Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Mar 20

Our topic this week was classic films we would like to rewrite and/or re-enact to include spanking. Here are your responses.

Serving B: I cannot think of a specific movie, but there was something about Barbara Stanwyck that I always found appealing. She was such a strong leading lady, in both film and television, that I think I would very much have enjoyed spending some time across her lap.

OnHerKnee: As a spanker I think McLintock. There's lots of spanking in that classic flick. I can't think of any as a spankee.

Michelle Carlyle: There was a Saint episode that totally caught my eye as a kid. Roger Moore he spanked a very spoiled twenty-something. As an adult, I'd probably go for the Thin Man movie where Nick spanked Nora. I can't remember which one it was.

Six of the Best: Thank you, Bonnie, for honoring me, as the question of the week. My personal favorite movie would be Roots of Heaven. In it, an elderly gentleman spanks Madame Orsini, the big game huntress who wishes to kill elephants needlessly. The gentleman most embarrassingly raises Madame Orsini's dress, and upon her bare bottom delivers solidly 12 good spanks in front of all her friends. For me, this spanking scene, was a big turn on.

Prefectdt: There was no spanking in the 1945 version of The Wicked Lady, but I would have liked to have been spanked by Margaret Lockwood. She was just so harsh in that film. I would have been in an extra scene, where she offers the stable hand (that being me) the choice of a good thrashing or having her tell lies about me to the master, which would have have resulted in me losing my job and home.

Emily Winters: I favor Gone With the Wind, a Hollywood production with British leading lady Vivian Leigh. Rhett's line, "You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how," should have read, "You should be spanked and often and by someone who knows how!"

It's one of my favorites. I know it is trite, but yes, Scarlett O' Hara, spanked by Rhett Butler. If anyone deserved it, it was she. And it brings to mind our own little bedroom play. Nigel as a Yankee soldier and me as a recalcitrant southern spy... Mmmm... Thanks... I think I have somewhere to be... Oh, yes, my costume closet!

Newport's Sub: My choice would be to be spanked by Emma Peel from The Avengers. The way she overpowers men is a turn-on and all that leather... Wow.

Hermione: Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet should have been spanked for being silly enough to risk her life riding in the Grand National Steeplechase. Mickey Rooney also deserved a paddling for encouraging and enabling her.

Raven Red: It would be more a television series, Bonanza, with Adam Cartwright (Pernell Roberts) being the spanker.

I LOVE the spanking scene in the episode "Woman of Fire." Uncle Nick actually posted this on his blog just for me.

Uncle Nick: I'd choose Clarke Gable, without a doubt. In my dreams, I am that man!

Dr. Ken: I'm tempted to say, "None of them." Hollywood movie spankings are just too damn short for my liking!

Oddly enough, I would NOT pick McLintock. I'd rather use my hand on Maureen O'Hara's lovely bottom than a coal shovel.

If I had to pick one, I think I'd be Elvis Presley in "Blue Hawaii". That young lady deserved a good spanking, and since the scene faded out while the spanking was still going on, I can mentally pretend that it lasted as long as I want. :-)

Simon: There are some great answers and I too would have enjoyed being spanked by Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, being over her leather clad lap would have been delightful. I can just imagine her ordering me over in that beautiful voice of hers.

Anon: I prefer Trouble in Carson's Gap. It's a recent spoof western. A protesting Erica Scott is hauled over Steve Fuller's lap, and her long skirts tossed over her back for several hearty spanks to be applied to her old fashioned bloomers. Then despite further protests, down come the bloomers to her ankles, and as she squirms, wriggles and yells, a really prolonged sound spanking is applied to her shapely bare bottom, which goes on for some eight minutes, leaving it glowing red. I'd like to be Steve!

Ronnie: There's no spanking, but Casablanca is my choice. It's one of the best films of its era. I imagine being Ingrid Bergman and being spanked by Humphrey Bogart. :)

Cara Bristol: These are very interesting movie selections. Most are classics rather than current movies and the actors/actresses are from a bygone era as well.

Bonnie: I would wish to be a Bond girl, like Jill St. John in Diamonds are Forever. That film needed a good spanking and Sean Connery was just the man to deliver it! Yum...

Our Bottoms Burn: Bacall says she would want to be Scarlett and be spanked by Rhett. Knowing Bacall's limits and how much Scarlett needed to be spanked, she just might have gone out on the limb a little too far.

Come to think of it, I would really like to tie in to Scarlett myself. I see a play scene coming up. Oh Bacall...

Thanks, everybody, and see you next week!


Annapurna said...

I may be too late to respond to your question, but here goes anyway.

For me it’s the “English Patient.” I would play Count László Almásy (Ralph Fiennes) and spank the delicious bottom of Katharine Clifton (Kristin Scott Thomas). That would be a huge turn on for me!

sixofthebest said...

I would like to thank everyone who answered my question about being in a spanking movie, and especially Bonnie, whose 'spanking blog, posed my question. Thank you all.

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