Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 24

Our topic this week was complementary interests, practices or fetishes. Here are your thoughts.

Luna: Oh yes, most definitely. Here are two we do to spice up a spanking.

1. Rope bondage. KM and I love a bit of rope in every part of our play. Even if it's just some simple handcuffs, he can control it and that makes spanking that much more fun. And it generally leads to other kinkiness.

2. Lingerie. I love wearing lingerie and KM loves to see me in it. When I know a fun spanking is coming, I'm likely to put on a cute pair of panties and a matching bra or some stockings (or all of it together). It gets his juices going. I like the bit of humiliation and exhibition factor of modeling for him and then his penchant for pulling the panties between my cheeks.

Our Bottoms Burn: Bacall always likes bondage with her paddling. It boosts her fantasy of being forced to take the paddling.

Gabby + Andrew: Andrew also likes to have me tied up sometimes. Handcuffs, Japanese love rope or plain old rope work for us.

We also enjoy roleplay and costume, like naughty schoolgirl and secretary, as well as the more realistic bad wife.

We've begun to explore group play related to spanking. Sometimes, I get spanked by multiple people or enjoy getting spanked one-on-one by someone who isn't Andrew (usually Kevin).

Serving B: We enjoy some bondage and leather on occasion. I receive most of my spankings with both of us naked. However, on occasion, B dresses up in leather gloves, boots, and corset and ties me down. That's a lovely dessert on top of being ruled by the woman I love.

Make Mine Red: I love lingerie and have lots of it, particularly pieces that showcase my behind. :) I also like my naughty schoolgirl outfit complete with ruffled panties. I KNOW what's coming when I put that on. LOL If I need to be more direct, I have a tank top that says "Spank Me" on it. We have some silk bondage ties that I like, but he isn't much into it. We're still working on that.

Pink: What arouses us most is spanking. But we are also a D/s couple, so we often add other elements like bondage and submission into our activities.

It isn't unusual for D to pull out the restraints to hold me in place, or make me kneel in front of him as greeting. In fact, that has been a rule set in place since our second meeting. Having never really been in a D/s relationship before, I can say that, while it isn't for everyone, it is an extremely satisfying outlet for my spanking desires!

We also do the lighter things such as roleplay, funishment spankings (the majority of what we do), and lots and lots of lingerie (for me, not him!). Rawr!

Keiter & Jean Marie: Yes to lingerie and being restrained. We don't expect a lot of consensus on this one, but every so often, we really enjoy anal sex after spanking.

Ms. Betty: You can count pc and I among those who enjoy bondage as well. I think it's a classic combination.

Perhaps less commonly, he also enjoys the rules and structure that come with being a schoolboy again. It isn't quite a roleplay – because he is himself, not a character – but he quite enjoys things like being kept after, writing lines, serving detention, etc.

I shouldn't actually say “enjoys.” These things are done for punishment, but after the fact he does tend to find them arousing.

Prefectdt: My amateur history investigations have led to the discovery of several scenarios for play scenes.

On Her Knee: I have one unique fetish that rears it's ugly head every once in a while. It really adds to the experience of having control taken away and makes me feel extraordinarily close to her. It's not something she particularly enjoys, but she does do it to accommodate my desires. For me, being given a spanking jumps to a new level when she includes the surprise of an enema.

D&S: Bondage and lingerie both seem to be popular, and we are firmly into both. We don't really like the super exotic lingerie. Everyday undies like most girls wear are really more exciting. D just loves to turn up my skirt to reveal bottom hugging but not too brief panties, with suspenders and stockings. He even quite likes tights. He says they hug my cheeks into two firm globes. His ideal target is my bent-over bare bottom, framed by suspenders, lifted skirt and lowered knickers. Nude spanking is not for us.

We don't go in for the complex bondage sometimes seen, but enough to hold me securely and reasonably comfortably in just the pose. D has very definite ideas as to how my bottom should be presented for its spanking, very tight and spread. The bonds hold me just as he wants, and also prevent me from reaching back when my rear end gets too hot! Soft cords or handcuffs do the job, but we have some webbing straps, secured by Velcro. They are easy to remove after the spanking is over, but nearly impossible for me to escape from on my own.

D made a trestle with a padded top for me to bend over. My wrists and ankles are tied to the legs. My big thrill is lying there as he turns up my skirt, wondering whether he is going to take my knickers down and paddle my tightly spread bare bottom, or leave them in place to spank their thin taut seat, which gives little protection. And dare I say it, after my spanking, I am perfectly placed for what comes next. A good seeing-to, whilst still firmly bound after a good spanking, is just bliss!

Hermione: Spanking is the only kinky activity we both find enjoyable, and it provides enough variety that we don't include other enhancements. So I'm afraid we are in the minority here. Does that make us vanilla spankos?

I think you're half right!

A Moro: Hermione, I love your term "vanilla spankos." LOL

Whether my wife is acting as a top or bottom, I like her in lingerie ranging from simple to corsets. When bottoming, my wife sometimes likes to have her hands bound. The bondage thing is more for my wife than for me. At play parties in the past, I liked the excitement of being spanked in front of others. We have also added a bit of anal play at times. Due to our young family, our chances to play are limited and as such mostly are as Hermione put it, "vanilla" which is good too.

Wolfsmate: I have several play outfits I put together from bits and pieces found here and there. They work really good as an "appetizer." Lingerie also puts in an appearance, but I need to build that collection. We are still feeling our way around spanking. Bondage hasn't been considered yet, but maybe later.

Kingspan: One vanilla interest that enhances our spanking fun is drumming. It may sound funny, but the sense of rhythm really seems to add something.

Bonnie: We enjoy a variety of kinks, though nothing particularly extreme. Light bondage intensifies our spanking fun. We also like roleplay, ritual, costumes, lingerie, and a wide spectrum of sexual play. Spanking will always be the cornerstone of our sexual relationship, but we regularly build upon it.

Thanks to everyone who shared their responses this week!


ShyGal said...

I posted anonymously on here a month or so ago about how to get my brand new husband to spank me on our wedding night. We didn't that night, but we started it on our honeymoon! I expressed to him how much I would like it, so we are slowly integrating it into our love life.

On our honeymoon last month, we were watching a football game, and we came up with the game that for every point that our team scored, I would get a kiss. For every point the other team scored, I would get a slap on my ass. Luckily for me, the other team scored 17 points total, and my hubby gave me hand spankings, but they sure stung! 17 times was a great starter because he spanks harder than I thought he would!

We both loved it because it made us all the more interested in the game! One thing that was really neat too was that we were laying in the hotel bed, and when the other team would score, he would make a point to have me roll over and pull down my pj pants and undies, so he could get me on the bare. The game could probably be risky for me because if the other team scores 30 or 40 points, I would have a nice red ass to show for it! But I look forward to the challenge! I have always loved football but I have a new appreciation for it now!

Rich Person said...

I didn't notice a single person mention corner time. I like to see the girl in the corner, especially afterward.

I'm pretty sure the people at would agree with me!

Bonnie said...

Shy - It sounds as though you're off to a great start together! Congratulations and best wishes in your new life.

Please stop back any time and tell us of your progress.

Rich - I guess I lumped corner time under rituals, but we have tried that before.

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