Sunday, August 29, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for August 29

Our topic of the week was spanking bets. Here's what you had to say.

Scunge: I "write" enough checks that my butt can't cash NOW. I'm not going to add to it with betting! ;)

Barely Pink: I have actually. And it was quite a surprise.

I'd been on a vanilla dating site and found someone reasonably interesting. We were playing pool when he said, "You know what would help you focus? A spanking."

My heart stopped. And I guess my face betrayed me because then he dove in to the bet.

If I lost, I'd get spanked. If I won, he'd buy me another round.

Keep in mind that this was someone I'd only been out with twice before. We hadn't even kissed at that point.

Interesting bet. And I lost. But that's another story.

Hermione: As a matter of fact, we often bet a spanking on the outcome of some event. I have written about it on my blog.

Naomi: I can't say that we ever have. I'll have to remember this for the future!

R Humphries: MBJ and I often play betting games during our plays. We have one of those make-your-own monopoly sets and it is completely designed around the fictitious facility featured in our books. We use the Community Chest and Chance cards to establish the penalties and rewards. We also play ‘Spankgammon’ to enhance our scenes.

Considering that we are a strictly top and bottom relationship, this is all pretty brave of MBJ. It is hardly surprising that she seems to spend every spare moment playing advanced Backgammon on her iPhone! It’s a lot of fun.

Abby: My Master is a Yankees fan. I have been a Red Sox fan my whole life! So yes, we often bet on the outcome of games. No, I don't get to spank Him. Usually, if the Sox win, I get to choose position or toys or a back rub. If He wins, He is in charge. LOL That's a big change!

Make Mine Red: We haven't. Not yet anyway. But it sounds fun! We do, however, have the discipline dice from Cane-iac and they are quite enjoyable :)

swan: We have, over the years, played a number of spankng games, but only once (that I can remember) was there an actual wager. Master once wagered a spanking that the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts football team, Peyton Manning, was surely African-American. There was no convincing Him otherwise, as the name "Peyton" seemed to Him to be clearly "Black." That wager was NEVER COLLECTED, and so remains -- to this day.

Daisy: Oh, yes. Davey devised a card game where, the turn of a card determines how many and with what implement. Only hearts were my free pass. It's fun!

Michael: We haven't used spanking to settle a bet, but I will suggest it now. We often use a random lottery ticket as a means of setting the number of strokes. For example, a ticket that appears as:


might be interpreted by my wife as 2 minutes with the hairbrush, 8 with the cane, 15 with a paddle, etc. If I get a text to buy a lottery ticket, I don't have to guess what is in store for me that evening. And who knows? We might even win!

Ronnie: No, I can't say that we ever have used spanking to settle a bet, but it could be a fun way.

Susan: David took me horse racing. All of my bets lost and before the last race, I was skint, but I really fancied a big gray horse in the last race at 18-1. I asked him if he would give me some cash to back it.

He grinned and said, "OK, if you win, you keep your winnings, but if you lose, you get a spanking to make you more careful."

"A what !?" I asked.

"A spanking. Eighteen smacks on that cute bottom of yours." With that, he patted the tight seat of my tweed skirt.

I gasped in surprise, but said, "All right then, but my bot is quite safe because that horse will win". After it lost by miles, David smiled, "I'm going to enjoy this." Surely he wasn't going to spank me on the race course. "Perhaps we had better go home."

An hour or so later, I nervously followed him into our house. Cheeks flaming, I said, "I suppose we had better get this done. I can't wait."

He sat down on the sofa. "Right, get that skirt up and yourself over my lap." "But, but," I protested.

"I said I would spank your bottom, not the seat of that thick skirt. Now over you go ". I wriggled up the tight skirt around my waist. David patted his thigh and I bent over. I felt his hand on the waist of my panties. "No, no. Not on the bare, please," I pleaded.

"Panties are not bare bottom" and down they came. He pushed me down so that my bottom thrust up firm and taut. Of course, David had seen my bare bottom many times, but this was just so undignified.

His palm landed with a resounding smack on my right cheek. "Ow, that stung," I squealed. By six, my bottom was really smarting, and I was squirming over his lap. By twelve it was blazing, but I was starting to feel very sexy as well. At eighteen swats, I felt as though I would never sit down again, but I was also randy as hell.

"There. Let that be a lesson, Susan." I scrambled to my feet hugging my poor buns. "Enjoy that?" he asked. "Actually, yes, and you are going to enjoy this".

I leaned forward, released his rampant member, straddled him, and sunk my well spanked bottom and eager sex onto him. That was the start of my spanking career, and my bottom has been regularly spanked and more by David ever since.

Spank-A-Lot: I have numerous times and now that I think about it, this is a really interesting and good way to broach the topic of spanking with a vanilla in an "ice-breaker" kind of way. It doesn't scare anyone off and it's really fun sometimes.

Elisabeth: I have never had a spanking bet, but that sounds like fun! Hmmm, what wager can I make with Sebastien tonight?

Bonnie: Yes, we do play games where my bottom and ability to sit comfortably are at stake. As others have observed, it can be tremendous fun!

Thanks, everyone, and I hope to see you here again next week.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm a bit late on this comment... maybe someone can spank me :)

I have played a made up game I call "quarters"... it is a great ice breaker or just fun with your partner... ladies first, toss the quarter in the air... heads the guy get to take a piece of clothing off the lady. Tails: the lady get to take a piece of clothing off the guy... first bare bottom wins... get a five minute spanking. Now things get interesting... say the guy was just spanked. He get to flip the quarter, if it lands "heads" he get to further undress the lady. If her bottom gets uncovered, she gets the five minute spanking... if the quarter lands "tails" the guys tail is already bare and spanked, and he just earned a ten minute spanking for flipping tails. The game continues until both parties get their tails spanked at least once...

For those with only one partner into spanking, when that person's bottom is bare, the spankings will start, when the other non-spanking person's bottom is bare, they get to choose their five minutes of fun (back rub or front rub or whatever).

My partner and I have also played spanking games while watching baseball. She will spank me if our team is at bat and a strike will equal a swat... a strickout will equal five swats, a base runner getting out will equal ten swats...
When our team is in the outfield, a base hit gets 5 swats, double=10, triple-15 and a homer equals 25. So my bottom gets swats no matter what is happening except during the commercial breaks...

Anonymous said...

in a spanking bet i never could dicide wheather the winnner or loser should get spanked.

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