Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Jan 27

Our topic this week was tears. Here are your responses.

Spanking Photo Blog: When I make mischief, my Master gives me a remedial spanking depending upon the seriousness of my behavior. On these occasions, I usually cry during and after the punishment. I guess it's due to a mix of discipline and regret for not being able to meet the expectations of my Master.

Mr. BB: As an HoH/spanker, I find that tears during disciplinary spankings come more naturally from disappointment and pain. Emotionally, all tears can be cathartic and stress relieving.

Klara: I cry every time that my spanker uses the cane. This instrument represents for me the worst punishment imaginable. Therefore, I start to whimper even before the first stroke. I guess it's because I fear the cane. Each hit, for me, is torture. And during the period of time between blows, my legs shake like a leaf.

Fondles: I've only cried once towards the climax of a stress relief, grounding or centering spanking session. BIKSS did continue despite the fact that it was the first time he'd seen me shed tears from a spanking. We both felt that I had been so bottled up emotionally that it wasn't too much of a surprise.

When we have a "discussion" of missteps or when we're sorting through some hurt or argument, the forgiveness I feel from him at the end will ALWAYS leave me in tears. It comes both from having disappointed him, and being relieved at having a resolution and being back in sync.

Hermione: I have never cried before, during or after, unless you count tears that are the result of laughing too hard.

Elle: I've only had tears once. It was a release from knowing that I disappointed him (and myself!). :)

Sir Q's mlb: Different spankings, different reactions. Typically, it is simply a huge silly-grin on my face when we are done. That, or I'm sailing off into space. :)

I have cried, but it has been on rare occasions. Typically, it's been when I was stressed beyond reason and the tears weren't associated with the spanking so much as the emotions that were causing the stress.

Reece Seever: Unfortunately, no. While the thought of it terrifies me, I think that kind of cathartic release would an experience.

Abby Sage: I rarely cry, but I wish I did. I find it hard to let go in that manner. I find that rage comes as a defence sometimes, but it does not last. When his strength and will overcomes mine, I can endure what he gives me and find only peace. I should like to cry, but I think focusing on tears is less likely to encourage them.

Dr. Ken: I never try to spank someone to tears. Most of the spankings I give are of the "just because it's fun," or maybe a few mock punishments (or "funishment"). But bringing someone to tears is never the goal. There have been a couple of times when it might have brought a tear or two to someone's eye, but almost never to full-out crying. That's just not what I'm about.

Joeyred: I have never had a female cry during or after a spanking. Many times, we are laughing and just having a fun time.

I have had tears well up in my eyes from the intensity of a hard caning. But, I cannot say that I cried during the spanking.

Hobbes: We are with Hermione. The only tears around here are the rare occasions when we are laughing so hard tears come. There have been a few rather ridiculous spanking situations that had us both laughing hard.

Tricia: I have cried a few times afterward. It was mostly from the thought of how much I disappointed him. :(

Jake: A while back, my wife Joy requested that I spank her to the point of tears. It actually took a couple tries for us to get there. She took far more spanking than I thought she ever could, and I was frankly up against my own personal limit for hurting her before the dam burst. It not something we've repeated, but it's come up a time or two in late night conversations...

Loki Darksong: On a few occasions, my wife has shed tears from some of my spankings. As for me, it has not happened yet. But I am curious on how it would feel to do so. I am envious a bit of women when they shed tears. I understand that it is a liberating experience.

Lady Koregan: Some of the men I've spanked cry, others do not. PC always cries both during and for a little while after a discipline spanking. His tears are partly from the pain and partly from remorse.

I have had others cry simply because it hurt and few, but not many, just let out a flood of pent-up stress, emotion, and frustration. But then I've had some who take very intense spankings and never shed a single tear. People are so wonderfully unique. :)

S: No way. I'm far too excited about what is happening to my upturned bottom, and the thoughts of what will probably happen next, to start blubbering. Anyway, it would spoil my make-up.

Simon: I have never cried during a session. Once, my Mistress decided that she would try to punish me until I cried, but she eventually gave up because the damage to my bottom was becoming too severe. Since I am taking part in these sessions for enjoyment, I rather think crying would defeat the objective. However, I do appreciate that for some couples crying is part of the whole package. As with everything else, it all comes down to the individuals and their own feelings.

Jessa: I cry when I'm receiving a discipline spanking. I think it's more because I have a very strong personality and I tend to be willful. So while I know the discipline must be carried out, a part of me wants to resist. That willful, resistant side gets angry to the point of tears.

Once the spanking is over, and once aftercare has been given, I cry again because I'm so overwhelmed with the resulting feelings of subspace.

Sara: I have cried for many different reasons, including emotional release and sadness from knowing that I hurt him. Mostly, though, it's simply when I need to cry and the spanking is the trigger. I know I am in a safe place to let go.

Jenny: I would like to cry. Once or twice, I've felt close to crying, as his spankings have gotten harder and faster (at my request). Most recently, I recall that he surprised me by going over the expected count in my birthday spanking and that had me on edge as I wondered whether I could tolerate any more. It was a hand, cane, and then wooden paddle spanking. This was a couple of months ago. I loved it, actually! Later I told him that I expected him to stop at the "number" and he said that he just felt like continuing at that point.

Alas, some personal issues have made me less excited about spanking since then (nothing serious for me, just friends' problems and multi-week household projects). His birthday is next week, though, and I've already asked to take his birthday spanking so I'm looking forward to that. I think I am ready for more of this now.

I think the tears will come from being overwhelmed by the onslaught of spanks and building pain. Before that birthday spanking, I thought disappointing him would be a major factor, but I was quite close to crying, and it was not a punishment at all. I do whimper as he reaches for a new implement and rubs it prior to starting to spank with it, which is sort of a buildup to crying.

I think disappointment and emotion as a precursor may be something we as spankees identify as a major component just because we feel emotion at times when the spanking is for punishment and there is genuine disappointment. We feel that we have disappointed the spanker, and if we cry, we put those two things together. I guess we should all try to have more "non-emotional, non-disappointment, non-stress relief" spankings as a test. And let us know how they turn out!

Elysia: The first time I shed spanking-related tears, it was *before* he spanked me. That was a punishment, and the tears were definitely due to contrition.

I have since cried during a spanking (also punishment) and I would attribute my tears to a combination of the vulnerability and contrition that I felt. I don't cry from the physical pain unless there's an emotional connection to it.

Tears are not something we "aim for." Our aim is for my feelings of contrition and repentance to help me feel better. It also helps us to communicate better afterward. Maintenance and erotic spankings have never brought me to tears. There are those combination ones though. Hmm. Come to think of it, I've shed tears *after* a spanking quite a number of times. It was definitely contrition-related.

Houston Switch: My answer is simply "not yet." I hope to get spanked with enough physical and emotional intensity to fall over the emotional and pain cliff to get there...

Daisy: It depends on the reason. I find great emotional release through spanking. Sometimes, if it is really stinging, it brings me to tears, because, I think, that is all I can do to get through it! Just let go, and get into it...

If it is a spanking because I have hurt or disappointed him in some way, then I cry before, during and after because I am so upset to have let him - and myself – down.

If he is giving me a stress relief? Again, yes. I have no hangups or issues with crying.

The only time I don't cry is when he is spanking me for losing my temper... and boy, do I lose it big time when I lose it. I am NOT submissive. I will scream, shout, be sarcastic and yes, downright rude and disrespectful. I argue and demand, and am altogether so beside myself with rage I don't even THINK of the inevitable consequences! At these times, he spanks me there and then. No matter how hard or prolonged, no matter how scarlet my bottom becomes, my temper and rage outweigh all that. Cry? NEVER. Give in? NO WAY! I would DIE first! He realises this and sensibly stops before any damage was done.

He has learned over time to wait, let me calm down, and then deliver the discipline. Once I am calm and contrite, he will get the apology he needs and deliver the punishment earned which has me sobbing with shame at the way I had behaved!

So, to sum up...

Stress relief: Maybe before (if stressed enough), and most likely during and/or after
Maintenance: Not before, maybe during, and probably after
Just because: Not before, and probably not during or after
Discipline: Probably before, most likely during and definitely after
Erotic or fun: Never

Bonnie: I actually cry very seldom over a spanking. I've always thought this was a little strange, especially when I cry regularly over fairly trivial issues. But I can see here that I'm in good company. I think it's just the way I'm wired. The pain draws out endorphins and other hormones that make me feel energized, turned-on, and anything but sad. Perhaps my body has been conditioned over the past thirty years to know that good stuff usually follows the sore bottom.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this week. I hope to see you all again next time!


ronnie said...

I cry over films but haven't during or after a spanking. Felt close a couple of times.


SublimeWifey said...

I'd like, just once I think, to be pushed to the point of crying. Mostly so that I'll know my tolerance level and my limits, and partly because I just want to know what it feels like. But I don't want to believe I'm married to someone who wants to make me cry, especially cry from intense pain. I want him to take care of me ... but just once I want to try it. Hmmm.

kiwigirliegirl said...

maybe im odd, but i cry all the time during a spanking...we tend to only spank for punishments and maintenance and its not often that i dont...only the quick ones i manage not to. Am i odd? I actually apologised for crying on Sunday night but Sir said it was perfectly fine that I obviously needed it. TO me it feels good to cry during.

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