Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Whole Different Spanking

Regular readers know that spankings are a common occurrence at our house. Randy spanks and I accept. For decades, we’ve enjoyed this stinging symmetry. But what if the rules were somehow changed? We strive to discover new spanking ideas with varying combinations of role play scenarios, implements, positions, locations, clothes, and rituals. But is there perhaps another, even more fundamental variation?

During our scheduled Friday evening spanking session, Randy and I explored this question. He knew the plan. I didn’t. Here’s a lightly edited transcription of an audio recording:

R: I see you followed my instructions exactly.

B: Yes, I’m wearing the short pleated mini-skirt and ruffled panties you set out.

R: Good girl.

B: I see you you have your camera.

R: Yes, that’s going to be another part of tonight’s fun.

B: And that [big nasty solid hardwood] brush?

R: Pick it up.

B: OK.

R: Now stand right here (indicating a spot on the carpet with his foot)

B: (steps forward and extends the brush, handle first)

R: Nope. Not tonight.

B: (confused) What?

R: You’re going to do the spanking tonight.

B: (annoyed) You’re kidding.

R: No, tonight you find out what it’s like to deliver a good hard spanking.

B: Um

R: Stand here and let me focus the camera.

B: Self spanking?

R: Bingo

B: Must I?

R: We’ll do it together.

B: I don’t...

R: Now spread your legs a little bit more. Lean forward. Good. Now swat your bottom hard with the back of the brush.

B: (swat)

R: Hard, I said. This is a spanking. It’s supposed to hurt.

B: (swat)

R: That’s better. Now keep going. And as you strike, say, “Bad Girl!”

B: (more swats alternating sides) bad girl

R: Let’s hit harder

B: Ow, I don’t like this. (more swats)

R: Please lower your panties and continue

B: (loud swats) Bad Girl

R: That’s good. Your butt is getting nice and red

B: (swats) This is not fun. (swats)

R: All right. Do you want me to finish the job?

B: Yes please

R: OK, let me move the camera. There, now get over my lap.

B: Yes, sir

R: (rubbing bottom with the smooth side of the brush) That was a good warm up. Now let’s get on with the real spanking.

B: Ow, ow, ow!

R: (several minutes and many swats later) That should be sufficient. Get up and put your nose in the corner

B: (inaudible)

R: Lift your skirt. And no rubbing! (flash pictures being taken)

R: (sometime later) So how did you like getting to do the spanking this time?

B: Not much. It seemed like I had to do your job and my job too. When I am worrying about the actual spanking, I don’t get much chance to experience all of the spanking sensations.

R: I find it very enjoyable to smack that wood against your skin. It makes such a crisp, resounding thwack sound.

B: That’s all the more reason why you should be the one to do it.

R: So would you try self-spanking again?

B: I suppose, but it will never be a favorite.

R: I loved watching and filming it. I wasn’t sure you could give yourself a really good spanking, but you did.

B: The second part was a lot more satisfying for me. Just spank me.

R: OK, I hear you. So, do you feel punished?

B: Actually, I think I do. If you make me do that, I must be atoning for something really naughty. Right?

R: I’ll remember that. Does your bottom still hurt?

B: Oh my. Yes, definitely.

So that’s the story. We experimented with self-spanking previously, but it had been a long time. I even included it in one of my fictional stories about a long distance relationship. But it wasn’t a part of our repertoire. Maybe it will be in future. Maybe this was a one-off experiment. I guess we’ll see.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Even with my arm bent around in an odd position, I could still deliver a painful spanking. That curved handled wooden brush hurts!

  2. It’s difficult to swat yourself hard. But the accumulation of whacks built into a really hot bottom.

  3. I was able to master a variant of the wrist snap that Randy uses so effectively. A good spanking consists of more than just crashing a heavy implement against the skin. That snap adds sting to the thud.

  4. Self spanking was not satisfying for me. The spanker role distracted from the spankee role. The latter is always my preference. However, if Randy were out of the picture, I might try it. But without him there, I imagine it would be even less enjoyable.

  5. I was very relieved when Randy took over. What I crave is not the pain, though I need that, but the control. I want him to place me over his lap and take charge.

  6. Repeating the words, “Bad Girl,” as I spanked myself was a little weird (a little like the Shame scene in Game of Thrones). It felt silly and yet, it sort of reinforced my submissive stance.

  7. Speaking of submission, I've talked before about participating in my own spanking by fetching the paddle or baring my bottom. Never have I been more a direct participant. Actually administering each burning swat made me more than accepting and more than complicit. I truly owned this spanking.

  8. There was another feeling beyond submission. It was embarrassment for lack of a more accurate description. Here I was, a capable adult woman standing in the middle of the room and spanking my own bottom repeatedly with a hairbrush on command. Wearing a way too short white tennis skirt with white fluttery briefs enhanced the experience. For reasons that not even I fully comprehend, that’s kind of a turn-on.

  9. Randy understands this side of me and how to expertly press my buttons. As I was writing this, he looked over my shoulder and whispered, “Next time, we’ll add a butt plug.” A shiver of mortified delight passed through me. He knows what makes me hot.

  10. At the end of the day, that’s what matters – a mutually satisfying experience. We made vigorous love afterward. Spankings are our first, best, and always foreplay.

Have a great week everyone!


NoraJean said...

I'm with you on the self spanking, Bonnie ...
The photo taking intrigues me/us. Since your last post about photos, we've talked about it a time or two ... I'm working on getting my head around the privacy worry.
Thanks, Bonnie ... I enjoyed the post ... NJ

Roz said...

Hi Bonnie,

I love how you and Randy experiment and this was interesting to read, especially your thoughts afterwards. I'm not sure about self spanking personally.


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Wow! That was quite an experiment. I was intrigued by your thoughts about it and what you felt about it. It would be interesting to try it some day.


Bonnie said...

NJ - Randy promised me back in the Polaroid days that he would never share our photos with anyone without my prior consent. He has been true to his word through all the years and all the different technologies. The pictures are just for our enjoyment. I totally trust him with my body, with my life, and with my image. Besides, it's fun.

Roz - Yeah, I'm not sure either, which is probably why it took so long to get around to this particular experiment.

Hermione - It's definitely something different. Had I been asked beforehand, I would have said I'm not interested. However, as with many life experiences, there are insights to be gained. And that residual ouch when sitting afterward is exactly the same.

ronnie said...

Well that was a different experience. I've wondered about self-spanking but never tried it expect for the odd slap to tease P. Thanks for sharing this and your thougts about it.


Bonnie said...

Ronnie - I have no regrets, but neither do I feel the need to try this again. But sometimes it's not entirely up to me. :)

Erica Scott said...

Bonnie -- I hate hate HATE self-spanking. You are a trouper for following through; I think I would have called red! But I guess it's one of those things we all should try once.

Eric51 Amy49 said...

HI Bonnie, Before I had Eric, I did a lot of self spanking. Then, when we started ttwd, he had me spank myself in front of his so he'd get a feel for what I could handle. Happily, I don't need to do it to myself anymore. He's more than willing to give me what I need.
PS- Not sharing your post, by the way. I think he'd love getting it on film. LOL

Bonnie said...

Erica - I'm not a fan either and this orchestrated self-spanking experiment did nothing to win me over. I've learned over time to try to follow these adventures through to completion if I can, even when it's not pleasant. Sometimes, they work out fine. This one, meh, not so much.

Amy - That's interesting that you demonstrated your tolerance to Eric in this way. Seeing is believing and I imagine witnessing a self-spanking delivered the message more effectively than just telling him, "You know you can spank harder."

As for the sharing, I'm sure you know best.

Fondles said...

I'm late to the party, but what a brave thing. I don't think i could self-spank. I think i might just cave and safeword it. But perhaps the set-up (if done correctly) might help to take away some of the embarrassment / shame that i probably will be feeling.

thank you for sharing this. it was very interesting to read.

Minelle Labraun said...

Hi Bonnie, that seemed like it was semi successful for you both. I am not sure that the awkward position would allow me the strength to spank myself for enough time! I love how you both tried it and finished it!

Bonnie said...

Fondles - I considered, at least momentarily, whether to participate in this unusual experiment. Ultimately, I decided to comply because I completely trust Randy and I want to please him. We've explored many spanking and sexual variations together and this adventure adds to our list. I doubt that self-spanking will become a regular part of our relationship, but we tried it.

Minelle - Semi-successful is a good way to summarize this episode. It's remarkable how much sting can be generated while applying that heavy hairbrush with a quick wrist snap. I am quite familiar with that snap from the wide side of the brush, but now I better understand how it works. I'm no expert to be sure, but I think the reduced force caused by the odd arm angle can be partially offset by increasing the count.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that my wife would not have me spank myself in front of her. Besides, it's much more fun when she does it! And she spanks harder and longer. And I can concentrate on the pain. Oh, that sweet, sweet, delectable, exhilarating pain!

I also have one of those brushes. Devine isn't it?


Bonnie said...

Yorkie - I agree that a self-spanking offers much less of the elements that make spankings beneficial. This was an experiment that we may or may not repeat.

Regarding the curved handled brush, I actually wrote an entire post about it. An OTK spanking with that brush feels like the perfect domestic corporal punishment.

Terpsichore said...

I crave to have my husband in control and to completely let go. Spanking myself can give me the sensations but not the fantasy I need or want...though I do admit since spanking has been absent for quite some time here, I do from time to time spank myself as I imagine stories in my head to relieve that need - doesn't really work and is missing the most important thing for me which is the connection, but better than nothing I guess... thanks for sharing your experience Hugs to you

Anonymous said...

I just read that post. Other than the disciplinary aspects I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I might share this with my wife as I usually write down my thoughts and feelings about spanking. For her, she loves reading my ramblings but hates actually spanking me. That post is beautifully written. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Self spanking doesn't do much for me, but the power play and embarrassment/humiliation part sounds pretty fun. Thank you for sharing, it sounds like a pretty fun thing to do once in a while.

Bonnie said...

Terps - I agree that personal connection is essential. Anything less feels contrived. But any port in a storm, I guess.

Yorkie - I'm glad you enjoyed my post from twelve years ago. May all your spankings be wonderful.

Bonnie said...

Anon - Yeah, not my favorite, but maybe OK once in a while.

Pecan nutjob said...

Having to reach out to the bedside table to grasp the hairbrush and pass it to my wife for my own spanking was sure an experience in submission... Fetching the cutting board as well!

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