Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Nov 28

Our question this week dealt with innocent-looking but effective spanking implements.

Michael: Our number one pervertable is the hairbrush. I don't even think you can classify it as a pervertable anymore as even vanilla people know it has that use. It's almost like a dual purpose item now. You can pack it in your suitcase and a customs or security officer wouldn't give it a second look. You can have it out in plain sight on a table or even handle it in front of people, though even a non-spanko may tell you that it is rude to brush your hair in the middle of a conversation and suggest you should be paddled with that brush. Just a happy, squirmy thought for you, Sue. :)

Luna: Just about anything can become a spanking implement.

Consider belts, shoes, hair brushes, books (get out that Gideon Bible!), the bungee straps some people use on their luggage, rope used for the same purpose can be folded up into an impromptu flogger... And don't forget your hands.

PK: I believe the two most easily explained vanilla items would be the hair brush and the belt. Both are extremely effective spanking implements! Others that come to mind would be slippers or sandals. You can find some extremely good for spanking even if they might not be your style for wearing.

Ida Virgin: Besides the ever beloved hairbrush, I'm not sure. I've been spanked with a book before, but I suspect that after a few swats it would become a bit unwieldy to use.

On Her Knee: Nothing is as discreet yet extremely effective as a nice hefty well made wooden hairbrush, or even better a nice heavy clothes brush. The problem is finding a good one these days. They don’t have to be real big. The small wooden ones sold for a few dollars at Wal-Mart actually pack a lot of sting in every swing. These may lack the oomph for “sink the pain into the muscle” action, but they are still a fine bargain.

Anon #1: A pair of women's open-toed sandals, with a thin leather sole, make a nice spanking toy. The ones with a very low heel are easier to hold when you're spanking with them. The leather sole stings like a belt, but it is a bit wider and makes that nice "cracking" sound.

Jac: If you need something silent in the hotel room, you can use a cable. It can be a cable which connects your mobile telephone with a computer or mobile charger.

Anon #2: If your hotel has a swimming pool, a pair of pool sandals or flip-flops could find another use!

Prefectdt: I had a long list in my head before I read the previous comments. Beyond what has already been mentioned, I can add shoe horns. They come in all sizes and are made from lots of different materials like wood, bamboo, plastic and (gulp!) metal. As a result, there are plenty of sensations and severity levels to choose from.

Hermione: For minimum size and maximum effectiveness, how about a pair or two of leather bootlaces? They're lightweight and easy to conceal inside a pair of shoes.

Pink: I don't know too many people who travel with a wooden spoon, but that is one everyday item that shouldn't raise too many alarms.

Another would be a bath brush. However, I don't recommend that to ANYONE.

R Humphries: Actually, Miss Pink, a wooden spoon is a perfectly innocuous travel companion. On one occasion, I insisted on taking my favorite Peruvian spoon and a flat-headed spatula on a trip. The ever ingenious MBJ tossed a chef's hat, which I acquired at some point in life’s rich tapestry, into my suitcase. We also have a fabulous ping-pong bat leather paddle. I just went to the local sports store and bought a cover and a box of three balls. You just need to be creative, Sue.

Make Mine Red: My first thought was the hairbrush, of course. We have a flexible ruler that I bought at Walmart that really stings. I suppose it wouldn't look at all suspicious to pack a ruler if you also packed some pencils and a sketchpad. :)

Gracie Malling: I think I'm just echoing what others have said above, but I would suggest: a (preferably wooden) hairbrush (or several :-) ), a bathbrush, a ruler (we have a long plastic one which is totally evil - but at least it looks less obviously kinky than an old fashioned wooden one), slippers/flip-flops, and definitely a belt. Also, Mr M has a small suitcase-sized cane that we tend to take on holiday, but I'm not entirely sure how you could de-kinkify that. ;-)

S: Hairbrushes are great, but D has a large wooden clothes brush, which really hurts. Plastic rulers are swishy and very stingy. A big soft-soled bedroom slipper makes a thunderous whack on my bare bum, but does not sting much. A rubber soled tennis shoe, in contrast, really stings, and stops me playing tennis due to the tomato red state of my rear beneath my very short tennis skirt!

Scunge: Bamboo anything really packs a sting. You can get a bamboo backscratcher. We bought ours at Bed,Bath and Beyond, but I'm sure they are available elsewhere. ;)

Ronnie: Hairbrushes and belts are always good, very packable, and no one is the wiser. There are also wooden or plastic rulers and hotel slippers.

My husband once used a short, thin green cane like the sort you buy in garden centres. He borrowed it from a plant pot in the hotel hall when we were visiting Dublin.

Houston Switch: You could also use a phone cable (the kind you would plug into a phone and the other end into the wall jack) or a short network cable. Both of these can be easily carried with a laptop and no one will think twice, except the bottom. :)

Val: My new laptop has an AC adapter that is 7" long and 2.5" wide, 1/2" thick, and weighs (and hurts) as much as a heavy wooden hairbrush of the kind that they just don't make anymore nowadays. (sigh) The power cable is a sort I hadn't seen before. It's very flexible and round, not the stiff, coiled, lightweight stuff. Yum.

Second, think of the two tubes or rails inside your carry-on case . In mine, one of them holds a 1/4" delrin cane. The other holds a full length 22" rattan stick, which is adequate. I have seen the case image in the machine at the airport. At least to my eye, no one can tell.

Daisy: Other than the suggestions mentioned above, you can borrow the springy wire thing that holds up the net curtains in the room you stay in. It's like a vicious loopy johnny and it does not need to be used very hard to hurt like the very devil. It's therefore very quiet (the recipient won't be quiet, though!).

Bonnie: My husband, Randy, has long had a favorite spanking implement. It's an inexpensive curved handled wooden body brush like this one. It looks innocent, but I can attest that this brush is very, very effective.

Sue asked me to thank everyone for your excellent suggestions. I hope you'll stop back next weekend for more good conversation.

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