Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Bonnie's Mailbag

I have an impressive backlog of interesting mail. Let’s take a peek.

Request: Show me your naked, spanked bottom, please.

Bonnie: I give you points for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and politeness. But my answer is the same.

Statement: wishi was there

Bonnie: Kilroy’s sister perhaps.

Question: Would you get spankings while wearing these panties?

Bonnie: Sure, if Randy asked me, I would.

Comment: I don't get spankings but would love one or more.

Bonnie: I hope you get all the swats you desire.

Question: Do wet spankings really hurtmore?

Bonnie: Yes, they really do.

Question: What is yr most embarrassing spanking ever?

Bonnie: I don’t know. That’s hard. Once, long ago, I rolled off Randy’s lap and landed on the floor. I felt pretty dumb that time.

Question: Have you ever been spanked with a sandal?

Bonnie: Ever is a long time. Yes, I have on a number of occasions.

Statement: …spanking videos are used for training future prostitutes to meet the demand for paying customers.

Bonnie: This guy used two thousand words to tell me that spanking videos are evil. So don’t watch.

Questions: Your husband spanks you frequently?
        What misbehavior gets you discipline spanked?
        Spankings are on the bare bottom only?
        Husband ever spanks you completely nude?
        What implements does husband use on your bare bottom?
        Husband spanks you very hard?
        Do you usually bawl like a baby on hard discipline spankings?

Bonnie: Yes, Whatever he decides, Usually, Sometimes, All of them, Sometimes, No.

Question: What is the maximum amount of time before and after someone's birthday that you can give them their birthday spanking?

Bonnie: Does it matter when the result is the same?

Question: Does it hurt to sit on a toilet seat right after you've been spanked?

Bonnie: I invite you to use your imagination on this one.

Question: Are you still getting spanked?

Bonnie: Yes.

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Hermione said...

Your mailbag never seems to be empty. Keep them coming! I love the silliness of some of your readers' questions.


Anonymous said...

Alway enjoyed your mailbag Bonnie. Some interesting and strange questions and as always your answers are priceless:)


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been spanked in front of others, Mother, Mother-in-Law, stranger? Jack

Bonnie said...

Hermione - This is just the beginning. There's more!

Roz - Interesting and strange are my favorites.

Jack - We've had several near misses, but only once was I spanked in the presence of someone else. I was spanked in the back of a limousine. That was something else.

Anonymous said...

Very Glad to have you back. Jack

Bonnie said...

Jack - Thanks!

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