Thursday, September 27, 2012

Incredibly Personal Q&A - Part III

This is the third and final installment. In answer to a different reader's question, there were a few questions that I chose not to answer. For the most part, they involved my identity, appearance, location, or the precise type of work I do. I'm willing to share, but I draw the line at outing myself and my husband.

Q41. Would you let a strange man spank you for money?

A41. How strange and how much money?

Q42. Do you resemble anyone famous?

A42. Not that I'm aware.

Q43. If I met you in a vanilla setting, what would be my first impression?

A43. I guess it would depend upon where it was and what I was doing. If you saw me walking into work in the morning, I would probably appear single minded and oblivious. If you saw me going to lunch with friends, you would probably think I was talkative and good natured. If I was at the gym, you see a very quiet, determined Bonnie. And so forth.

I appear to be a regular woman living her life.

Q44. Do you own a butt plug?

A44. Yes.

Q45. Are you attracted to women?

A45. Women are beautiful. I can definitely appreciate that. But in terms of my sexual interest, I am drawn to men.

Q46. Have you ever kissed a girl?

A46. Yes, of course, but not in a romantic or sexual way.

Q47. Do you own a favorite vibrator?

A47. Yes, we have several. My favorite is the smooth bullet style. It's both comfortable and versatile. Randy's favorite vibrator to use on me is the Hitachi Magic Wand. It's a whole different experience! The *low* speed is mind shattering.

Q48. Do you think a grandmother can be sexy?

A48. Yes, and I aim to prove it every chance I get.

Q49. Do you ever wish you were born a man?

A49. Only when I am waiting in line at a public restroom.

Q50. Have you always known you were a spanko?

A50. Yes, I had this interest as far back as I can recall.

Q51. What was your major in college? Did it help you in life?

A51. Journalism. Having the ability to write has paid a lot of bills.

Q52. What is your favorite musical genre?

A52. I'm kind of a musical omnivore, but if I have to pick one, I'll take surf music (the Surfaris, Dick Dale, the Ventures, the Belairs, the Chantays, and groups like that). I remember dancing to those songs as a little kid and they bring back a lot of fond memories.

Q53. Have you ever received a spanking that broke your skin?

A53. Yes. I remember one time many years ago when we were at a park and playing with a switch-like twig. It hit me wrong on the upper leg and created a bleeding gash. We were in a place where there wasn't much in the way of first aid. We got it stopped using paper towels. The worst part was people coming by and asking if they could help.

Q54. You once said your husband wouldn't spank you while you were pregnant. Why not?

A54. He was afraid of harming our baby. I never came up with a good counterargument.

Q55. Do you like to wear a dress and look feminine?

A55. Sure. I try to match my clothing to the setting and situation. It's fun to dress up and go out sometimes. If I'm doing chores around the house, you'll be more likely to find me in cutoffs and a tee shirt.

Q56. How do you come up with all of your brunch topics?

A56. A lot of them are submitted by readers. People write me to say, “I love your brunches and can you ask about this?” I can ask, and often I do. Other weeks, I will resurrect a topic we talked about several years ago. The brunch crowd changes a lot from year to year so most of the participants won't have answered the question before.

Once in a great while, we'll come up with a truly original topic. Those are my favorites.

Q57. Do you and your husband film or photograph your spanking or sex sessions?

A57. Yes, he does. I won't watch the videos because they always seem to capture my least flattering angle.

He also makes digital audio recordings that I use to transcribe dialog for spanking accounts.

Q58. Will you ever post pictures of your freshly spanked bottom?

A58. I have no plans to do so. Sorry.

Q59. Do you have a favorite TV show?

A59. Yes, I have several. Right now, I am particularly looking forward to the return of Boardwalk Empire.

Q60. How long do you expect to keep blogging?

A60. I have no idea. Had anyone asked me at the beginning if I thought I could keep the blog going for seven years, I would have dismissed the question as preposterous. But here we are.

So there you have it. TMI? Probably, but it was a fun ride nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bonnie. When I attended Shadow Lane, I remarked to my friend that the dinner guests could have been mistaken for Rotary Club members. She laughed and agreed.

Again, thank you for your candor.


Erica said...

Not TMI at all! I loved this series; I've really enjoyed learning more about you, Bonnie.

And OMG -- I love love LOVE surf music! Especially the Dick Dale era. I like you EVEN MORE now. :-D

PK said...

Since I just put up a post about it I'd like to ask if your daughter know about this blog, that you enjoy writing about spanking and spanking fiction and or that you and her dad have this as part of your relationship?


Lea said...

"Do you ever wish you were born a man?

Only when I am waiting in line at a public restroom."

Ha! Hear, hear! Thanks for sharing your questions. It's always interesting to get to know a little more about the people behind the screen.

Ana said...

This is really lovely! Thank you for sharing so much. I agree with Lea that the restroom thing is right on. :)

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I'm relieved to hear that there were some questions you wouldn't answer.

You mentioned the audio recordings of your spanking sessions. Do you have any plans to share more of them with your readers?


Anonymous said...

The answer to question 41 made me laugh out loud, and there are days when I need a chuckle like that. I'm constantly amazed at the questions people can ask, but I appreciate the creative mind that answer them well. I see also that you are - or were - a journalist. It's nice to see that you're surviving the Internet's assault on newspapers and putting your talents to good use. Thanks for the blog, and thanks for the excellent read.


ronnie said...

I've really enjoyed reading more about your Bonnie. Thank you.

Your answer about the restroom made me laugh.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, I am so proud of you. You are truly the Queen of all 'spanking bloggers. Thank you for being so honest and forthright with your answers. You are truly a wonderous 'spanking enthusiast'. Here is hoping that your blog will last for many more years to come. For you are truly a beautiful lady.

Bonnie said...

Joey - Yes, for all our quirks, we're really just regular people, and perhaps that's the point of all this.

Erica - Surf music still sounds fresh and exciting all these years later. I love it!

PK - I don't know how much she knows, but it might be more than we think. However, unlike your daughter, she doesn't want to know anything at all. When Randy drops an innuendo within her earshot, she rolls her eyes and covers her ears. Old people sex = Yuck!

Lea - That response popped into my head the first time I read the question. I had to run with it.

Ana - You're most welcome.

Hermione - I never considered podcasting actual spankings. I think we'll talk about it.

Alice - Thank you. It debatable whether I am putting my training to good use professionally. I am a technical writer these days and anything remotely original I create usually gets edited out. It's not Woodward and Bernstein by any means, but it helps keep a roof overhead.

It was a desire to do something creative that led me to write spanking stories and ultimately to blog.

Ronnie - I'm really happy you liked it.

Six - Thank you! I cannot make promises in terms of longevity, but I have no plans to retire.

Hermione said...

Oops, I didn't mean a podcast. (That would be TMI too.) I meant another installment of The Spanko Tapes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bonnie,
Very interesting, as always. I wonder if Tom lives close to me. Hmmm...

Bonnie said...

Hermione - Revisiting the Spanko Tapes is a definite possibility.

Maryann - I don't know, but I can ask...

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