Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Feb 12

Our question this time dealt with whether spankings can be romantic. Here are your thoughts.

Country Spanker: We like a romantic spanking. Mrs CS dictates that for this one (and only this one) we both have to be naked. She goes over my knee while I sit on the bed. We have to start off slowly and there has to be a lot of rubbing that she does not usually get. I have to continue until she is ready. Don't worry, there will be no pictures.

CS, I think your photos are very tasteful.

Sunny Girl: Spankings are almost always a part of our foreplay. It can be butt spanking, nipple spanking, or pussy spanking, but it's all done with lots of touching and kissing. Talking about it and anticipating it can also be very romantic.

CurtisG: All of my spankings, mostly giving and some taking, are either romantic or playful. That's spanking's allure for me.

Riley: Spankings are a big part of our romantic life. Sometimes they are playful. He'll pat me as I'm cooking or walking by him. He'll even make it into a game sometimes. I have to do something challenging and he usually makes it 100% impossible for me to carry through. It's often something like, "balance this on your head and then jump up and down." Of course it ends in a spanking! ;) Other times, it's less of a game and I go over his knee and get a combination of gentle spanks and caresses which is lovely. It's enough to show that he's the dom, but still a very nice and soothing atmosphere.

Make Mine Red: All of ours are for foreplay so, yes, definitely romantic and always a turn-on!

Hermione: For us, spankings are an expression of love, and every one has some element of romance about it.

Old Fashioned Girl: Spanking is foreplay and fun, but not romantic. For me, they are like oil and water. Or do I mean oil and vinegar?

That's a whole different euphemism!

R Humphries: As our spanking life is predominately of a role-playing, theatrical, and erotic nature, I believe that we both find our play-times entirely romantic. Wishing y’all a Happy Valentines day.

Daisy: Our spankings are sometimes fun, sometimes downright hilarious, and sometimes serious - either maintenance or punishment. Even some maintenance ones are fun. Maybe it's me and my definition of romantic, but simply because the whole spanking thing came into being from my request, I consider there to be romance in every one. There is ALWAYS aftercare, which is so romantic. Depending on the severity of the spanking, the aftercare ranges from rubbing and kissing and just gentle touching, to cool washcloths, lotion, reassuring cuddles and pillow talk with many I love yous. Oh, I LOVE TTWD!

Jean Marie: My good girl spankings are pure foreplay and so are the epitome of romantic!

Spanky: Most of our spankings are of the erotic or romantic variety. Spanking brings about a real feeling of closeness with all the touching, stroking, etc. And the endorphins it produces are very beneficial as well, I think.

Poppy: I think romance is about reconnection, understanding and the kind of unspoken moments of love that pass between two people. I think spanking often has this kind of romance. It about being accepted, loved and understood for being just who and what you are. It is about the other person wanting to be the best they can be for you. It is about finding a home in another person's arms that you never knew you missed. I think spanking is very often romantic, for all these reasons, but it's messy, real romance, not the Hallmark/all for profit kind.

Ronnie: Our spankings are a mixture of erotic, fun and serious and I would say all of them are in some ways romantic, especially afterward with the cuddling, rubbing of the lotion, touching and stroking.

Loki Darksong: Oh yes! Very much so! Spankings can be very romantic. For example, after an evening out, I love it when my wife dresses up in nothing more than an over-sized men's shirt and a pair of panties. Our play begins with her over my lap with a long spanking that begins over her panties and progresses to her bare.

It is sometimes difficult to put the emotions of that spanking into words. There is passion behind it. Not the type found in play spankings. It is hard. It is lengthy. But there is a warmth that goes with it. You can feel her arousal with every yelp and squirm and jerk of her body. The cooing sound she makes when I stop for a moment to stroke her rear. And then the look in her eyes when her clothing is removed.

You can use your imagination for the rest, but I believe that you can see my point. And lest we not forget, there once was a fertility holiday where spanking of a sort played an important role. It was called The Lupercalia. A very interesting holiday indeed.

Saoirse: It is always romantic. An alpha wolf, He demands my submission and writes His dominance on my flesh.

Lea: Spankings can certainly be romantic and sensual. It's really the tone and headspace of the spanking that changes that for me, the physical intensity of it can still vary from light to harder. If implements are used, I definitely prefer leather to wood. :-)

Bonnie: We spank for many reasons, but romance is the common thread that runs through all of them. The act is an expression of our love and the connection we share. It's a part of our lovemaking.

I guess that makes it pretty much unanimous. Have a splendid and spanko Valentine's Day, everyone!


Molded By Him said...

Dear Bonnie, when I read these posts and thoughts, I see a whole other part to spanking. Not for punishment, but for sensation, touch, intensity, stroking, love. Yes, this I might very well enjoy. I will have to ask L about this and see his thoughts. He's quite open to my requests but with our last go-round, he may not want to play here yet with me. And only 10 more days...... Thank you for opening my eyes to what a beautiful thing it can be.

Bonnie said...

Hi MbH,

If you decide to begin anew, the romantic approach could serve you well. For us, it's another form of expressing our love.

Best wishes in any case with your new life together. I'm very happy for both of you!


Country Spanker said...

Hi Bonnie,
There should have been ...... at the end after I said until she is ready. I meant there will be no pics of next bit, as I know you like me don't much like the graphic pics.
Thanks for your nice comment I didn't want you to think I was being 'off' with you.

All The Best

C x

sixofthebest said...

Happy Valentine's Day Bonnie, to you, and your ever loving husband. May you have a spanking good time on this 'loving' day, with lots of smooching smacks, on your lips, as well as your voluptous bare bottom.

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