Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Incredibly Personal Q&A - Part II

Yes, there are more questions and answers. Several readers expressed surprise that I would reveal such intimate details. My logic is that these answers can provide a benchmark, albeit an imperfect one, for people who are finding their way. Forget what is "normal." I'd like to take this opportunity to explain how one couple lives this lifestyle. Agree or disagree with our choices as you like, but some of this information is not widely available elsewhere.

My hope is that someone will read these posts and say, "Look, honey, we're not so unusual," or "There's something I'd like to try." This has always been the mission of MBS.

As for Tom, I should mention that he was very polite and respectful throughout our conversations. I shortened some of his questions and in the process made them seem more direct than they were originally.

Q21. If you had to give up wooden toys or leather toys, which would you choose?

A21. I'd give up the wood, but not because I don't like them. Leather implements can feel like wood far better than wood can mimic the feel of leather.

Q22. Would you ever switch with a man?

A22. No. It's not my thing on a couple of levels. I don't switch and I play only with my husband (and he's all top). If that makes me unimaginative and set in my ways, so be it.

Q23. What was the first spanking video you saw?

A23. I don't recall the title, but it was on VHS tape in grainy SLP mode. We paid too much for it at an adult store out by the freeway. The dialog was idiotic and the camera work was erratic. The actual spankings were disappointing as well. The action looked fake and the spankees seemed to be disinterested porn stars on their day off.

Sometime later, we discovered Shadow Lane and enjoyed a number of their videos.

Q24. Would you ever consider becoming a spanking model?

A24. I think that ship has sailed. Besides, I'm not inclined to be quite that out.

Q25. I notice that you like to wear jeans. Do you have a favorite brand?

A25. I do love a soft comfortable pair of denim jeans. My favorite brand of jeans is the one that fits. My dimensions are a little outside the norm. My waist is small in proportion to my hips and bottom (that's the nice way to say it). Randy's favorite jeans for me to wear are Lee Side Elastic Jeans. They have no pockets in back to interfere with his disciplinary aspirations.

Q26. Do you have any permanent marks on your butt from taking so many spankings?

A26. I don't believe so.

Q27. Would you ever get spanked with another girl?

A27. Ever is a long time, but I don't envision that happening.

Q28. Are you going to write more spanking stories?

A28. I have more than one hundred accounts and fictional stories posted on the blog. Time and energy are the biggest barriers to writing more. Maintaining the blog and supporting the community require a lot more time today than when I began. With that said, I will probably write more eventually.

Q29. Do you go for any quirky, kinky stuff?

A29. A little, but my kinks are fairly specific. I have no objection to being tied up for spanking and sex, but I have zero interest in blood, scat, breath play, knives, or striking anywhere other than my bottom (or maybe the very top of my thighs in certain situations). I don't want any bonds that are constricting or leave marks. I play only with my husband and he knows my limits.

Q30. You mention that you have small breasts. Does this ever make you feel inadequate?

A30. There was a time, especially in my teens and twenties, when I felt uncomfortable with my body. I've always been more of a pear shape than an hourglass. I think the biggest reason I've been able to overcome these feelings is the way Randy treats me. He constantly admires, praises, and caresses my body. It can be distracting at times when I am working on something else, but his attention reminds me how he feels about the way I look. And if he is satisfied, I can't complain too much. Besides, several of my contemporaries with large boobs have developed back problems and I am happy to avoid that fate.

Q31. Did you breastfeed your child?

A31. Yes. It was a wonderful bonding experience for us. Mother and daughter remain very close.

Q32. Do you ever wear yoga pants, tight leggings or the like?

A32. You've hit upon one of Randy's hot buttons. He absolutely loves me to wear form-fitting leggings, especially if they are a light color. He can't resist rubbing and squeezing my bottom, hips, and thighs. He spanks me. He peels them off. Well, you get the idea.

Q33. Nylon or cotton panties?

A33. If I get to choose, cotton every time. I wear nylon lingerie to please my man, but for comfort, nothing is better than cotton.

Q34. You don't mention the cane very often. Do you get caned?

A34. Occasionally, as a change of pace. The cane is more traditionally British. We Americans tend to favor the paddle, hairbrush, belt, or strap as spanking implements. We own a short thin cane that Randy applies in a rapid, flicking fashion. The heat builds slowly, but eventually becomes quite intense.

We've discussed getting a real punishment cane, but it's not happened yet.

Q35. How do you feel right after you've been spanked long and hard?

A35. It very much depends upon the headspace I'm in. I can be peaceful and affectionate after a slow, steady spanking. But if he strikes hard and fast, it often leaves me feeling energized and eager for whatever happens next.

Q36. Do you own a garter belt and stockings? If so, do you ever wear them during spankings?

A36. Yes and yes. It's fun to role play and costume is an important part of that. Randy really likes how stockings and a garter frame my bottom as he is spanking me.

Q37. How about heels?

A37. Yes, heels too, though on the street, I worry about falling off of them.

Q38. Do you talk during a spanking?

A38. It's difficult to remain perfectly silent when someone is beating your bottom with a wooden hairbrush! It really hurts and I often express the pain I feel.

But it was not always so. When I was younger, I didn't want to seem to be complaining so I was a lot more stoic. Or sometimes, it was part of demonstrating my submission.

There is also playful banter. He will kid me about something and I will feel the need to give it right back to him. At that point, he reminds me who is holding the hairbrush. Rinse, repeat.

Q39. Do you talk during sex?

A39. Sometimes. Words for me can be very exciting.

Q40. If your husband were out of the picture, would you find another man to spank you?

A40. I don't know. I suppose I would try.

Believe it or not, there's still more to come!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing more intimate details of your relationship.

You are certainly a role model and inspiration for other bloggers.


Lea said...

Being top heavy can cause back problems. Argh! Thanks for sharing more info about yourself and Randy!

SpankCake said...

I also prefer natural fibers on my bottom... Cotton, silk, rattan ;)

Looking forward to the next installment!


Bas said...

It is great to see how "normal" these questions and answers are.
There's a question, there's an answer. Nothing special.
Where is everybody else making such a fuss about?

Susie said...

It is really personal Bonnie but I think you are right. It helps establish a baseline for others who are asking themselves lots of questions.

I'm enjoying reading through all your answers.

Kaelah said...

Thank you for sharing this intimate and enlightening interview, Bonnie! I can absolutely relate to the waist-to-hip ratio thing (and the small breasts, but the former always felt worse for me). For me, it was wonderful to realise that Ludwig loves me and my body as we are. I have become much more self-confident because of his compliments and because of the compliments I have gotten from others as well since I stopped hiding my body under loose clothes.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, I love these set of spanking questions and answers. Three of them were of interest to me. #34, #35. About the cane. And #36. About the garter-belt, stockings, and heels. I loved your answers, they pleased me, and they turned me on.

Bonnie said...

Joey - You're welcome. As I say, I hope this conversation will help someone be more at peace with their own life and their own interests.

Lea - I have two close friends who experience upper back problems. I am grateful to be spared that pain.

SC - Oh, yes, how could I forget? :)

Bas - What's unusual, I think, is that I didn't just tell Tom that it's none of his &*#@ business. He was so sweet and so patient in waiting for my sometimes irregular responses. This and the chance to create a unique blog post (or three) kept me going.

Susie - Thank you!

Kaelah - Bravo! I think your photos are beautiful.

Six - I'm glad you liked it.

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