Sunday, July 10, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 10

Our question this week was whether larger bottoms feel more or less pain during a spanking than smaller ones. I don't think that we arrived at a definitive consensus, but it certainly was a fascinating conversation.

Make Mine Red: I think that it depends on each individual's level of pain tolerance more so than their size. Also, even if there is a larger surface, a spanker could still land the swats in the same area and not necessarily spread them around. I think it depends on the situation rather than a "larger" vs "smaller" issue. I'll be interested to read what others think!

Joeyred: As an athelete, I have almost no body fat and my glutes are rock hard. I feel the sting of a spanking on my skin. With any wood implement, the stinging pain is intense. Belts and straps also cause a stinging pain at the skin level, but I need more strokes to enter subspace. I hate thumpy implements, they hurt my muscles quickly and result in a much longer recovery. With that said, I believe that a larger bottom can withstand more swats with heavier wooden implements than a smaller one.

Hermione: Perception of pain is a highly individual and personal experience, and the size of a person's bottom is just one of many variables. How we feel pain can vary from day to day, for many reasons.

In order to test the theories, you would need a series of subjects who possess one large buttock and one that's at least 25% smaller.

I'd love to know the results, as well as where you found the necessary participants. :)

Shafer's Girl: I have a small, bony butt! I have to say that smaller bottoms get it worse then bigger ones. After an extended spanking session, my butt hurts! Not just the sting, but it kind of aches! So I vote that us skinny asses have it worse!

Meow: To me, each spank hurts, so the amount of pain depends on the strength of each swat and the total number given, not the area that is covered. There should be some kind of formula for this if we want to get scientific! (grin)

JW: Oh goodness! Perception of pain is such a complicated scenario. I'm not sure scientifically there would be any reasonable way to separate all the variables out to where you were simply dealing with small or large. I have been spanked when I was skinny, and I have been spanked when I was, umm, not so skinny. I don't think I have ever perceived it to be better or worse overall.

Daisy: I don't think it has anything to do with size. People have vastly different pain thresholds. Indeed, the same person will have a greater pain tolerance at different times...

Also, I find it hurts from the first swat when I know I have upset, angered, disappointed, or hurt his feelings. Harder swats are easily tolerated, even enjoyed, when it is for fun or good girl, or even maintenance! It has a profound effect on me psychologically, when I know he is not pleased with me, and therefore I am in a whole different mindset.

Simon(e): I agree with the others who say that it really is down to the perception of the spankee. I personally have not found that the pain has changed that much over the years. I started out with a very skinny bottom and now having put on a fair amount of weight have a larger, although I hope not fat, backside. I'm not sure whether this proves the argument either way though.

Lea: Theory One - The swats aren't really spread out that much even though I provide a greater surface area than some. The focus is usually the lower half of my bottom and the sit spots.

Theory Two- Maybe I'm a wuss, but it sure doesn't feel like "extra padding" gives me more protection. A spanking is a spanking. It can hurt a lot.

Theory Three- See my reply to theory one. The spanking is usually focused to specific areas, so I don't know that this would apply.

Theory Four- I'm not sure about that. I guess I'd have to be spanked alongside a smaller person to determine if I was getting it harder. I don't think that is the case though. Most tops play to the tolerance level of the bottom and that wouldn't necessarily have anything to do with their size.

The Marine's Wife: I have nothing to say that wasn't already said, but I couldn't not comment. In my opinion, size has nothing to do with it.

Baby Girl: I'm still a spanking virgin, but I will let you know once it happens. BTW, I do have a big booty!

We look forward to a full report, BG.

Dr. Ken: I don't think it's the size of the bottom, but rather how the spanker goes about it. It depends on how hard or light the swats are, what implements get used, how they're applied and how much strength gets put behind each swing.

Yes, I've known a lady with a very small bottom who could only take the lightest of spankings, but I've also known a few ladies with larger bootys who were the same way. And, of course, the opposite is true. I've known smaller and larger spankees who could take quite a lot!

Ultimately, I think it all comes down to the same sting in the end....

MarQe: Smaller bottoms feel it more . I always prefer to spank a small bottom, purely a personal preference. I have a tiny bottom, so when I switch, I can definitely confirm it hurts a lot! Especially that hairbrush, which I also love to apply. ;)

Six of the Best: When I spank a woman who has a large bare bottom, I consider her naked derriere to be sexually voluptuous. So congratulations, to you, for I am sure that Ron is in heaven when he wallops such a beautiful rear end.

Ron's heaven is 2500 miles from my bottom!

D: I definitely prefer to spank an ample bottom. It bounces and jiggles in an exciting way, and one can spank as hard as one wants without doing any real damage. As regards pain, this is easily adjusted. If the spanker concentrates every whack on the same spot, madam is going to have a very sore spot. She will not enjoy this at all. It's better to spread the spanking over every square inch of her well spread haunches. Her rear will smart and burn with a sexy heat, which S actually admits she enjoys.

Tina: The question made me laugh. It looks like you are getting some, hmm, cough, "funny" answers. Personally, I think, where bones are not well covered with flesh, the pain gets very unpleasant (even if not necessarily stronger).

Alice: I'm not sure what the right answer is. I only know that I have had an enforced period of abstinence lately and I just ache to feel the whole thing again. However, my bone coverage may have been slightly increased recently due to holiday over indulgence in frites and crepes - maybe I should conduct a controlled experiment?

That's just what we need, Alice, field research!

Bonnie: I said at the beginning that I didn't know and I still don't. I think Joeyred makes a good point about the potential for heavy implements doing more damage to thin bottoms. A number of other arguments seem compelling, but I have no way to know with any certainty. So I am content to leave this question as another of life's great mysteries.

Thanks, everyone, for joining us! Next week, we will revive a favorite classic topic.


kiwigirliegirl said...

I have nothing really to add to the other comments, its a mystery. But i do know one thing that even myself (she of a larger bottom) has different pain levels on different days. Some days I can cope with a very intense spanking whereas another day I might not be able to. So it all depends. This is not a straight forward black or white kind of question.
And Im looking forward to next week's question...intriguing.

Daisychain said...

Heehee, I bet Randy would want to know why Ron would be in heaven with your bottom!!! Methinks SOTB deserves a good spanking for muddling up Hermione and you, Bonnie! xxxxx

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