Sunday, April 24, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Apr 24

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! Our topic this week considered whether women for whom the bottom is an erogenous zone will be necessarily aroused by spanking. Here are your responses.

morningstar: Not every woman, no.

I would think they would have to have some inclination to pain. Erogenous zones have nothing to do with pain. For example, my breasts are erogenous zones, but don't you dare hurt them!

I do not consider my ass an erogenous zone. But ohhhhhh yeah, baby! I do love spankings!

Xantu: Oddly, I am not sexually aroused by spanking. I am energized and relaxed. The idea and the dynamic is arousing, but I need sensuality to actually get the motor running. Perhaps my bottom is not an erogenous zone.

CurtisG: I believe the answer is yes if one is interested in play, fun, sensual or erotic spankings. However, if one's desire is discipline and punishment – which is psychological rather than primarily sexual – the answer may be no. I've introduced many women to the joys of spanking, including some who never knew that it could be arousing. But for those who don't derive sexual pleasure from their bottoms, spanking is no fun.

Hermione: Definitely. The sensations of being spanked can quickly turn from painful to pleasurable, even if the transition is unexpected. I'm no expert on physiology, but that particular region is very susceptible to erotic stimulation from pain that other parts of the body (like breasts) aren't.

That's the nature part. From the nurture perspective, if a woman has been physically abused in the past, she might not welcome or appreciate spanking, even if it did have the potential to excite her.

Little Monkey: I think for any woman whose bottom is an erogenous zone, that the possibility is there.

The success or failure of the foray into spanking would rest mostly on the spanker, wouldn't it? How well he knows his spankee, and his skill level? I know from personal experience that even things I normally like can be mishandled.

Prefectdt: Not being in possession of a woman's bottom, I cannot accurately answer this question. Mine is 100% male and I suspect therefore a little physiologically different from my female counterparts. I am, however, interested in reading the answers of the other commenters.

Uncle Nick: I doubt whether everyone will be aroused, but that is not the point. The arousal may come later as the lady realises that of the two people who are in that bedroom, she is the one who is not in control.

Pink: Physically, I think any woman could enjoy a spanking as she nears orgasm. During those critical moments, pain is interpreted as pleasure, particularly in that region of the body.

However, I don't think that every woman who enjoys getting a butt massage would enjoy spanking. As other commenters mentioned, there is a deeper psychology at play.

Raven Red: To be honest, I never thought about my bottom as an erogenous zone until I finally embraced the fact that with the right man, I am submissive, and that spanking forms part of the relationship.

I still do not like the actual spanking, but the feeling before and afterward is where the arousal factor comes into play. But as Pink stated, there are more than one factor at play.

I don't believe that women who find the bottom an erogenous zone will necessarily be aroused by a spanking. Arousal results from more than just the physical element.

Anne: I know for myself the answer would be a resounding yes. But I also agree with the others who said it is very much an individual thing.

Todd and Suzy: I wouldn't agree. It's possible for a woman to have an issue with spanking or pain. She may really like having her bottom played with, rubbed, touched and so forth. THAT is a big turn on. But start spanking and it could trigger a very different reaction. This is probably more the exception than the rule though. If a woman enjoys having her bottom stimulated, chances are that spanking play will work as a turn on (even if it's very light spanking).

The biggest erogenous zone is the brain. If there is something there that says spanking is wrong, that's going to trump any other considerations.

S.N.M.: I think that all women whose butts are erogenous like to be slapped there a bit. But the occasional love tap is a far cry from what we consider a spanking.

I think that to be a submissive spanko, you need to be a masochist to some extent. I suppose spankees might be the overlapping area in a Venn diagram of Sensitive Bottoms + Sexual Masochism. Like most personal traits, its a combination of factors.

Kingspan: I couldn't tell you how common it is, but I have known a couple of women who were not at all into getting a "spanking," but loved the surprise and passion of having the occasional slap mixed in with other kinds of touch on the behind.

Bonnie, have you ever led a brunch discussion on how being a spanko is defined?

King, we've talked about the word spanko, and how some people like it and some (including Eve Howard) really dislike it, but we didn't try to define it. That's a fine idea!

Make Mine Red: My guess would be no, some are just not going to be into spanking even if they are aroused by having their bottoms caressed, massaged or whatever. That's hard for me to imagine since I like it all, but I'm sure not every woman would.

(I missed out on the Nature vs. Nurture brunch, I think it's a little of both.)

Velvet: I agree with Todd and Suzy, the greatest erogenous zone is the mind. If the mind finds stimulation in the act of spanking, whether that be before, during or after the event, then the owner of the sensuous derriere will be aroused. For me, the anticipation is an essential part of the pleasure and that is triggered by suggestive words or even the tone of voice, long, long before my bottom is ever touched. Our minds make us the individuals that we are, so there will never be a 'one size fits all' answer to your question.

Dr. Ken: No, I can't say I agree with that statement. It perhaps increases the odds a little, but it's hardly a sure thing. Spanking is very much about a mind set and an emotional set in addition to the physical side of it. Without the first two components, or at least some combination of the three, she might enjoy a light smack or two, but a full-fledged spanking? I think it's doubtful.

Emily Winters: I can't speak for every woman who has an arousable bottom. But for me, the sensations of punishment and play spanking are very different. Yes, punishment is most definitely more of a psychological experience. And play spanking, though painful, is always sensual and sexual both. However, I think every woman who likes a playful slap on the arse really ought to give it a try. You just never know where it's going to lead... Mmm... Rum raisin anyone?

Bonnie: During my first week of journalism school, I learned that statements about “all,” “none,” “always,” or “never” are generally false. I suspect there may be a correlation between women who respond positively to stimulation of their bottoms and those who like to be spanked, but there are likely to be many exceptions (for all of he reasons listed above).

As for me, it's all good!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our brunch this week!

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