Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 26

Our topic this week was words and phrases used by a spanker when a spanking is concluded. Here are your thoughts.

Xantu: My Master usually says "You have had enough." I don't necessarily always agree. But this is his way of letting me know that it is winding down and that he is ultimately in control.

What do I wish he would say? I think it would be awesome to hear some kind of words about what he gains from hurting me and how he enjoyed himself.

Just a Girl: We're just starting to explore spanking as a part of our relationship and found your blog. Love it.

My man has recently followed his standard order of "come here" (to be held and caressed afterwards) with words about how I should remember the feeling of the spanking for the next few days. He recently said "you will remember this, do you understand?" I just melted into a small puddle! This pretty much ensures it will have a lasting effect, not just physically, but in my mind as well. I'm surprised at how much of an impact it has.

Thanks, JaG, and welcome!

Hermione: My husband usually signals the end of a spanking by saying, "We're done" or "You've had enough" and follows it with the reason why. Usually it's something to do with the colour of my bottom, and it always makes me laugh. His latest concluding remark was that I was as red as Rudolph's nose.

I like the fact that he is in charge, and makes the decision of when to stop. Ron isn't a talkative person by nature, so always it pleases me when he uses words and not actions to signal the end. When he adds a description of what he will do next time, I am over the moon.

Daisy: How about, "And that is just the end of the warm up...?" LOL!

Sometimes, he gets it spot on. Other times, he seems to think its been harsh when it really hasn't. Even so, I could never ask for more. I just wait a short time and then start bratting again.

When the spanking has been for discipline, as he stops, he gently runs his fingers over my very sore bottom. He then tells me to lie still as he goes to get cold compresses to sooth my burning ass. When he sees steam rising from the icy cold cloth, he knows he has set my tail alight! I love the fact that those punishing hands suddenly become tender and gentle. It's kinda sexy, though sex is off-limits after punishment, which is a bit of a crock... LOL

Bonnie: Randy is all over the map on this topic. One time he finishes me with a grand crescendo. Another he simply tosses the implement aside and exclaims, “That's about enough for you.” Sometimes, he immediately positions me for other bedroom activities. Sometimes, he tells me to get dressed so that we can go out. I just never know, and I'm certain that uncertainty is intentional.

As for my preference, I suppose it depends somewhat upon the nature and purpose of the preceding spanking. I adore romance with soothing words, soft kisses, and gentle caresses, but it doesn't always fit the mood. If we're finishing a disciplinary sort of roleplay, for example, I want him to carry that headspace forward to the end. If the spanking was particularly intense, I probably want him to hold me for a while afterward and tell me how he loves me. In any event, I always appreciate the time he spends with me after a spanking is over.

Thanks, everyone, for making our community brunch a part of your holiday celebration. See you next year!

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