Friday, November 03, 2023

Keyword Chaos: The Return

These are keywords that strange people used to find MBS.
  • ai spanking – I'm starting to get the idea that ChatGPT doesn't like me

  • assume the position – Yeah, yeah, I know

  • bed alignment chart – Are we aligning the bed or the person on the bed?

  • best hairbrush for spanking – Depends which side you're on

  • big booty bonnie spanked – My reputation is intact

  • bonniesblog – Maybe I should have used that name

  • bratting – The express train to sore butt city

  • bubble butt bonnie spanking – Some things never change

  • chaos position spank bottom – I really want to know what this is

  • cheerleaders paddled – Is there no love for the majorettes?

  • contemporary spanking – As opposed to archaic spankings?

  • cotton panty spanking – Profoundly ineffective implement

  • crazy spanking in hot and cute secretary dress – Don't let crazy spank you

  • edward scissorlegs – I know that move

  • equestrian spanking – I thought spanking horse meant something else

  • extra large panty gusset – You won't find those in my top drawer

  • first adult spanking – Fran was pleased to receive a paddle for her birthday

  • formica spanking – 1960s answer to the lexan paddle

  • game show spanking – Who Wants to be a Spanko?

  • granny spankings – Don't laugh, it's a thing

  • hollywood spankings – The old casting bench

  • i got a spanking – Small world. Me too

  • interactive spanking game – It's a first person swatter

  • international spanking – Her butt has been stamped more times than her passport

  • little house on the prairie spanking – I think Paw's building a bigger woodshed

  • lost bets paddle – A whole different fantasy sport

  • message spanking – I definitely got the point

  • most humiliating spanking – Do I really have to play Mrs. Potatohead?

  • naughty secretary spanked – They made one film and now all the secretaries want to get spanked at work

  • paddle board sayings – My favorite is Attitude Adjuster

  • perry masonry flintstones – I couldn't invent stuff this goofy

  • punishment equation – Force = mass * acceleration

  • real hairbrush spanking – Wouldn't want an imitation hairbrush spanking

  • road trip spanking – Beat on the street

  • self spanking girl – auto-percussive

  • sitting after spanking – The second punishment

  • spank your wide – I get spanked in my widest region

  • spanked bottom art – Randy talks about painting my seat

  • spanked in a girdle – Tried it. Totally overrated

  • spanking auction – How much would you pay?

  • spanking bling – On my wish list

  • spanking board – They voted unanimously to spank you

  • spanking bonanza – Is this the old TV show or the defunct steakhouse?

  • spanking branch – Flipping a switch

  • spanking chart – Acme Hairbrushes up two points

  • spanking cyoa – Covering is not a good strategy

  • spanking game – I never know whether I am the winner or the loser

  • spanking in chicago – Loopy John is not public transportation

  • spanking karen – She deserves it

  • spanking knickers – I like the ones with a target on the back

  • spanking ladies bottoms – If they acted more like ladies, they wouldn't be spanked so often

  • spanking laps – Who knew this was part of cross country training?

  • spanking posse – Those silly vigilantes are back

  • spanking punishment quiz – Q1: With a right handed spanker, which butt cheek will hurt more?

  • spanking rituals – Wait until you see what we do for Bastille Day

  • spanking tournament – Sort of like a chess tournament but the board is a different shape

  • sting spanking – Got to respect the bee costume

  • the jungle book wedgie special edition – I don't understand this, but I love it

  • weight gain spank – Does this ice cream make my butt look big?

  • why do women like spankings – We like what we like

  • wire hanger spanking – Stop right there, Mommy Dearest

  • woodshed spankings – Line forms at the left
I hope these visitors found something here they liked.


Hermione said...

"chaos position spank bottom" I've never tried it, but I like a little chaos with my spanking.
"perry masonry flintstones" how the heck did this take the reader to your blog?

I love this feature.


Anonymous said...

If you ever find out what “chaos position” is, please share. It has me curious :)


Erica Scott said...

OMG, Bonnie, I love you. Thank you for making me laugh!

Bonnie said...

Hermione - Randy loved the "chaos position." His interpretation involves a leather paddle in one hand, a wooden hairbrush in the other, and random swats all over. He would vary the pacing and swap hands periodically to "keep things even." We haven't tried this, but it's coming.

Perry I understand. We've talked about spanking references in both Perry Mason and the Flintstones, though never together.

Prefectdt - As I say, this was my husband's favorite keyword. I tried Googling it myself but found nothing. It remains a tantalizing mystery.

Erica - Love you too. Glad you enjoyed this bit of fun.

Anonymous said...

Always love this feature Bonnie lol. It's amazing the searches some people come up with.


Bonnie said...

Roz - Yes, I never fail to be surprised by what I find. :)

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