Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keyword Chaos 2013

Let there be silliness!
  • a real man would never shed a tear from a spanking – He'd find a woman to take it for him

  • adults spanked for not having diapers on – Where's my Depends? This rest home is so strict.

  • all spanking photographs ,graphic images and all pictures of every spanking picture of amelia punishment – This guy really likes Amelia

  • benefits of spanking barebottom – Let's put on our thinking caps, boys and girls, and just imagine why this might be good...

  • biggest new naked spanking pictures – These aren't very good, but by George, they're enormous!

  • bottom smarts.tumblr – The last thing I need is another blog

  • broken rules that causes wife to get spanked – Don't bend over within reach of your husband

  • call girl gives a good bear bottom spanking – I don't know how she expected the bear to pay

  • can i see 2 cheer letters getting spanked with a paddle – Is a cheer letter sort of like a greeting card?

  • caught wearing girlfriends thong then spanked – Next time go for the boy shorts to establish plausible deniability

  • cheerkeaders get paddled – I'll bet their little keaders were sore for quite a while after that

  • daddy is gonna give your bottom a smart spanking video – Oh no, Daddy, not the DVD case again!

  • discipline paddle for sale – Trust me, this won't work

  • do l need to be spanked? – Why are you asking a search engine?

  • do you deserve a spanking quiz – You so deserve a spanking quiz. Now take it!

  • does a spanking in a girdle hurt more? – No, actually, it hurts less

  • does consentual spanking leave scars? – That would be time to withdraw consent

  • episiotomy porn – Apparently, I hadn't heard it all. Ick.

  • erotic private spanking blogs – A private blog is like a silent megaphone

  • fake her from behind and spanking her bare buttocks – Is that like “Fake it until you make it?”

  • female spankees seeking old dominators – We've got a sweet '71 Dodge Challenger on the lot

  • force your wife to take her spankeing photos – He could never figure out those timed camera gizmos

  • fun raiser spanking toons – I was raised watching spanking toons and it was fun

  • fun ways to spank your wife – Try a rubber chicken

  • girl buys a rotan for her own birthday spanking – Wasn't that a Japanese movie monster?

  • good girl spanking implements – The hand is always a favorite

  • good spanking foreplay games – Cribbage: When the game is over the board doubles for a paddle

  • gorlfriends who want to be spanked – Olive Oyl!

  • history of men spanking wives – In 1534, Henry VIII spanked Anne Boleyn with his riding crop. She liked it.

  • homemade wife begs for spank – At this point it became clear that Reginald's science project had exceeded anyone's expectations

  • how common is erotic spanking – At our house, it happens often, but it's never common

  • how many spanking implements are there – As many as trees in the forest

  • how many swats should you give erotic spanking – Just watch her reaction and spank accordingly

  • how soon should i spank my girlfriend – As soon as she gives her consent

  • how to give your sub a server spanking – Remove her administrator access

  • how to meet spankos – Start a blog

  • how to spank wifes over 50 – Slap her butt. Rub. Repeat.

  • huge ass in short dress – Did my husband send you?

  • husband spanks wife when she stays out late – She stays out late a lot

  • in a kinky way how do you spank your partner where they actually like it – Aim for the round, soft parts in the back

  • is a sex spanking good for – Yes, it is

  • ladies what is your favorite position for a spanking – Watching from the sidelines

  • literature etc. on meaning of mature spanking – You meet, you spank, you grow older. How much meaning do you need?

  • men are like streetcars spanking scene – He runs all over town, but always comes back at the end of the night

  • middle aged women who have been spanked – You rang?

  • my bottom hurts after I'm spanked – I've been told it's supposed to hurt

  • my wife likes Friday night spankings – What a lovely tradition

  • my wife will wear panties for her spanking videos – The rest of the time, she's a nudist

  • mywifewantsatasteofthecane – I told her to bite off a piece

  • named spankings blog – I dub thee Sir ClusterDuster

  • non-sexual spanking clubs – That paddle is way too thick

  • old time western spanking videos – Gotta love a good peep show

  • outback spankhouse – Let's have dinner in the woodshed tonight

  • panties after a spanking – Unlike the surfaces they are supposed to protect, panties generally come through unscathed

  • photos of couples being spanked together – The family that flays together, stays together

  • punishment ideas for submissives – You could always spank her

  • ritual whipping buttocks – Cue the Volga Boatmen

  • rubbing after spanking tube – Let's squeeze some lotion out of that tube please

  • rules for spanked wife – Sit at your own peril

  • school boarding wedgie punishment – That's got to violate the Geneva Convention

  • she paddled his fanny comics – Those magazines were never the same

  • slap my bottom – ...and call me Sally

  • something weird retrospanking – At this point, this stuff is all weird

  • spank bonnie wide load with a big paddle – You guys need some new material

  • spank my bottom hot and oink – If you get near me with that barbeque sauce, so help me, I'll scream

  • spanked for wearing panties – Boy, am I in trouble!

  • spanking apparatus – So where exactly does the trampoline come in?

  • spanking implement store – WailMart

  • texas style wives domestic discipline – Even the paddles are bigger

  • the worst spanking ever filmed – Old Fred's eyesight isn't what it once was, but we hadn't the heart to tell him that his wife's been gone since Wednesday. Besides, I don't think it hurt the couch any.

  • whats in my panty drawer? – Women's underwear

  • where can I send my wife to be whipped? – That puts a whole new twist on separate vacations

  • who are the leading authories of bdsm – Beware of anyone who makes such a claim

  • why is the spankee's bottom rubbed between spanks – Because he can

  • wife hasn't mentioned spanking – Come to think of it, she hasn't mentioned goose grease either

  • wives and girlfriends spanked for punishment 2012 – That's so last year

  • wives delivering rosy bottom to husband – Hello, FTD?

  • woman tax agent spanks bare bottoms – Your-dog-can-not-be-claimed-as-a-dependent!

  • worst dd spanking stories – “HoH, HoH, HoH,” said Santa. “Who wants to learn some respect?”

  • yoggsothoth(ismeanandunfair) – I have no idea what this means, but it's exquisitely weird


June said...

Omigoodness, Bonnie, I am in tears! This is so funny! Thanks for sharing and now I'm afraid to look at ours!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smiles!


P.S. Wailmart was my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Ok the next time I'm sat in my kitchen drinking my first cup of coffee, with my kiddies having breakfast, I'm not coming to your blog.
Spitting coffee at my kids and nearly wetting my pants in the process is not a good idea in front of toddlers.
They both decided to copy me and also spit out their juice lol
Bonnie thank you so much for the laugh x

MrBBSpanker said...

I get some odd ones...
but nothing as "out there" as most of these!
And I think I might have the answer to what that last one is...

Spanky said...

Too funny! Might be time for me to revisit this, though I think yours are better than mine.

Susie said...

LOL! I hardly ever get any good ones Bonnie! What am I doing wrong? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! What a fun morning read for me. Loved it. I never pull up things like that! I must be doing it wrong as well.

Riley said...

That's quite funny! I get ridiculous keywords as well. Definitely good for a laugh :)

Brooke said...

Wow, some of those are so crazy! What in the world is the last one lol

ronnie said...


Thanks for the smile.

I must take a look at mine but I think pretty boring.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those are too funny! Thanks for sharing Bonnie! lol

sixofthebest said...

Be it fact or fiction. Henry VIII spanking Anne Boleyn. Thats a royal flush. Would'nt you say Bonnie.

A. Lurker said...

Hi Bonnie,
"call girl gives a good bear bottom spanking" - sounds like it would go with Hermione's last "Complete the Caption"!


Lea said...

Those are hilarious! I think I can enlighten you on the last one. Yoggsothoth is a spanko guy whose name I have seen on Fetlife.

Hermione said...

WailMart was my favourite too.


Spanking Tube said...

Thanks for the smile. In spanish we smile some like this: jajajaja

Very funny!


Lizzie said...

Hilarious. We get some odd ones, but nothing like this!

Craig Aych said...

Oh so many searches and such great responses. You always have me in tears with these. A favorite!

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