Sunday, June 24, 2018

Another Friday, Another Spanking Experiment

I don’t conceive the spanking adventures I share. That’s Randy’s role. Occasionally, he will ask my opinion, but more often he keeps his plans secret. He loves surprises and so do I, at least some of the time. The key to a good surprise is the total absence of prior clues. So it was this week.

The object pictured above is not some sort of climber’s rig. Nor is it a chastity belt or a strap-on harness. It goes on one’s head as more than a headband, but less than a hat. When Randy presented it to me after work, I figured it was somehow a spanking accessory, but I was clueless how that might work.

He told me that I should go to our bedroom and strip. And put on the mystery headgear. I pulled my hair back and tied it to accommodate my odd new chapeau.

By the time Randy came upstairs to join me, I was undressed per his specifications. He produced a small dark colored rectangular object that I recognized as his Go Pro mobile camera. The headgear was designed to hold the camera.

OK, I thought, we’re going to film another spanking. But why, I wondered, would he want to capture my vantage point? All of the real action takes place behind me and out of my sight. Ten minutes of staring at the carpet would be mighty boring to watch. Believe me, I know.

While I was pondering, Randy was setting the camera to record mode. He next snapped it onto my forehead. Everything I saw, it would see as well.

Grabbing a small wooden paddle from the top of his dresser, he directed he to sit on the bed with my feet on the floor. I guess I should have seen what was coming next, but I honestly didn’t.

“Lie straight back and lift your legs in the air” Oh no. Not the diaper position! Randy grasped my ankles and held them together with his left hand. He pushed my legs down and back toward my head. My bottom and all my secrets were fully exposed. I think I must have gasped when I recognized what was coming next.

This position not only exposes the bottom. It also stretches it much like an ankle grasp. In this unfortunate alignment, spankings really, really hurt. We've used that little paddle many times and I cannot remember an occasion when it stung more. Randy wielded the hardwood implement with his usual workmanlike precision. Each blow generated a loud, short pop akin to a starter’s pistol. My bottom soon burned with intense throbbing pain.

At one point, he stopped to get a spray bottle I had not noticed on the nightstand. A few squirts later, he resumed swatting my dampened target. Rather than cool my bottom, the mist seemed to have the opposite effect.

After a few minutes, Randy let my legs down, set the paddle on the bed and removed the camera from its mount on my forehead. He grimaced when he saw the resulting video. “I can’t see anything.” I didn’t actually say “Welcome to my world,” but I thought it real loud.

Again, I should have anticipated his next move, but I was too busy rubbing my ouchie spots and assessing the damage. From our toy chest, he retrieved my ankle cuffs and the short spreader bar. I was in for the full treatment this time. The cuffs went on easily and were soon clipped to the bar. He reset the camera and reattached it to my head. Back I went into that dreaded legs up position. This time he held the center of the bar in his hand. Everything that was conspicuously visible before was really exposed now. This time I could clearly see him through my elevated thighs as he resumed paddling my already crimson bottom.

I hoped the camera was capturing all the action as well because this second spanking seemed even harder than the first. On other occasions, I’ve had my bottom become somewhat numb during a long, hard paddling. Not so this time. I didn’t think my well toasted skin could survive a third assault.

Fortunately, he seemed much more satisfied with the second set of results. The video showed him reaching back with the paddle and then swinging forward and slapping it against my bare cheeks. The video doesn’t show my bottom because it was taken from my vantage point. I found it interesting to watch his determined expression. I know he takes my spankings seriously and this video confirms it.

I was surprised on Saturday morning to find a few residual marks. That’s unusual for me even after a hard paddling. I had a little discomfort when sitting as well. This little ache makes me happy as I replay in my mind the evening’s festivities.

Have a great weekend!


Windy said...

Wow, you two folks don't mess around! Great true story, Bonnie. I love when you said, "but I thought it real loud." You are very clever!

At first glance, I thought the headgear thing was part of a sleep apnea device... the CPAP hat !! :)

Thanks for sharing your adventures!


Eric51 Amy49 said...

I thought you were going to say Randy was going to wear it so he could film everything from his vantage point. Wait! Randy! That was not a suggestion. ;)

abby said...

WOW...Master is very creative....but Randy gets the gold medal for this one..and no I will not tell him he is runner-up. The diaper position is the worse....hugs abby

Minelle Labraun said...

I wonder how he thought that one up! Exciting to hear how truly engaged he was!
Creative mind!

Roz said...

Hi Bonnie, wow, I love how you two experiment and that was very creative of Randy! I thought he was going to wear the camera too. I'm not a great fan of the diaper position.


Fondles said...

argh, why is that i'm reading about spankings and canings on the ONE monday (our usual spanking day) that BIKSS isn't in town?

dammit girl, that sounds like some serious business! I wonder what BIKSS looks like when he spanks. Its interesting to hear that you noticed how determined he looks!

NoraJean said...

Wow! that was some creativity on Randy's part for sure ... do you think he intended the spray bottle to cool things down or heat them up? .... a hot diaper spank! and more photos/vids for the archives ... sounds like it was a day to remember ... nj

Bonnie said...

Windy - Thank you. I didn't think of a CPAP machine, but it could be that too.

Amy - Funny you should say that. We had that conversation. He said he already knows how spankings look from his own perspective. He wanted to capture my angle and my unique vocalizations as he paddled me.

Abby - He's been coming up with new stuff for decades. I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.

Yeah, there's nothing good about the diaper position. But in this case, it provided the unusual camera shot he sought.

Minelle - I have no idea where he gets his inspiration. I am grateful that he wants to do all these things with/to me.

Roz - He undoubtedly will wear the camera at some point, but last week it was my turn.

Fondles - That might be my favorite part of the spanking. He only gets to see my ouch face when we use a camera or a mirror, but I almost never see his face during a spanking session. I was great to watch him working so hard at his craft.

NJ - Due to physical forces that I don't fully understand, a spanking on a wet bottom hurts more than a spanking on a dry bottom. The mist was intended to heighten the intensity of the sensations and with it, the pitch of my yelps.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Your Randy is one creative dude! He must dream these ideas up during his commute to work. I would hate the diaper position but think it would be enlightening to see Ron's face during a spanking.

I wonder what surprise Randy has for you this Friday. Good things come in threes, you know.


Bonnie said...

Hermione - Yes, he definitely is. Not sure about the commute theory. We were on the couch Sunday night watching television. I lay across his lap as we sometimes do even during non-spanking occasions. It's comfortable and close for both of us. As he rubbed the seat of my shorts, he told me that I needed a spanking. This, I suspect, could be one source of inspiration.

The diaper position is just the worst, but as you say, I learned something last week. Once again, I sacrifice my bottom in the name of science.

My spanko spy network has gathered intelligence that reveals part of Randy's covert plans for this Friday. We now know that he intends to spank me.

Terpsichore said...

Sounds like he keeps you on your toes...very creative... :-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky girl Bonnie. I, too, like to have a residual mark or two, bruises even, after a spanking and absolutely love it when I can still feel it every time I sit down or even walk.



Billyg218 said...

Wow, that was hot. You guys have a great sex life.

Bonnie said...

Terps - Yes, he really does. Thanks!

Yorkie - I truly am lucky, and grateful too.

Bonnie said...

Billy G = Thanks. At age nineteen, I had the good fortune to meet a partner with whom I was very compatible. All these years later, our tastes have evolved, but we've managed grow in parallel. We are very aware that what we have together is rare and valuable.

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