Sunday, July 18, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 18

Our topic this week was waiting for a spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Bumtickler: I almost always have to wait to get it. I like the anticipation. My excitement grows as the time nears. Some dread fills me occasionally as well. That comes and goes.

And then, when we are all ready, she delays a little longer. That kills me. I'm psyched for it and still have to wait, usually in position and often not knowing when it will strike.

The times with no waiting are the real punishment spankings, not maintenance or recreational.

Serving B: My partner and I live apart so spankings are often planned in advance. We both enjoy the anticipation that this produces. As the day of my spanking approaches, I am prone to receive texts that warn me of the upcoming demise of my bum! I love it!

Spanked by Wife: Circumstances are often such that the inevitable spanking must be administered at a later time. We tried using a log, but found that our 'Notice of Discipline' works much better. The form even has a date and time that schedules the discipline. (Its much like a detention slip that is apparently still used in many schools).

Of course, the anticipation just adds to the overall effect when she finally administers her discipline.

Hermione: There are two kinds of waiting for me. One is waiting for the appointed hour for a spanking. It always happens at a specific time, and not a second earlier. So if I feel like having one right away, I know I must be patient. This always heightens the anticipation for me.

The second type of waiting occurs when Ron decides that there is something more urgent that must occupy his attention. What could be more important than giving me a spanking? You'd be surprised! In any case, that means I must wait (im)patiently until he is free to devote his energy to my bottom. In that case, there's a bit of a let-down, then the anticipation starts to build again.

Celine: I've only had to wait in the sense that I am sometimes out of the house when I receive a text message that says I'm going to get it tonight. That's mean torture. *grin* It drives me CRAZY because the rest of the day passes soooo slowly. It's always a good thing, though. We don't really do punishment spankings because I'm afraid to blur the lines of our egalitarian relationship.

Her Knee: In our case, waiting is too often a must and it's very frustrating. It's very rare that waiting is actually an intended part of the event.

I suppose many couples share our lack of privacy problem. Often the wait for privacy causes the wrong kind of anticipation... This only causes stress for both of us.

Ally: Since we have two small children, it seems like we are always waiting. If it's planned, it creates a lot of anticipation, which I like. Waiting is not a part of any ritual. It's just a necessity.

Daisy: When we are together, virtually all spankings are planned, and I wouldn't have it any other way! It heightens the dread/anticipation/apprehension and sends shivers up and down my spine as the time gets closer!

2Good: I have to wait for my spankings until the roommate is out. I hate having to wait even though it's for fun spankings. I wish we could be more spontaneous and not so planned.

Anon: We have to wait, sometimes for months because of our older teenage daughter. We live in a small house and spankings can be heard all over. She will be off to college in about six weeks and I expect our spanking sessions will be more frequent. :)

Mick: Knowing that a spanking is coming drives my wife crazy, so I never threaten one. I just grab her at the first opportune time and tell her it's time.

Prefectdt: I never play at home and very few of the women with whom I play can play at their homes either. As a result, nearly every spanking has to be arranged and planned in advance. I love the build up of anticipation, dread, and excitement brought about by waiting for the inevitable.

R Humphries: Almost all of the games we play involve some pre-determined schedule that seems to work for both of us. MBJ and I have talked about this subject extensively. She says that the ‘waiting’ is a key element of the overall experience, despite the fact that she is a tad impatient by nature.

Personally, I have always been fascinated by the waiting element. This is probably is derived from the bygone days of my childhood. Corporal punishment of boys was immediate and often public. The fairer sex, on the other hand, were dealt with in private. I can still remember the ghastly grimaces on the faces of girls who were informed in such a quintessentially British manner that they would “be staying behind tonight.”

Cowgirl: I will be waiting a long-long time due to the present circumstances (no spanker).

In the beginning of my journey, I had to wait months at a time, due to distance. Once I moved closer, there was no waiting involved. I would much rather not have a wait. Waiting is just miserable and I can't say I really enjoy any part of it. Waiting drives me crazy. I don't care for planned spankings. Spontaneous ones are more appealing!

Bonnie: As I've described at length, Randy enjoys rearranging my brain almost as much as he does swatting my bottom. He does this by encouraging me to imagine what is to come and then giving me what I most expect when I least expect it (or vice versa). Waiting (or not waiting) is frequently a part of his formula. When I am surprised and a bit off-balance, I cannot neither settle into a routine nor resist the pain he creates. The resulting effect is kind of a reboot for my emotions. I emerge from one of these spankings feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

As others mentioned, our play is occasionally postponed or interrupted by real life considerations. Naturally, I feel disappointed when this happens. But it all disappears once we are able to get back on track.

Em: I always had to wait (due to distance and two incredibly busy schedules). From this, I discovered a few things:
  1. I love the anticipation. Drawing this stage out is incredibly effective for me and can heighten the overall experience. It's particularly effective if I'm frequently reminded of the upcoming spanking and taunted with the details of what will be done to me. Yumm!
  2. The above is absolutely true... Except when it isn't. If the pending spanking is due to be particularly harsh or using an implement I have a specific aversion to, too much time allows me to work myself up. This has only happened twice, but both times were a bit of a stubble and required a lot more time after for me to even out.
  3. In a disciplinary situation, waiting often has the reverse effect of what is expected. While a brief wait can enhance the effect of the discipline, if I'm made to wait too long, I find it difficult to associate the spanking with the offense. After a certain period of time, my brain just closes the book on the issue and considers it done. I believe that this is because I am prone to feeling quite guilty and if I had to carry that around indefinitely waiting for a spanking I'd go insane :)
Thanks for being a part of our community discussion. I hope you'll stop by again next week!

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