Monday, February 25, 2013

Ask Bonnie: A Quick Shot

An anonymous correspondent asked me a question:

Do you think it's OK (or too weird) for a man to want to spank the bottom of his female partner and then kiss, lick, bite, and suck her punished skin?

Weirdness, like beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. The answer to this question depends upon the couple and their preferences.

Randy sometimes kisses my bottom after he has spanked me. I believe he intends this gesture as a loving tribute or simply an acknowledgement that he likes my shape, hue, and texture. Immediately following a spanking, I have no objection to a kiss at either end (or any number of other activities involving physical skin-to-skin contact).

But I speak only for myself. This is a situation where talking through your desires is essential. For example, if biting is a hard limit for her, you will want to respect it. On the other hand, maybe she'll say she loves it.

In summary, as long as you both enjoy it and no one gets injured, what anyone else thinks is irrelevant.


Roz said...

Interesting question Bonnie, and great response. I agree, it depends on the individual couple. Like you, I have no objection to a kiss at either end :)

Fondles said...

BIKSS usually kisses my bottom after he's done swatting it. THat's kinda also how I know he's finished :)

Anonymous said...

Something I'm that normal is overrated! It's better to be happy than normal. I love that last statement " long as you both enjoy it, and nobody gets injured, what anyone thinks is irrevelevant."


Hermione said...

I think it's quite lovely, and I'm surprised the reader felt he had to ask you. He should, however, ask his partner how she feels about it.



Well more in an F/m situation but I would be tickled pink if this happened to me :)


Anonymous said...

Kiss, lick and suck - yes. Bite No. D

Belle L said...

Amen. -Belle L.

Julia said...

Nice answer Bonnie!

Terpsichore said...

great advice

ronnie said...

Lovely. Quite agree every couple if different. Perfect answer.


Brooke said...

Great answer Bonnie :)

L. said...

I often get kisses...and sometimes little love-bites! I think both are fun.

Clementine said...

Perfect answer, Bonnie. Communication and respect are key.

I hope they are able to get past that feeling of being "weird" -- I know my fear of my husband thinking I'm a "weirdo" has played a significant role in my not talking to him about my desires.

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