Monday, April 25, 2011


Sometimes, I get caught up in numbers. This blog has:

          1,389 Posts
          10.5 Million page requests
          2,039 Days since the blog began
          275 Brunches
          50 In with the New posts
          98 Spanking accounts
          15 Fictional spanking stories
          25 Tutorials
          384 Text links
          377 Chronological links
          32 MB of archived data
          3,660 Reader mail messages received
          1 Tired publisher

Yet I know behind these numbers are real people. Thank you to everyone who visits this place. I hope you will always feel at home here.


Dioneo said...

I'm guessing that you average about ten sites for each "In with the New" post, so that's about 500 bloggers that are grateful to you for introducing them to the spanko world. I know I'm one of them. You rock, Bonnie!

Ursus Lewis said...

I'll add another "number". Thank you very much for spending so much time with this!

wordsmith said...

You definitely rock Bonnie! Somehow I feel I should be wearing flowers in my hair saying that. I'll try a pencil. Nope, not the same, but the sentiment remains ;-)

joeyred51 said...

And, countless hours of enjoyment from your readers. Thank you so much Bonnie.

Scunge said...

Yes thank you Bonnie for being a safe haven for newbies,which after three years I don't consider myself anymore! But when I WAS new yours was one of the first places I found that did not make me go ooh ick,yours was safe,secure and wonderful and I can't thank you enough!

Alan said...

shouldnt that be , 1 tired and well spanked publisher

new subbie said...

I just became a follower, so count me in, too! :)

Neo Dom Tom said...

I love to watch my digital projection clock that projects the time onto our ceiling of the bedroom. As I lay in bed or if I wake up late at night, I'll watch the numbers pass and look for interestin g combinations (1:02.03, for example, or 2:04.08). Weird how numbers can be so fascinating.

ronnie said...

Thank you Bonnie for making everyone feel at home here.



I hope that the tired publisher is also a happy publisher. Thanks Bonnie.


Ms Scarlett said...

thank you from all of us, do so enjoy the brunch and the comments from all.

Emanuele Lombardi said...

Thank you so much for your hard work, it is appreciated.


CedenoGems said...

Ha! I know you are tired doll, but you are the glue in this WHOLE world!! Keep it up kiddo!

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Those numbers look so formidable, but each total came about one click, one story, and one reader at a time. You are very special, to each and every one of us.

Rest up, then carry on!


Respecting Mistress said...

Bonnie thanks for such an entertaining blog. You missed another great number, 6....of the best. A number etched in the minds of all fans of the cane!

Maryann Lovejoy said...

Congratulations, Bonnie.

Michael said...

And here's another number, Bonnie. You are number 1 in all our hearts. You are number 1 because you are a trailblazer in our community. You are number1 to beginners who are just finding their way and need sources of information. You are number 1 to veterans of the scene who can always use reaffirmation . You are NUMBER !, Bonnie, and we are all richer for it. Thank you.

sixofthebest said...

Dear Bonnie, there is only one number that tops all those. That is 'SIX' of the best'

Bonnie said...

Wow, thanks everybody. I wasn't fishing for praise and well wishes, but I certainly won't turn them away! You guys are the best. <3

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