Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recap: MBS Spanko Brunch for Jan 16

Our topic this week was spankings that leave one unable to sit. Here are your thoughts.

Raven Red: I have heard those words quite often, but apart from being extremely uncomfortable, I have never been in a position where I could not sit down.

I truly hope that he is going to give my comments here a miss. I am really in no hurry for him to rectify the situation. (GRIN)

Back to the sore bottom, there have been a couple of times where although I was able to sit down, I had to get up again after about five minutes.

luna: Yes I have, but not in the pleasurable, “Oh God, I just can't sit down” way. One of my first partners got a little wild with his strikes with his hand and hit my tailbone, which most know is a no-go zone. But I have a large bit of scar tissue from surgeries there, so it's especially fragile.

He laid a good one right on it and it bruised my tailbone/tore scar tissue something awful. I couldn't sit down without laying to the side for about twelve days.

I don't recommend doing that.

Xantu: I've never experienced the can't sit stage, I've definitely been to the lower oneself very carefully stage. But you know us spankos. It's kinda like that afterglow that lasts a few days to remind us of all the fun we had.

Oh, and I know that broken tailbone thing. But it wasn't from spanking, just everyday clumsy fall down stuff. Not only could I not sit, walking and standing were a pretty awful too.

Hermione: No, I have always been able to sit afterwards, albeit uncomfortably, but that's part of the fun!

I've also had a broken tailbone after colliding with a tree while tobogganing. I couldn't do sit-ups properly for years.

Justagirl: I haven't been spanked enough to know, but I have had a bruised bottom (without the accompanying tail bone injury mentioned above) that was so severe I could not touch it without crying. It was hard to wear pants. When I drove I had to lean completely to my left, It was on the right cheek! My entire right cheek turned completely black and then the most vicious colors. If a spanking ever does that, I will officially swear off spankings. But until then...

Anne: Not yet, not even close, but we are still new and exploring. I'm not sure whether I would want to experience "a can't sit for a week" spanking. Fantasizing about it is okay though. :-)

Scunge: I've been threatened MANY, MANY times, but it never has come to fruition. I did slip on the stairs once and fell on my metal toolbox. It bruised my tailbone and I didn't sit for a week. The toolbox STILL has the dent! :)

Pink: Never to that point, but I have sat tenderly for days afterward. Sometimes the second day is the worst. My skin is tight and itchy. That day may be one of the few that I'd pass on a spanking! The saying for us spankos should be, "I'll cure you of your spanking craving!"

Now THAT is a challenge to us diehards.

Make Mine Red: I have heard the words, but I have not actually experienced it. I can't say that I would want to either! (I have had a bruised tailbone before, but it was from falling off a horse.) I like a good hard spanking, but not so severe as to cause that much pain.

Bonnie-Jo: I've been at the it-hurts-to-sit-down-but-I-can-handle-it stage. The weirdest thing for me, and I want to see if anyone else has felt this, is that after a really hard spanking, and after I sit down, it hurts like crazy when I stand up. The standing up hurts much worse than the sitting (if I have been recently sitting). I think it's about the blood flow down or something. So, the threat that would really work for me is, "I'm going to spank you until you can't stand up."

Dr. Ken: My experiences are in line with most of the others. A number of the ladies who it has been my pleasure and privilege to spank may have found sitting down uncomfortable once the proceedings were over, but I've never spanked anyone to the point where they could not sit. I'm not even sure that it's possible.

I have had one lovely lady tell me, "My butt is on fire!" after a spanking, but it was said in a sort of dreamy, contented voice as I held her in my arms afterward. I don't think she was really complaining... :-)

Prefectdt: I agree with Bonnie-Jo. Although sitting on a harshly thrashed backside can be uncomfortable, I have never found it impossible. Getting up, especially after sitting on a hard surface, can be extremely painful. It sometimes feels like getting all the strokes and swats all over again, except all in one go and not one at a time.

Poppy: I can normally sit, but there have been times when I would rather not. There's also that horrid thing when for a couple of days afterward, I wince when I sit down and it takes amazing control to hide that.

I have been spanked once or twice when sitting down afterward has been very horrid indeed and I have chosen not to.

The phrase is certainly one that pushes buttons though!

Indy: The threat that I'll be sleeping on my stomach tonight has a bit more resonance for me! I've never been unable to sit down, though I agree completely with Bonnie-Jo about standing up. However, I have spent a couple nights where I woke up every time I rolled over onto my back.

Audra: I have been spanked to the point where I did not even attempt to sit for at least an hour! But I am sure if I tried it I could physically sit. After an hour I could, but it was so painful that I had lie on my side to avoid the constant throbbing!

Bonnie-Jo~ I've had that happen after a spanking with the belt once. I think it was because he bruised my muscles. This made standing painful. Its only happened once though! Thank Heavens! That would stink not being able to sit or stand! LOL

Daisy: Yes with my ex, but that was not consensual. It was a whole different ballgame, so lets skirt round that issue quickly...

Davey has said that to me, and has then carried out spankings to the point that I would much rather NOT sit if I had the choice. LOL But he then ORDERS me to sit on a hard chair and lift my feet off the floor! When he realised that I could support some of my weight with my arms pressing down hard on the arms of the chair, he began making me put my hands up too. It really concentrates the mind on the aches and any rising bruises. But, yes, Bonnie Jo is right. It hurts more when you stand again!

Anon: I was spanked once so hard that my bottom swelled to where I could not get into my pants, let alone sit...

Kingspan: I've never seen it actually happen, but that doesn't make it any less exciting to say.

Bonnie: As I mentioned, I don't recall a time when I absolutely could not sit, but plenty where I had a strong incentive to avoid it for a while. One occasion in particular stands out. Randy and I were camping early in our relationship (I borrowed details from this trip for my fictional Lynne series). Randy decided he wanted to spank me with a switch. The vigorous application of this particular branch left some impressive abrasions on my skin. They were slow to heal and really bothered me for several days. Needless to say, sitting was not fun.

Thank you, one and all, for sharing your thoughts and experiences! Please be sure to join us next weekend when we will feature a special brunch celebration.


Dave Wolfe said...

Thanks very much, Bonnie, for letting us eavesdrop on this coffee klatch, and congratulations for having it make the Chross weekly list!

Now, I've actually seen a spanked seat seeking some sort of soft cushioning right away! Maybe I need to practice more!


Anonymous said...

Unable to sit, hardly ever; unhappy to sit, rather too freequently, the worst being after a sound spanking, having to sit for a length of time in a cinema or theatre, trying not to squirm too obviously as I try to ease the smarting burn in my freshly tanned rear. S.

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