Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 22

Our topic of the week was the spankee having to fetch an implement. Here's what you had to say.

Abby: Occasionally, Master will have me go and get an implement and hand it to Him. It is usually during a punishment session, and made of wood. It certainly makes me think about what is coming and why I find myself in this position.

Our Bottoms Burn: No, but we will sometimes get out what we want to have used on us.

Sarah Thorne: I can only recall a handful of times where I have been instructed to retrieve a specific implement. Mostly, though, he retrieves things as he decides he wants to use them.

Mrs. Soft Bottom: Not yet...

Saoirse: Like Mrs. Soft Bottom, I have not yet been sent to fetch an implement. I surely hope that someday I will be. I'm trying hard to be submissive and not top from below... A woman can dream, though, right?

Julia: DH always makes me go and get the implement. Sometimes, he has me standing there looking at it, waiting, and other times, he will just get straight to it. I think this really does add a certain something to the spanking. :D

Hermione: Ron always chooses the implements he wants to use, but he also gets out the toy box and allows me to choose an additional paddle or two. I've never been sent for a specific implement, but it would add a delightful frisson to the proceedings.

Ana: Yes, always. Submitting to this is usually harder for me than submitting to the spanking itself.

Karyn: I've never been sent to get one. I usually don't know what he's using until I feel it on my backside. I wouldn't mind if he sent me to get one if I got to pick it out. I might feel differently if he told me to get a specific one and it was one I don't like!

Daisy: Yes, Davey has sent me to get implements. And it is always done as part of the punishment. He knows that I hate to have to obey him at that PARTICULAR point in the proceedings! Sometimes, I protest and show my unwillingness to comply. He just raises his eyebrows at me and I know at that stage I am likely to suffer more if I don't...

Renee Rose: Yes and I think it's hot.

SpankCake: What I relish most in fetching an implement is in the moments before when he whispers in my ear exactly what is about to happen. That sort of foreplay gets me so hot and bothered that I'm practically leaping out of his lap to get it.

Other times, I'm given a choice. In that case, it's like browsing books at a bookstore. Instead of dragging my fingers across the spines of books, I'm touching the various implements, waiting for one to scream out to me.

Jean Marie: Like those who have already posted in the affirmative, I too have often been told to fetch a specific implement to further my correction. The first time in this relationship was when my lover stopped spanking and replaced my panties far earlier than I expected, only to instruct me to go into the backyard and cut a switch for my bottom's benefit. We have a privacy fence, that wasn't the issue. It was just so unexpected. It upped the ante mind-blowingly (and soon thereafter butt-bustingly). It's always in a punishment session and it's always wooden implements I'm made to fetch (because he knows I hate them).

Playful Little Brat: I've had to do this a few times, and for me, it certainly adds a whole other element to the punishment. There's something about going to get the implement that is about to set your butt on fire that makes it that much more effective! It's kind of like sealing your own fate in a way.

S: It makes me so antsy just thinking about it! It has the facade of the bottom being in control when in reality, it's the most submissive act that she (or he) can do. I would definitely like to do it someday. :)

Lea: Occasionally, I've been told to go get whatever implement and give it to the top. It can work for me in a certain headspace because it makes me feel more submissive and giving in to what is happening. Being asked to CHOOSE which implement gets used is even harder than that though.

Prefectdt: I usually play away from home and am instructed to bring a toy or two with me. It is a bit of a thrill being on a train and knowing that there is a flogger, strap or something like that, in my shoulder bag. I often wonder what my fellow travelers would think if they knew what I was carrying.

Ronnie: A couple of times, P has made me go and get a particular implement. It does make me think about what's coming, but normally he decides what he's going to use.

Ticcers Aloud: Eeeeeep, my cheeks are already neeping in thinking about this question. Hubby likes me to go and get out the wooden hairbrush when he is ready for DD to happen. I will protest, but this only makes matters worse.

However, if we are enjoying a yummy spanking, I get to choose my best toys!

Loki Darksong: It is something that I have not done, but I have been considering adding the practice to certain aspects of the sessions that I would like to do.

Being instructed to and then retrieving the implement to be used does change the mindset of the session. It goes from being a fun type to a more formal kind of scene.

Dana: It depends on the spanking. Steve keeps the wooden spoon right beside the bed so it's easily accessible. It's very rare that he tells me to get it. When he decides the belt is in order, though, he always tells me to get it. He knows just the thought of the belt gives me that feeling in the pit of my stomach so having to bring it to him is torture in itself. But it also increases my feelings of submission in bringing him an implement that I definitely don't want him to use.

A-Non: I have had to retrieve my hairbrush or the paddle for the few spankings I have had. I do like having to get the implement. I get a queasy feeling in my stomach and think, "What have I gotten myself into?" I feel definite submission and acceptance of the spanking.

A related question: Does anyone ever place an implement in plain site in a private place like your bedroom as a hint? I've considered doing this, but I haven't tried it yet. I can imagine myself excited to place it on the bed, only to regret it later when it is "found."

Yes, both Randy and I will leave out an implement as a not-so-subtle hint. When I do it, it's a request (usually fulfilled well beyond my original expectations). When he sets out a paddle or hairbrush, it's more of a notification of what is to come.

Bratty Adaline: We're in an apartment that has nails from previous tenants in the bedroom. It just happens to hold the heart shaped paddle, bath brush, and flogger nicely and on the wall that most would not look at. Even if someone saw it, really I don't think they would make the leap.

As for Bonnie's question, it depends. If it's a punishment spanking, I have to get over the bed while he chooses. If it's for release/stress, I get to hand it to him. :)

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park: I have on several occasions been made to go get something, and it's usually something pretty scary, like a bath brush. When SincereM wanted to switch me, he would make me go out and cut the switches. They were so nasty...

Bonnie: As I mentioned in the question, fetching the implement is one of my husband's favorite rituals. As a result, we practice it fairly regularly. Only rarely does he send me off for a toy that I like. More likely, it's something wooden and thuddy.

He instructs me to retrieve a spanking implement to alter my headspace (or so I am told). Once I willingly bring him the tool that inflicts my pain, I am no longer a passive victim (innocent or otherwise), even within my own mind. I become, at that moment, a full collaborator and accomplice in my chastisement. The spanking is not something he does to me or for me. It is something we do together with my very explicit involvement. That, for me, is a huge turn-on.

Thanks to everyone who joined in our community brunch discussion. Let's do it again next weekend!


Fondlers Anonymous said...

oh i've been so busy i cant believe i've missed this conversation!

it was fun to read all the comments tho. thanks!

Red said...

Cindy likes to sit on the spanking chair, and ponder which implement I should bring her,while I stand in front of her waiting to be spanked. She will sometimes simply state a preference like leather or wood, or something different that has not been used for quite sometime, or a specific implement(s).
bottoms up

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