Monday, August 09, 2010

Yes, It's True!


Erica said...

(laughing) Yes, it's true! Erica's not wearing any makeup!

Bonnie, you're the bestest. :-D

Anonymous said...

Fan of Erica's ever since I saw her in Trouble at Carsons Gap,. and judging by the color of her bottom after that five minute hard spanking, she did not need any make up there either !

Bonnie said...


I think that beautiful smile and those sparkling eyes provide an ideal invitation. :D


Hermione said...

Hooray! Erica's made it over from the dark side. will never be the same again.


Zelle said...

Yeah! So glad Erica weaned herself from 'myspazz'! They had just put the nail in their coffin the other day with all that ridiculous new formatting they initiated. UGH!

Well, guess Erica has her big girl panties on now! This should be fun as hell!

Hi Bonnie! ((smooch!))

Anonymous said...

AQ here . I would like to know if we can have a nice video of erica geting spanked as a welcome to blogspot .

any volinteers ? "smiles "

redxxx said...

welcome aboard, or over the knee, whichever you prefer.

Bonnie-jo said...

I second what Hermione said! I've been hoping this would happen for a good long year!!! Not that I wish MySpace problems on anyone, but this is so cool. :)

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