Friday, January 20, 2006

A Brush with Greatness

The foolishness seems to have died down a bit. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

The hairbrush is often the implement of choice at our house. Some love it, others hate it, but to me, a good brush might be the ideal spanking tool.

The brush works at many levels. The simplest and most obvious impact is upon the buttocks of the recipient. Each strike is accompanied a resonating thwack. This is an insistent sound that informs all within earshot that someone's bare seat is being thoroughly toasted.

A split second later, the recipient feels a searing sting that grows into a continuous warmth as the swats accumulate. Make no mistake, it hurts to have a hairbrush forcefully and repeatedly applied to your naked bottom. But the pain is just one aspect of the spanking experience.

No sooner than the brush makes contact, the recipient's skin begins to blush. A gentle pink quickly morphs into a dark red as the spanking progresses. With the crimson glow comes a noticeable heat. If the session is administered properly, both the color and the temperature should remain long after the brush is put away.

The rising heat generated by the hairbrush serves to liberate a different sort of warmth. In some mysterious way, the incessant smacking of a brush against two exposed cheeks unlocks a hidden wealth of sexual longing and limitless passion buried beneath them. The lovemaking that follows a spanking matches no other in terms of sheer intensity.

As with any sexual act, a hairbrush spanking provides a vehicle for the participants to exchange trust, communication, love and fulfillment. These constitute the foundation of a successful relationship. It's hard to be deceptive or secretive when you're being spanked. The brush has a unique ability to strip away, layer by layer, false pride, egotism, selfishness, and vanity. This opens the door to real understanding.

Within the mind, the hairbrush symbolizes, for many of us, memorable moments from our youth. While those punishments held no attraction at the time, their vivid recollection became the roots of many an adult desire. As if by sorcery, the brush has the ability to transport the chosen one's consciousness back to another place, time, and situation. There's just nothing like a hairbrush to make you feel truly spanked.

Every great spanking includes a spiritual component. It represents a joining of two souls in a fashion that requires neither words nor gestures. Within that bond lies an implicit connection that transcends the events of the physical world.

In short, spanking is far more than the simple act of striking one's behind with the back of a brush. It's a celebration, a lifestyle, an intimate duet, foreplay, horseplay, and stageplay. It's both a beginning and a resolution. Best of all, it's fun!

Choose Your Weapon

Selecting the proper hairbrush is an important decision. Many people debate the merits of plastic versus wood. I've had considerable experience on the receiving end of both types. I think while there are differences, the design of the brush is at least as important as the material from which the brush is made.

Most brushes available in grocery and drug stores are too flimsy to be any good for serious spanking. Any time you see a plastic or rubber dome beneath the bristles, it's not a good choice. Other brushes have a hollow or slotted head. This makes a brush lighter and easier to use on hair. It also usually makes a poor spanking implement. What I find really effective is a brush that is heavy with a long handle and a flat, oval, solid head. The benefit of the heaviness is obvious. A heavier brush is more like a paddle. It can deliver a harder, more painful blow. The long handle provides more leverage and causes swats to strike with a higher velocity. This translates into more sting. The head is obviously the part that inflicts the damage. You want it to be oval because there are no sharp corners to cut your bottom. Blood can have the effect of ending a great session just as things are getting interesting. With an oval hairbrush, this is very unlikely.

Most hairbrushes, alas, don't meet these requirements. Assuming you can find both wood and plastic brushes which do, I think you find the plastic has more sting and less ache than a comparable wooden one. Let me emphasize, however, that in the right hand, both hurt quite a lot!

The reason some hairbrushes sting so intensely is the fact that their head is relatively small in comparison to their weight. Compared with a paddle, the smaller spanking surface of a hairbrush concentrates the same force over a smaller area. The result is a burning, shocking impact.

My personal favorite is not a hairbrush at all. It's sold as a body brush. It also works well in this capacity. It resembles nothing so much as an old-fashioned wooden hairbrush, but the bristles are soft and flexible.

This brush is very, very effective. It's about 80% sting (and what a sting!) and 20% ache. It leaves the recipient's bottom a vivid shade of scarlet. Sitting is definitely an issue for quite a while afterward. The real beauty of this hairbrush is that despite the intense blazing pain it evokes, it does little real damage. Heavy paddles can cause bruises. This hairbrush usually doesn't, at least for me.

If you're into spanking, why not try a hairbrush? It's going to make your bottom sting like the dickens (I guarantee it!), but it will also take you somewhere you've not yet been. It's not for everyone, but for those who are ready, it's worth the trip. Bon voyage!

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Anonymous said...

So eloquent, so true. Your words capture the true essence of the experience, and from all perspectives. My favorite hairbrush is apparently no longer available. It's the Pantene "Windsor" model, and I got it at a Lord & Taylor in 1985. Oh, if that hairbrush could only tell its story...:-)

Love your blog...and thanks for your
powerful words

roper said...

OK, you've convinced me. Up till now I've preferred a leather tawse or cane (depending on whether I want to leave marks on my darling's bottom or not). But I've got to try a brush now. Maybe there's a use for the bristles on the other side too....

Anonymous said...

I love the hairbrush!!! I also discovered that I absolutely love the bathbrush!!! Yummy!!!


Carrielily said...

As a gal who was the recepient of both a heavy plastic hairbrush spanking and a wooden bathbrush spanking. I'd have to say both are pretty unpleasant but the plastic heavy one is my least favorite. . . way too much "thud" vs. too little "sting." The bathbrush is very owie but less thuddy and more stingy which I prefer. OH and my CD prefers the bathbrush because of the long handle! :)

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

Ouch!!! This is very informative...;-)
Thank you for sharing!!

Bonnie said...

Anon - Thank you, and welcome! The hairbrush you see pictured is also not available. I bought it at Crabtree and Evelyn in the early 1990s. Apparently, they are no longer in the spanking implement business. Oh well.

Roper - I think the brush has a rightful place in the spanko's toybox, though I suspect many of my sisters might disagree.

I neglected to mention the bristles. There are indeed good uses for those.

Tigger - When I'm in that certain frame of mind, there's nothing better for me.

Carrie - I guess I should have added the caveat that "your actual mileage may vary." thanks for adding your perspective.

Sea - Yes, if I were to summarize my thoughts about the brush in one word, "Ouch" would be it! You are most welcome.

Linda said...


First off let me just say Hi and thank you so much for giving as much time and effort as you do on this blog. I just found it about a week ago and have spent basically the whole week reading from your first blog up till this one. I looooove the way you write and your descriptions are awesome. OK as for the BRUSH!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! But then again if I had a choice between a wooden brush and a the aweful wooden paddle with holes my hubby loves to use I would choose the brush. It's just more intimate I think, the ouchie factor is BIG but it does leave a warm stinging sensation for a loooong time after.

Great description!


Bonnie said...

Linda - Let me offer you a warm welcome to MBS! I'm glad you found me.

I'm particularly pleased to hear you enjoyed reading the archive. When I started this blog, my ambitions were simply to share my writing. For the first couple of weeks, I received few visitors and almost no feedback at all. Eventually, word spread and people came to visit. But during those early days, I posted several of my favorite spanking stories. Most of the folks who arrived later didn't know they were there.

As for the brush, OWWWW! is a fine description. There are times when it's more than I want as well. On other occasions, it's just what I need.

Thanks for your comment!

CeeCi said...

Bonnie- Thanks for the great post, you brought back a childhood memory. My mother would paddle my sister and me with her purple hairbrush. I hated that thing!! One day, after a spanking, I spotted it sitting on the counter in the bathroom. In spite of repeated flushing, the damned thing refused to go where no brush had ever gone before.

I confess, I do pause when I see body brushes and hair brushes, although I've been curious, so far I've not been curious enough to buy one, let alone use it (gee, thanks mom).

MoJo and I just keep having fun in the kitchen department.

rivka said...

*g* I love the hairbrush... that was a wonderful article, Bonnie. Thank you for posting it!!

lavilainesophie said...

Fantastic advocacy for the hairbrush ! Thanyou very much. I'm totally convinced... but also a little anxious ! Lol !

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