Saturday, September 04, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #242

Here in the US, many of us are celebrating the long Labor Day weekend. It's an opportunity to share these last days of summer with friends and family.

In honor of back-to-school season, we have a science question!

Why does a wet spanking hurt so much more?

If you would like to offer your thoughts, please enter them in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has had their turn, I will post an edited summary.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Yes. I have given a few and the spankees all said it stung more. I was given a wet bottom spanking and I think it had more sting.

You really need a helper with a squirt bottle, to quickly re-wet after every paddle pop.

Dioneo said...

I'm guessing that it has to do with how vibrations are less attenuated by water than by air. Think of how sounds carry further underwater than above water. Now imagine that the sound wave is instead an implement colliding with a derriere. I would think the stronger vibrations are what makes it sting more, but really this is all speculative.

dano said...

Water tenderizes the tushy and the nerves in the skin are more sensitive.

Anne said...

Fisher thinks that on dry skin the air in the pores act like an air shock on a car so when you smack the bottom the air comes out and buffers the blow whereas when the skin is wet, the liquid fills the pores, removing the air which would act as the shock absorber. In addition, when the wet bottom is hit, the liquid compresses expanding the pores and increasing the nerve contact and so increasing the intensity of the feeling. That's our story and we're sticking to it! said...

Previous posters are exactly right. The water opens the pores in the bottom, and these water-filled pores are conductors of vibration. With the water present, nerves are more receptive as well. So the whole experience is a lot more ouchy -- greater vibrations and greater perception of pain.

D is a fan of keeping a spray bottle near. That evil, evil man.

Rich said...

Air is compressible, but water isn't. So, the energy from the hand goes straight through the water to the skin underneath, but air trapped between the hand and the bottom is compressed and absorbs some of the energy.

Of course, that takes all the romance out of it.

We should probably just agree to conclude that a wet spanking is "hotter" than one on dry skin. Maybe it's just a little kinkier. Splosh!


Michael said...

I think that the answer might be found within a consideration of kinetic energy and thermal conductivity. When the paddle, say, hits the bottom there is a transfer of kinetic energy into work and heat energy. The work energy moves the mass of the bottom flesh forward (flattening it) and squashes the air molecules between the skin and the blade creating a pressure wave which creates a sound (the smack). The heat energy created is transferred to the skin which raises the temperature and creates electrical energy which is transferred to the nerves under the skin. The question thus relates to how much heat energy is transferred to the bottom compared to the work energy, out of the total kinetic energy. The skin is made up of lots of small points on the surface (the summits of the skin) and lots of depressions (the pores) and the surface area of the bottom is the total of the summits of the skin and of the areas of the depressions. There is a limited amount of summit area which is vastly increased if you add the surface of the depressions. So to transfer the heat energy effectively into the bottom you want to maximise the area exposed to the heat energy and ensure that there is high thermal conductivity in the surface. The summits made of skin have good thermal conductivity (0.58 W/mC) and the paddle contacts directly with these summits so the energy is transferred efficiently. The transfer to the depressions has to take place firstly through the air filling the depression before it reaches the skin surface in the pore. Air has a low unit of thermal conductivity (0.024W/mC) so the transfer through air to the skin surface in the depression is poor and the whole surface of the bottom will be not receive as much transfer of heat as is possible from the overall kinetic energy in the spank. If the bottom is wetted the depressions fill with water which has a better unit of thermal conductivity of 0.6 W/mC (a bit higher than skin itself). So a good deal more heat energy will reach the skin surface in the depressions and the overall transfer of heat from the paddle is much larger. The bottom heats up considerably more and thus the spanking is more severe.
On a less scientific note the addition of glycerine to the water is said to further increase the heat of the paddling, possible because the glycerine adheres to the pore trapping the water molecules for longer and delaying evaporation.
And finally I used to love having my bottom spanked whilst wearing a pair of damp swimming trunks. My wife used to like drying them off with a hairbrush. Sadly I no longer have the figure for Speedos so this is a thing of the past. I do get “out of the shower” spankings with the bath brush on a wet bottom and this makes me well behaved for the whole day.
Enjoy your holiday over there.

Scunge said...

Well for me it DOESN'T! Believe me we have tried on several occasions and for me wet or dry my bottom feels the impact the same. Could be because I have a chronic disease called fibromyalgia,or it could be I am just WEIRD!

ronnie said...

What an excellent question Bonnie and one which, not being scientifically minded in the least, I don't have a clue. But I have to agree with the questioner, they do hurt more and they're kind of sexy too because they sound different and the circumstances in which they're given would normally necessarily be different. And overall they're yummy.
Sorry I haven't thrown any light on the question:)


Anonymous said...

On the one hand, this science behind the specialized spanking of a wet bottom is interesting. On the other hand, I really don't care why. The question made me realize it'd been far too long since this exquisite form of punishment had been utilized. I greeted my lover with breakfast in bed this morning (another thing I hadn't done for her in too long a time).

"And when you're done with eating, I'm gonna give you a bath..." I mentioned.

"I prefer showers," she replied foggily.

"I know, but this morning you'll take a bath, and stand up during it for repeated wet bottom spankings."

"Yes, sir," she smiled.

Thank you for the scientific insight. THANK YOU for the suggestion!


Daisychain said...

I hated science at school.
Therefore, my answer is not scientific.

They just DO, ok????

LOL. Great question, and I am now in awe of your readers, Bonnie, talking about kinetic whassamajig, compressions and vibrations and stuff! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

These answers are very scientific, and probably right, but as a recipient I find that it is the tempreture of the water that counts Having been scooped out of a bath many times, my hot wet bottom does not seem to be any more sensetive to a spanking, allthough the sound of palm on bum seems to be louder, and there is the added hazard of nearby hair or bath brushes!
Cold bottoms are a different matter and definatley sting far more; I suppose the nerve endings are more sensetative if I have just come out of the sea, or had an ice cold cloth applied to my rear before the spanking. After swimming I am probably wearing a swim suit or bikini, and if this is wet it really hugs my cheeks, and I might as well be bare.
On one smarting occasion I was wearing a thin cotton pair of tennis shorts in our garden, when D made me bend over a deck chair, sprayed my bottom with the hose, and then attacked it with a table tennis bat.
I danced round the garden like a dervish after that, clutching my super smarting ice cold cheeks. Susan.

R Humphries said...

Hi Guys … Fun question … I am not of a scientific bent so I am reliant upon MBJ to provide insight and observation regarding such phenomena … after all she is the one on the receiving end … She tells me that wet spankings do not necessarily hurt more but have a different and entirely unique sensation … she also informs me that during the immediate aftermath of being caned across silk pyjamas the heat actually appears to increase rather than decrease … I have no idea of the validity of such sage observations … perhaps the solution is for the community at large to commission a modern day equivalent of Jean Henri Fabre to conduct experimental research into matters of such import and to document their findings and report back, I am sure that there would be no shortage of volunteers to act as research participants … or otherwise I suppose we could just pour another glass of wine and continue to ponder such mysteries … Cheers … RH

Anonymous said...

Interesting question, I have no idea as to the "why" of it. I had never really thought about it much. Haven't been spanked on a wet bottom since I was 4 yrs old, but boy do I remember that one well! Might have to try it again one day. Thanks for the idea!

Make Mine Red

Anonymous said...

One possibility is that a wet bottom is colder, either because cold water was used to make it that way or because wet skin loses heat faster. It's well known that being hit hurts more in the cold - American footballers often comment on this.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how the receiver would measure this exactly but wouldn't a wet spank be similar to a dry impact delivered harder.

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