Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fifty Things About My Bottom Smarts

In preparation for the fifth anniversary of My Bottom Smarts later this month, I thought it might be good to present some retrospective posts, each from a different viewpoint. This first one is a variation on the popular fifty things meme. Here are fifty facts and observations about this blog that the casual reader may not know.

1. I got spanked for a couple of decades before I ever knew what a blog was. For lack of a better option, we mostly figured it out for ourselves.

2. Many of the spanking stories I published during the first couple of years pre-date the blog. As a writer, I've always enjoyed memorializing noteworthy events.

3. Some of those old stories appeared on other, now defunct forums.

4. I started MBS as a place to share my stories with like-minded people. I hoped to attract a core group of regular readers who liked spanking stories.

5. I had no inkling this blog would become popular. I still find the numbers difficult to fully grasp.

6. I remember clearly the thrill I felt when I discovered that really successful bloggers like Dan had linked me. It was a bit like being featured by Chross today.

7. In those early days, I figured that I would run out of new material within a few months. I learned that I have a lot to say about spanking.

8. Much of the inspiration for In with the New comes from Angelbrat. She no longer links blogs, but in those early days, her blog was an authoritative source for the newest in spanking blogs.

9. As popular as In with the New is, it attracts relatively few comments. I can't explain that.

10. Readers and other bloggers ask me how I find so many new blogs. I use my statistics, Google blog search, Blogger keyword search, Wordpress keyword search, and friends' blogrolls. Once in a while, a new blogger will make the job easy by contacting me.

11. I had to agree to a list of guidelines before Randy would agree to help me with my blog. They were mostly to ensure my safety. I still follow them.

12. He actually helps a lot with the blog though his words seldom appear. We co-write the responses for Keyword Chaos. We spend a very silly hour laughing together. You should see the gags I don't use!

13. I try to maintain a certain degree of civility on the blog. I love a good joke and don't mind the occasional dirty word, but I insist that readers be treated in a respectful manner.

14. Other than spam (which gets eradicated on sight), I've deleted maybe ten comments in five years. This is not a move I undertake lightly. I want readers' voices to be heard, even when I don't agree. But I won't tolerate comments that are blatantly abusive toward me, Randy, our favorite pastime, or our friends. At those rare moments, I become a benevolent dictator.

15. I wrote a one act stage play set in a spanking booth. That's something I've never seen on any other blog.

16. I want readers to feel comfortable and at home here – sort of like your favorite sister's living room.

17. I decided early on that I would not accept any sort of advertising on the blog. I've never regretted this choice. All day long, I am a mercenary author. But in this place, I am contributing editor, publisher, and chairwoman of the board. I write what I like and everything you see is here because I chose it. Complete control over content make this medium an author's paradise.

18. I receive a lot of e-mail. I try to answer it in a timely manner, but that doesn't always occur. Too often, I begin my replies with an apology. What happens is that I ignore it for a few days and then get so far behind that I don't even want to look. Perhaps spankings would help...

19. The spanking story that readers most frequently ask about was one of my oldest. It's called The Boat Story.

20. There have been a number of occasions when other blogs have borrowed features they saw here. I consider this a kind of tribute, especially if they morph the idea into something that is uniquely theirs.

21. If this blog has a central theme, it is that consensual adult spanking can greatly enhance a loving relationship. That, and it's fun!

22. There are a few prominent and respected bloggers who want nothing to do with Love Our Lurkers Day (watch this space for our LOL 2010 announcement). I don't entirely understand their objections, but I certainly respect them.

23. I hope there aren't any lurkers out there who think they have to remain silent until October. Truth be known, we love you all year round.

24. As a professional journalist, writing fiction was never something I felt I did well. It's much more difficult and time consuming for me than describing real life events. I think my best fictional story is The Sphere. It was my first ever attempt at science fiction. It explores the physics and feelings associated with spanking and lovemaking in zero gravity.

25. One fun aspect of fiction is that it allows me to explore disciplinary themes that are not a part of my relationship with Randy.

26. The brunch began as an experiment. I didn't expect it to be an every week feature, let alone run for years. People ask where I get brunch topics. Many are submitted by readers. Others are inspired by events around here, stories in the news, or other blogs. If all else fails, I'll update an old topic.

27. For every blog feature that succeeded, there were probably two more that didn't. My philosophy is to try everything and keep the stuff that works.

28. Readers consistently tell me that the blogroll is one of their favorite features. It takes a lot of time, but it's tolerable thanks to good help from a great friend.

29. I use both the chronological and alphabetical blogrolls. I think others do too, but I haven't any way to track that.

30. From time to time, a reader will suggest that I should link this blog or not link that one. People have specific tastes, and I get that. But I try to link blogs that a reasonable segment of my audience will enjoy. If F/M, for example, is not your preference, that's perfectly fine. But let's not isolate these folks.

31. Readers write and ask me bizarre questions like, “Do you really get spanked?” “Do you really like it?” and even, “Are you a woman?” For those keeping score at home, the answer to all three is yes. I suspect some of these people ask me (or tell me) weird things just to see if I will mention them in the blog.

32. I used to write a lot more humorous posts. I'm not sure why those dried up. It wasn't a conscious choice.

33. One feature I've always wanted to try is an interview segment. I really like what Suzy is doing. I particularly appreciate her choice of subjects. Everyone interviews the spanking models, and we do love them, but it's great to hear from regular spankos too. Were I to try an interview feature, I would probably choose a somewhat similar format.

34. Nothing I write increases readership as much as a photograph of my rear. I guess we have to conclude that while the pen may be mightier than the sword, it's no match for a curvy pear.

35. I have a small group of readers I have dubbed the panty patrol. They write me to ask when I'm am going to show them more visible panty lines.

36. I love song parodies. I used to post a lot of these. Perhaps it's a good time to revisit the concept.

37. It bugs me when sites republish my content without permission and then adorn it with tacky ads. They steal my words, my readers, and my integity.

38. The MBS paddle logo was created by Dante.

39. I think I like the followers gizmo. It helps new people find my blog. But it also provides a path from my blog to spammish places I would not normally send readers. I try to block the worst of them, but I'm not very discriminating at this stage.

40. We need to invite Daisy to brunch because she is a much better cook than I am!

41. I'm glad that people liked the blogging tips post. It's off-topic, but it has the potential to assist community members. I am thinking about making it a stand-alone page.

42. The best part about blogging is the opportunity to meet and talk with so many interesting friends.

43. The second best part of blogging is when Randy reads the blog and gets inspired by what I wrote.

44. The worst thing about blogging is not having enough time to do everything I think needs to be done. I feel bad when I realize that I haven't spent time at a favorite blog in weeks.

45. Randy says my blog needs monkeys. I say the last time I mentioned the subject, I ended up up-ended.

46. Sometime around the end of the year, MBS should record our ten millionth page request. That will be an event worthy of celebration. But I'm really curious to see whether my counter will display eight digits!

47. When readers ask how long I plan to keep blogging, I never have a good answer. I'm sure I will call it quits someday. But that day is not today and it probably won't be tomorrow. I guess I would stop if blogging ceased to be fun.

48. My polls tell me that MBS readership is consistently about 60/40 male to female. Comments, however, run more like 70/30 female to male. I'm not sure why that is.

49. When I updated the template, I dumped all those little chicklet links. Did anyone miss them? I figured out that I wasn't getting many hits from those sites, so why bother?

50. I think the biggest difference between Bonnie the blogger and real life Bonnie is that my cyber incarnation is nicer and more patient. When I'm having a epic bad day, I typically don't blog.

So there you have it – Fifty things about MBS.


abby said...

Very interesting...thanks for taking the time to write this. I love getting to know my blogging friends better! abby

Jane said...

Once again, a million thanks for providing this wonderful blog.

It really helped me "come out", my boyfriend and I just celebrated the year anniversary of me asking for spanking. And what a good thing that has been!

Florida Dom said...

Bonnie: Congrats on your anniversary and for your contribution to this community. Without you, I wouldn't be commenting, much less blogging. I was a lurker until you started Love Our Lurkers Day. And I find it fascinating that the majority of your readers are men and the majority of comments come from women. I wonder why more guys don't comment or blog.


Anonymous said...

So glad to be a part... This is ATF site for me... thanks for all the hard work.

Erica said...

Bonnie, this is all wonderful. Thanks, as always, for your efforts regarding the spanko blogosphere, and congratulations on the upcoming anniversary. Someday, you must tell me how you find all those crazy keyword phrases!

BabyMan said...

Thanks Bonnie! MBS and Love Our Lurkers Day (I lurked for a long while before commenting) were instrumental in getting started.

Rob said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. It's a fun, educational, entertaining and eye opening. I don't know where you get the energy, but you consistently do a great job. Congrats on the upcoming anniversary.

ronnie said...


We always feel comfortable visiting with you. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary and thanks for being here and all the help you give.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, congratulations. You do an amazing job. You were one of the blogs I came back to repeatedly. Thanks for recognizing me so quickly when I got started.

Janet said...

An awesome upcoming event for an awesome blog!!
Congrats Bonnie and Thank you for all you do for the spanking community.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bonnie on approaching what must be the Holy Grail of spanko blogs, and why ? Because of the balance you achieve; It's all about consensual spankings. Ok the spankee will probably end up with a very smarting bottom ( see title), but will end up enjoying it as much as her spanker, and both with what comes next. We agree discipline spankings are not what it is all about, allthough the spankee can be a bit naughty knowing full well that she will be spanked for it, or even misbehave just to earn one. Many times Susan has been across David's knee, yelling protests, but actually loving the whole thing.
We loved no: 15 the Spanking Booth; has this ever existed. Susan would love to offer her bottom for it, and David buy a lot of tickets. No 19 - The Boat - Susan can not imagine walking through the restruant, her blazing bottom on show beneath her bikini, but you, Bonnie have the bravado to do this, even though you did not have much choice.
34 & 35. We are sure photos of your superb bottom must draw readers. David would like to it see clad in different garments, and in well bent over poses. He is also a member of the Pantie Patrol. Would like to see even more VPLs , and dare he ask for it, the panties themselves, or even more unlikley a glimpse of the bottom itself, heroine of so many spankings.
We look forward to the fifth anniversary eagerly. Susan and David.

Scunge said...

I was lucky enough to find you quickly when I first awakened in June 2008. Your blog has been VERY comforting,informative and safe from the very first letter. Thank you.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I too am amazed that In with the New gets so few comments. I firmly believe that each and every new blogger mentioned should leave a comment, thanking you for the shout-out.

I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next, as part of your 5th anniversary celebration.


sixofthebest said...

Bonnie. Question #5. Yours is the first blog I read, each day. Question #9. In With the New. I make good use of it. It is excellent. Question #13. Your civility to us 'spanking enthusisast is excellent. Question #15. You wrote a one-act stage play. I acted in a spanking scene, in an off Broadway stage play, called "Another Way to Love, for two years.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie. Question #16. I love your brunches, they look so real, I wish I could swipe them off your blog, and eat them. Question #28. Blogroll is excellent, Please keep it in Alphabetical order. Question #30. I have always believed in freedom of speech. And I fight constantly for it. I have been to over 140 countries of this great world of ours, and some do not except this great freedom of ours.

Anne said...

hello my husband, "fisher" and I are newbies...thank you for being here and helping me with my courage and sense that I may not be altogether nuts! After close to 20 years marriage, I finally confessed fully to liking spankings WOW scary exciting, and reciprocated did I say WOW! learning alot from you guys, chross, scony - I can't get on the blogg but please pass my best wishes and support to brinlee and parker - My friends and co-workers would never believe and likely never accept it - never mind my family so we are using pseudonames. Its so nice to know you don't have to be 20 to enjoy this - hope it lasts. Been watching, researching, learning just since April 2010. Once again thank you and all those willing to share their experiences sooo much it really helps!


Daisychain said...

Hi, Bonnie,
Better cook? Hahaha! There is a reason for me knowing lots of recipes.. but, we won't go there! And, just because I know lots of recipes, doesn't make me a good cook! But, I will love to spend time with you at your brunches! xxx

R Humphries said...

Bonnie ... I think that was a really exceptional post even by your standards ... congratulations on the forthcoming 5th anniversary … I hope that you continue to blog as long as it remains fun, as you have wittingly or unwittingly become a foundation to our community, and your efforts are greatly appreciated … RH

Celine said...

Aww Bonnie, I loved this!! There are so many awesome things about this blog that I didn't know and I had a blast learning more about you and MBS. :) You should definitely make your advice for bloggers a stand-alone page, it's really great! The Panty Patrol bit still has me giggling..that is SO the truth, girl. You are such a kind, interesting person, the spanky blogosphere is incredibly fortunate to have you in it. You are approachable, real, and conduct yourself with a great deal of integrity. You're a gem. Happy 5th Anniversary, we love you! Celine

Suzy said...

This is a great list Bonnie.. and we enjoyed reading the points about your blog.. and about blogging in general. You were the first spanking blog that I really got interested in and you helped us get started with the American Spanking Society. I look forward to many more years of reading My Bottom Smarts and I appreciate your kind words about my interviews, it's been great fun and there are so many more spankos to interview... I'd love to interview you at some point too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bonnie,

Thank you for creating and maintaining MBS. It and you convinced me my cravings and tastes were "normal" and gave me the courage to bring up the subject with Jim more than 3 years ago. What can I say . . . now we both consider TTWD a normal part of our intimate life together, and can't imagine life w/o it! You're a wonderful, insightful writer whose perspective resonates with millions of us. Thank you for keeping it going.


Bonnie said...

Thank you, everyone, for your sweet and generous words. I am proud to be a member of this community and I love contributing what I can to make it better. Hearing that MBS has helped people discover their dreams is both gratifying and motivating. I publish this blog, but it's here because of all of us.

Erica - The short version is that I set up Google Analytics to collect statistics. The keywords come from one of the reports it offers.

Suzy - Anytime. Just send me your questions.

Dr. Psycho said...

I haven't been to this site for awhile. It's possible that my last comment was under my old handle, misterniceguy1960. But I remain a spanking fan, and have greatly increased my skill and experience as a spanker (and spankee) since then.

And I am glad that this blog is still extant.

Terpsichore said...

Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!
:-) Best wishes, Terpsichore

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