Monday, August 09, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for August 8

Our topic this week was Consensual Spanking Week and how our involvement with spanking has changed us.

Michael: I am certainly a better person after a spanking. We started our D/s relationship formally about 10 years ago. We had been spanking since we first met, but not in any particular fashion or with a purpose in mind. Now that our relationship is more mature , we can approach discipline in a way that makes sense for both of us.

I love the feeling of having been well "seen to" and getting our differences sorted out in a brisk and efficient manner.

So yes, I feel happier and my behaviour improves once my bottom has been well and truly spanked.

Six of the Best: Happy Consensual Spanking Day. Yes, I am a happy and a most contented man because I am have the ability to spank some consensual naughty ladies. Plus, blogs like yours make life worth living.

Wow. Thanks, Six

Barely Pink: A thousand times, YES. I've had spanking in my life since college, but it has only been a little over a year that I've actively sought out other spanking enthusiasts.

I find that not only am I much more balanced and centered, I'm also more open-minded and tolerant – and not just in kinky affairs. But in other ways, too. I've learned that everyone is fighting their own battles and to exercise more kindness than necessary in communicating with people. This comes from communicating on such an intimate level with so many people from differing backgrounds.

Perhaps it's not the spanking itself, but the spanking community that has lent this perspective. Either way, I'm happy for it.

And as a sidenote, shouldn't every day be Consensual Spanking Day?

Janet: Spanking has improved so many aspects of our lives together. There are no more late nights with our backs turned away from one another because now things are taken care of right away and there's no more dwelling on problems.

Then there's the communication aspect. We talk constantly now and not just about superficial things, but we really talk.

And, like so many, we more have found the intimacy level of our marriage has become incredible.

What isn't there to love about TTWD?

Hermione: What I have learned from being part of the spanking community is tolerance for other people's kinks. We are all into spanking, but I have found that there are a great many variations on the theme. While my preferences are pretty specific, I can understand that there are different strokes for different folks, and can look beyond those differences to see the common bond. We are all basically nice people who like to engage in some form of spanking.

The other way I have changed, as a result of reading and writing about spanking, is that I have rediscovered the creative muse within me that was buried under the daily grind for many years. Writing and creating posts is fun, and I have the spanking blogosphere to thank for helping me discover that pleasure.

Make Mine Red: After many years of marriage, our love life is HOT again!

Em: I love this topic! But I had such a hard time answering this question that it became an entire post over on my blog.

I can't wait to read what everyone else has to say!

Daisy: When I get in a temper, I am one formidable roller coaster. But giving Davey the right to spank me is like giving him the emergency brake!

It has the power to halt hurtful accusations and recriminations from past events, which would cause rifts and resentments in a relationship. It gives closure on an argument. Davey is wonderful. He can accept that he may be in the wrong, and will apologise. He tries to show me a different, calmer way to resolve issues, but not when I am blazing along like a runaway train. So, he takes the wind out of my sails and calms me whether I like it or not. LOL That makes me use more adult means to convey my feelings!

Spanking encourages and fosters good communication skills. To allow someone to spank you is a sign of trust and, for us, it is an important aspect of intimacy. We also found it enhanced our sex life, as wow, spanking brought an explosion of hunger for each other in other ways too. I see him as more sexy because I have given him the right to exert his dominance. I feel more sexy after a spanking, unless it is a punishment one. Those cause other more powerful feelings such as being secure, loved and protected, and free of guilt. I am utterly content because I know I am forgiven and there is no resentfulness being harboured. There is peace, and harmony again. Bliss.

So, how have I changed for the better? Just know, I have! (ask Davey!)

Todd and Suzy: Spanking has helped us both become better with communication. It's helped create a large circle of new friends and has helped us have a better sex life. Overall, we'd say spanking helped improve relationships.

Scunge: Spanking has helped me become a better me in ALL aspects of my life!

Elisabeth: My relationship has become easier: things are more straightforward, our communication is more open, and we are all-around happier. The credit goes to the deeper connection we have forged as a result of TTWD.

Keiter: I ended a long and unsatisfying marriage at the start of the summer. One major aspect of the union that was unsatisfying was the lack of love, love-making, and spanking. But spanking in my life is my sexual nexus. So it not only makes life better, it makes my world go around.

Love4her: My spanko-ness has not really made my life any better. It suppose it has lead me to bug my wife more to give me something she can not understand. I try to keep quiet, but I prod and suggest spanking me.

I have never really gotten a real, firm, serious spanking. Just very rare, playful swats with a wood spoon that sting and make her feel silly to be giving them. It turns me on, but if she were to really blister my bottom... I long for it and crave it. I am not sure if it would be for better or worse.

Bonnie: Considering this was my question, you'd think I ought to be able to answer it. But I really can't in any satisfactory way. As Em said, spanking has been a part of my entire adult life. I am pleased by that fact, and certainly would not have wanted to live any other way, but I have no basis for comparison. The changes in my life associated with spanking have been concurrent with every other kind of change over the years.

Even so, I am quite certain that I would not feel nearly as contented and in love thirty years down the road were it not for those regular bottom warmings.

Thanks, everyone, for joining in our brunch!

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