Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Poll: Spanking Time

When is the Best Time of Day for a Spanking?

After Dinner
Anytime kids aren't around


paqster said...

you forgot the real answer:

anytime you're breathing

i mean, really, is there a bad time for a spanking :)

Anonymous said...

I say that the best time for a spanking is anytime!!!


A.S.S. said...

"Anytime the kids aren't around" blows the field away as far as when a spanking most often happens, but if we had a ~choice~...

Morning allows a 'warm' memory to be carried throughout the day. Bedtime is great too, because it almost always leads to a very peaceful night sleep. So, those two times are neck-n-neck.

-Todd & Suzy

Paul said...

Anytime, of course Bonnie, but with us it was mostly bedtime and mornings for the reasons stated.

Edward said...

I voted anytime the kids aren't around.Maybe when they are grown we'll have a chance to find a favorite time.

Bonnie said...

Paqster - OK, I'll concede that point!

Tigger Too - I guess you're right, but I wouldn't have much of a poll if I included that answer.

Todd and Suzy - Those are both popular choices at our house.

Paul - Yep, that makes sense to me.

Edward - Now there's something to which you can look forward. We're certaining making the best of the opportunity.

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