Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spanking Blogs: Myth and Reality

I was recently invited by the publishers of Wellred Weekly to contribute a guest article on a topic related to blogging. The result was Spanking Blogs: Myth and Reality. As the title suggests, I present a series of ten common misconceptions regarding spanking blogs and then set the record straight. I hope you enjoy it!


kiwigirliegirl said...

fabulous article Bonnie very well said and done :) i enjoyed it immensley cheers
love and hugs kiwi xxxx

Tim the Tum said...

Hey Bonnie

Great article! I wish I'd seen this before I began blogging - I think I might have started much earlier.

Of course, whether the blogging world in general would have thanked you for inflicting more of my demented opinions on them is another thing!

All the best, and keep up the fine work of promoting new bogs.


Conina said...

Excellent article, Bonnie!

I think in all the time I've been lurking and blogging, I only had someone's genitals (SURPRISE!) in my face two times. Thankfully.

OldFashionedGirl said...

Great post and food for thought for a beginner like me. The line about seeing 'somebody's privates in my face' struck a chord with me. I think I've been a bit guilty in the past of using images without thinking about readers' sensibilities.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Once again, you've hit the nail on the head. Bravo!

I'm curious as to how you came up with the list of myths.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading it, Bonnie

Country Spanker said...

Great piece Bonnie and the only part of Mrs CS that will be seen is her bottom.

Anonymous said...

Great article Bonnie! :)

Little Butterfly said...

Wonderful article!

A-Non said...

I wonder if another myth is that one can make money from a spanking blog. Perhaps some do make money? And are videos more lucrative? There seem to be a lot of new amateur spanking video sites. But since men have a well-documented obsession with novelty, it seems that one person won't be able to make much money as a participant in spanking videos.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article Bonnie. Blogs provide a tremendous amount of real life experience that help people learn about spanking. And you help us find them. Thank you very much.


dancingbarez said...

Great Article Bonnie. I was worried about a few of those things myself!

ronnie said...

Excellent article Bonnie. Enjoyed the read.


Bonnie said...

KGG - Thank you!

TtT - I'm pleased to be of service.

Conina - Thanks.

OFG - I think people have varying degrees of sensitivity to this issue. The key, I believe, is deliver content that your core readership will enjoy and with which you feel comfortable.

Hermione - Thanks. This list is derived from questions I've been asked and comments I've heard from readers and correspondents over the years.

Mick - I'm glad you liked it.

CS - No objections here!

Grace - Thank you.

LB - Thanks.

A-non - I think some people do make money by blogging about spanking, primarily through affiliate advertising programs. I would guess we're talking about amounts up to a few hundred dollars per month. So no one is going to retire on their earnings, but it isn't nothing.

Films are another matter. The top line video producers operate on a big scale and I imagine they bring in a lot of money. What's left after expenses is a question I cannot answer. But we can assume that none of them are operating as charities.

As for the models, I know they are compensated for their work, though some gigs I'm sure are more lucrative than others. I am told they typically receive a one time payment as opposed to a percentage of the proceeds.

So, yes, if you're resourceful, it is possible to make money through spanking.

Joey - You're most welcome.

DB - I'm happy to be of help.

Ronnie - Thanks!

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, you wrote an excellent article, plus the Wellread Weekly is certainly an added attraction to 'Spanking Library Blog.

Celeste Jones said...

Great advice, especially for a newbie like me. Thanks for being willing to share your expertise w/all of us.

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