Sunday, November 05, 2023

OK, That was Strange

If you read the recent mailbag post, you probably know I get a lot of unusual email. Most of it, I either ignore or save for the mailbag. Yesterday, I had an exchange for the ages.

It started with an email from someone whose name was one letter different from a well-known spanking model. Most models use stage names, so I thought nothing of it. She politely asked me to remove all links to her. This happens occasionally when someone wants to return to civilian life, though this model has been so successful that it would be impossible to disappear from the Internet. But no matter, I found a handful of posts from ten or more years ago and excised her links.

I wrote back, told her it was good to talk with her again, said I deleted her links as requested, and wished her well. This was clearly not the desired response. My correspondent, now clearly unhappy, said she had no idea what I was talking about and demanded that I remove her links immediately.

I recognized that my correspondent was not the famous spanking model. I wrote back explaining that I was unable to provide what she requested. I have no control over [famous spanking model]’s site.

I hoped that might be the end of the discussion. Instead, the *not* famous spanking model insisted that I remove both my site and that of her doppelganger.

I wrote back that my blog is eighteen years old and contains over 2000 posts. Deleting it all because she was offended didn’t seem like a reasonable solution. And I couldn’t delete [famous spanking model]’s site if I wanted to, and I don’t. That seemed like a clear answer.

But no, apparently not. The response said only, “it needs to be removed.”

OK, one more time I thought. I explained what I thought should be obvious by now. There is a popular spanking model whose name is very similar. She has a web site, and she controls the content that appears there. This was what my correspondent found when she Googled her name.

I told her again that I cannot help her. I have never met [famous spanking model] and have not even talked with her in at least a decade. I suggested she could contact [famous spanking model], but it seems unlikely that she will take down her site because one person doesn’t like it.

I resisted the temptation to say, “That’s not how any of this works,” but she was already upset and there seemed no point.

At this stage, my insistent pen pal finally gave up and wished me, “Good luck.”

After a total of nine messages exchanged, I am left with one question. “Why me?”


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is someone of an older generation who has not much experience with computers and does not know how the internet works. I base this suggestion on conversations with someone, who lives in sheltered accommodation and got his first computer well into his eighties. Not conclusive, but it is one possibility.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, how frustrating! Someone obviously got their wires crossed and it seems may not be savy with technology. I hope that is the end of the exchange.


Hermione said...

The correspondent seems to be very entitled. I see this sort of behaviour all the time on various Reddit sites with stories about entitled "Karens" who demand this and that without listening to reason or logic. It's obvious that she had no understanding of how the internet works and didn't want to learn.

A funny story, though :)


Lion said...

We all seem to get mail like that. Unless I'm absolutely sure of the identity of the sender, I ignore mail like that. It was very kind of you to try to help her. In our decade of blogging (6,400 posts so far), I''ve gotten two legit takedown requests. I immediately honor them. We don't need bad blood.

Bonnie said...

Prefectdt - Your theory makes a lot of sense. That may be the explanation.

Roz - I think we're done, but who knows?

Hermione - There may be an element of misplaced entitlement, but she was really confused. I think Prefectdt's theory could be the answer.

Lion - I only responded because I thought the sender was a well known spanking model with whom I exchanged messages in the past. It didn't dawn on me initially that this could be a case of mistaken identity. Had it been some random name, I probably would have just deleted the message.

I too honor legitimate takedown requests and I thought this was one of them.

Once I began this exchange, it didn't seem right to simply dismiss this woman, though I really wanted to after she demanded I delete my blog. I tried with limited success to explain why I couldn't help her. I guess I will never know why she chose me to solve her problem

Ronnie Soul said...

Frustrating. Hope it's all been sorted now.


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