said...

Mine's active...or at least it wants to be. Come by and vote on a story title today!

Anonymous said...

Cute quiz, Bonnie!!!


padme said...

Hey bonnie,
I tried this quiz and got the same result. :)

Anonymous said...

-- not related to this topic - but its Friday and maybe Bonnie will let me treat this like an open thread.

My partner and I have been experimenting and moving slowly into making spanking a part of the relationship. She was a complete brat this morning (yelled and hung up on me). I expect that she will try to act as though nothing happened this evening. But I don't think her behavior should go unaddressed.

Since Bonnie emphasizes (as does Ms. Manacles), that all spankings should be consentual - and since my partner has said that sometimes she knows whats good for her but doesnt want to say it - would it be appropriate for me to tell her that we aren't going anywhere this weekend or doing anything fun until she accepts that spanking that she has earned and obviously needs? Is that coersive and out of bounds or appropriate?


Anonymous said...

great picture ! It made me wan to get inro that position !
Anne Elizabeth of MakeMyCopCome

Anonymous said...

I came across this quiz on another blog and took it... it told me I had a small flat ass and everyone knows it.

I'm still laughing.

I'll probably still be laughing tomorrow.

I do NOT have a small ass. I can only wish that I did.



Bonnie said...

Theresa - Active? I could see that.

Tigger Too - Thanks.

Padme - Now, that's hardly a surprise! LOL

Anon - I think the answer depends upon the dynamics of your relationship. It's easier if you establish some ground rules in advance rather than trying to invent them as you you go. If you haven't talked much about how you want things to operate, this would be a good time. Unless you're on the same page, the result may not be one that either of you would choose.

There's nothing wrong with asking her if she will accept her spanking, but if she declines, you should respect that choice. In time, partners learn how to relate and how to read each other. Until then, some discussion will probably be needed to stay in synch.

That may not be the answer you were hoping to get, but your greatest chance of success lies in proceding at a moderate pace and working together for common goals.

Anne - Yep, that's about as submissive as it gets!

Eva - That's OK. Mine isn't exactly waifish either.

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