Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Feb 24

Our topic for this brunch was multiple implements. Here's what you had to say.

Reece Seever: Our sessions almost always involve multiple implements. Her favorites include a leather strap, fraternity-style paddle, bath brush, and the dreaded Loopy Johnny.

Abby: Our spankings often involve multiple toys. We usually start with a hand spanking and then move on. If I get to choose, it is a leather day. Master's preference is usually wood, except for His whip.

Hermione: We regularly use several implements. My husband chooses three from our wall rack and lays them out on the bed for me to see when I enter the bedroom. He also has the toy box open, and I may choose an additional weapon. I usually do, although there have been times when I have felt the chosen three were more than enough. Ron then uses each implement in turn through several cycles, until he decides I've had enough.

I enjoy the variety, and the switch from one to another provides a welcome change if one implement is especially ouchy, and it's followed by a more benign one. My husband likes to vary the way different implements are applied. He will deliver rapid strokes with a thin, light one, then slow steady whacks from a heavier, thuddy one.

I'm afraid I might find just one implement a little boring.

Houston Switch: We play with three implements: an English hair brush with a slightly convex curved wooden side with boar bristles, a wooden paddle shaped like a short frat paddle, and a resin cane that is very whippy.

For the most effective punishment, where ache will last long after the color has returned to normal, the spanking should be carried out in the order the implements are listed above. The brush is the warm up and doesn't effect much below the skin layer. The paddle can really transmit the energy deep into the butt. Deep bruising can occur. The cane returns to the surface of the butt, stimulating the skin after the paddle has numbed the deeper layers.

Using all three makes for a wonderfully warm, tingling experience.

Six of the Best: There are times when I've started out with a warm-up hand spanking, to get a glow on a feminine bare bottom, then ended with six of the best using a cane.

Our Bottoms Burn: I doubt we have ever had a session with only one implement. This morning, Bacall got out three wood paddles for her bottom. The sensation is different with each one.

While I like to use my hand, flaming her bottom with it is no longer worth flaming up my arthritis. I content myself with rubbing her bottom between paddle licks.

Sunny Girl: Yes, we use different implements. He usually chooses. Occasionally, I may suggest an implement and he most always honors my choice. I think different implements change the tempo and the feel of a spanking. It keeps one from anticipating what is coming next, which I think adds to the excitement.

Joeyred: When I am on the bottom, the top always uses more than one implement. I "enjoy" the variety during a spanking. My favorite scene involved a top who had me remove my belt and used it to spank me as the finale to a long scene.

As a top, I use my hand and a leather paddle. I really prefer my hand and I think the bottom prefers skin on skin contact. Sometimes, I use a cane if the bottom likes a good caning.

Terpsichore: I usually receive his hand, which is my favorite. However, occasionally a hairbrush, kitchen implement, or his belt will be playfully used. We do not have many implements at this point, other than what can already be found in the house, but I would love for my husband to experiment more and try new things. Even so, his hand is still my favorite.

Bea: Multiple implements? I wish. Wes grabs his weapon of choice and wails away. We have a homemade paddle carved out of a 2 x 6 ( I'm not kidding) that I call The Brick. It hurts bad. We have a little gem called a Singapore Stinger. It's well named. It's light and bendy. It'ss also very quiet - except for the noise I make. Then there are the ones that aren't so bad. Hand, spoon, belt. They come in at a level that I can manage.

If I knew that the amount of licks was limited with The Brick or The Stinger, I would be better able to handle it I think. Either one overwhelms me. How do I get him to back off without Wes losing control of the situation? Truth be told, I don't want to be spanked with anything during the spanking but the pain of those two implements terrify me.

I would encourage great caution with any wooden paddle over an inch in thickness. Perhaps “the Brick,” given a little varnish, might make a fine shelf.

Todd and Suzy: Playful type spankings usually feature several different implements. Sensation is more of a focus and changing things up helps there. Plus, building towards the harsher implements can act a bit as a warm-up. Discipline type spankings have an entirely different goal, so there it is usually just one implement.

Jean Marie: Abby and I think a lot alike on this subject. I always get it with his hand to begin. If it goes on, it escalates with harsher and harsher implements. If I get a say, I choose leather. If I'm being punished and he wants it to be distasteful, he selects from our wooden paddles.

Lea: My spankings usually involve a few different implements. I most often get a warm up by hand and the hand is still used throughout. My leather paddle gets used most frequently. There is sometimes a wooden paddle, strap, or cane as well.

Lady Koregan: I also usually use multiple implements while spanking. After feeling the same implement for a while, bottoms tend to "tune out" a little. Switching implements keeps the feeling fresh and the spankee fully "awake" and feeling every swat.

Archedone: It appears that most of us use multiple implements. The least we use is three. She always starts spanking me with the whip. She likes to watch the lines form. Then it's on to the paddle, spoon, strop, spanking stick, and belt. For me, each of these has its own sting and feel. I'm not allowed to see which implement she is going to use next. After the first swat, she sometimes asks me what she is using.

Simon: I live a long way from my Mistress. When I get to see her, the punishment sessions last a considerable amount of time. Over this time, she uses a variety of implements. A typical afternoon involves a number of different straps, paddles and usually finishes off with the cane. Less regularly, she may use a carpet beater or a riding crop. Each implement has its own feel and changes are part of the fun. I do have favourites and, of course, there are implements that I don't enjoy as much. Unfortunately (for me at least), my favourites aren't necessarily hers.

S: It's D's choice, but we nearly always start with bare hand on bare bot. If it is a long one, leaving me smarting and burning happily, that's it. But if it is a short, sharp warm up, I know there is more to come. Perhaps it might be a session with the hairbrush, whilst still OTK. Then I lay over our spanking trestle or a chair for whatever takes his fancy. Paddles, wood or leather, slippers, straps, a plastic ruler (very stingy) or any of the special spanking tools in our collection. Occasionally, he ends with our thin cane. It's not my favourite. It makes me yelp, and causes sitting problems later, but it does leave me very eager for the final part of our session.

Abby Williams: We too enjoy multiple implements, somewhat because we like to end with the cane, and a spanking that begins with the cane is a very different type of spanking! But we also like to explore my various reactions with implements, as they vary from time to time. The last time we used our London Tanner's boudoir leather paddle, it made me hiss like a mountain lion. Quite surprising!

I like for Mr. W to pick the implements for any particular session because I get anxious and worry that I won't pick whatever he's been fantasizing about, whereas my main fantasy is just giving myself up to him, so while I do have my favorites, he picks and usually includes at least one that I like more than the others. I'm enjoying reading that many of your other readers also prefer the multiple implement tactic, though I dare say, my fiction would be shorter if I could just focus on one at a time. I wouldn't want to wish for shorter, more focused playtime, though.

Kaelah: It's interesting to see that spankings involving a variety of implements seem to be the norm for so many fellow spankos. Since Ludwig isn't so much into very long scenes and since we both like cold canings, our spankings often involve one implement only, mostly the hand or the cane. Our spankings which involve more than just one implement often consist of two parts – hand plus x.

But we have also had spankings involving multiple implements, for various reasons. My very first spanking, for instance, involved the hand, a paddle and a cane, because I wanted to know how all these implements feel and we wanted a gradual build-up. We also tried out selections of different whips and canes belonging to friends. And I used several different implements on Ludwig when I started topping, in order to get used to handling them. Last but not least, we also had spankings with a variety of implements in some of our fun clips, either giving our readers the chance to participate by voting for their favourite implement or in order to distinguish between votes from long-time readers and real delurkers on LOL Day.

Prefectdt: I cannot remember receiving (or giving for that matter) a spanking that was not multiple implement. Perhaps it is time to try a mono implement spanking, just for comparison.

Bonnie: As I've described before, my husband enjoys keeping me off balance during a spanking. He achieves this by preventing me from anticipating what will happen next. Implements are a big part of his surprises. Sometimes, he stops a session right in the middle to fetch something else. Other times, he pretends to grab a new implement then continues with his previous plan. I just never know what to expect. Even when I think I know, he reaches behind him to retrieve a pre-stashed toy.

In the end, I wind up just where he wants me – in his hands.

Thanks to everyone who joined in our brunch this week!


Bea said...

Bonnie, resident Spankologist, says to back off on The Brick. Wes, on the other hand, says it isn't a 2x6 it's a 1x4 and points out that he doesn't wail away either. I'm a wimp.
Thanks for the options everyone.

elle :) said...

I didn't get the chance to log onto blogger this weekend. We use multiple implements. He has a hairbrush, which he broke, lol. So we have to get another one, a guitar strap that is leather. It's similar to a belt, but different. It's wider, I guess. Then he has another weird household item, and a kid's tiny ping long paddle. Lol :)

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