Saturday, January 22, 2011

MBS Spanko Brunch #262

Welcome back, dear friends. This week marks the fifth anniversary of our first spanko brunch. Yes, it's true. We've gathered every week for the past five years to talk about spanking and closely related topics.

Have you a favorite brunch moment you would like to recount? Are there any classic discussion topics we should revisit? Is there an interesting subject we've managed to miss? How can we make year six even better for you?

Thanks go out to everyone who participates in our community brunches. For five years, you have enlightened, informed, entertained, surprised, and delighted us. You folks rock!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say happy birthday! In this internet world where everything is so fleeting your brunch has become a fine institution.
I hope you get cake and a spanking only if you want it.

Kimmie said...

I love Spanko Brunch! I may not always comment but I usually read them all. :) You're doing a great job with them. Happy 5th to the Spanko Brunch!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! So glad i discovered your site. i have learned so much from you and everyone else. glad you are here.

Hermione said...

Congratulations on five successful years of brunches, Bonnie. That's a lot of eggs Benedict and coffee, not to mention all those dirty dishes!

I enjoy rereading the oldest brunch posts, and am amazed at the number of commenters who are no longer around the blogosphere. I would like to see some of the early subjects revisited for those of us who weren't around at the time.

As for new topics, I think it might be fun to ask readers what they would do if asked to play the role they don't usually assume. How would spankers handle being spanked, and vice versa?


Sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, congratulations on 5 years of 'delicious food for spanking thought'. Have you ever put on your spanking menu, what the British call 'fish and chips', and we here in the United States call, 'fish, and french fries'. In order to celebrate, "The English Vice" {namely spanking]

Audra said...

Happy anniversary!! I missed most of the last 5 years so here's to another awesome 5!!!

Michelle Carlyle said...

Bonnie! You rock! Thanks so much for your wonderful blog, all your great posts and all the help you've given my blog. You are an awesome, giving person, who helps all us Spankos feel normal and safe. Thanks for your brunch and all you've contributed to our "secret" club. Happy Birthday, darling!

As far as your brunch discussion goes, since you have new people joining all the time, revisiting topics will generate all new conversations. I say start at the beginning five years ago, cull through your questions and do a greatest hits of topics. Plus those that have followed you have more than likely come to new conclusions about the spanko realm and their lives.

Thanks again for all your hard work. You're the best!


Daisychain said...

Yes, I agree with the general consensus; even those who had an opinion 5 years ago may well have a different one, or at least more depth to their original answer, since spanking relationships are forever evolving....
But also, could we have one about different tools best for different situations, eg for when you want certain effects, or results, or need a QUIET tool for paper thin walls, etc? I believe you have covered that before, but it was a while ago.... (why not repeat the idea of the tag??? I still wear mine....)
Many congrats on the 5 year anniversary, Bonnie, and many thanks for the wise counsel, the encouragement, reassurance, advice and support you have given me, and so many others over these past years! You truly are the Queen of Spankoland, Bonnie! Thank you!!

(sorry, this is the comment deleted above, made a typo, had to change it!!)

Love n hugs, Daisy xxxxxxxxxx

Michael said...

Happy 5th Anniversary Spanko Brunch, Bonnie. Can't believe it's been that long. The best part is the brunch is still fresh and special. Like Hermione, I enjoy going back and reading some of the early posts. I have no one specific moment as each brunch stands on its own, enlightening, educating and entertaining us in such wonderful ways. I toast you, Bonnie, and the fabulous work you do for our community. Here's to many more brunches.

Anonymous said...

Yey! I love these brunches! Having been around for less than a year, I'd love to see your old topics revisited.

Congrats, Bonnie, and thanks for all that you do here!

Scunge said...

Happy fifth Bonnie! I've only been here 2 and one half years and the brunch has been immensely helpful. No suggestions from this gal,but I will faithfully come back everyday and look! :)

ronnie said...

Contratulations Bonnie on your 5th Anniversary.

I agree with others, would like to see some of the early topics revisted please. Not sure, has there been a brunch about corner time?

Thanks for being here for us Bonnie.


RosieBee said...

I agree Bonnie you rock and congrates on 5 years! I love the idea of revisiting oldies but goodies.
Have to make it short b/c sitting down is no longer an option for me at the moment ;)


Kingspan said...

Congratulations, Bonnie!

The traditional gift theme for a five-year anniversary is wood, isn't it? I hope you get some good gifts. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I have to say, too, that I'm glad you are here. I enjoy your brunches every week too. Thanks!

Make Mine Red


Congratulations :) five years and going as strong as ever.

As I was not one of those around for the early days of the Brunch I would like to go with the general trend here. Getting a chance to have a go at the juicy topics that I missed, from the early days, would be a great opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to visiting here most weeks, and when I can't, when I come back I quickly catch up. Congrats on five years... where I live, five years is just long enough for people to say "The building is old, lets tear it down and build again". I'm glad you are continuing with the brunch idea. I think maybe once a month you could go back and revisit a "oldie but goodie" for all the new folks who are here.
Best regards, and plenty of wood in your future.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bonnie, and thanks for providing a place for discussion

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