Thursday, April 08, 2010

Poll: The MBS Blogroll

I'd like to hear what you think.

1. Is the blogroll an important reason why you visit MBS?

2. Should we add links to blogs written primarily in languages other than English?

3. Do you prefer a blogroll sorted in alphabetical order (easy to find specific blogs) or chronological order (easy to see what is new)?

4. Which one of the following subjects would you most like to see emphasized when we add to the blogroll?

Erotic spanking
Domestic discipline
Recreational spanking
Spanking photographs/video
Spanking fiction
F/M spanking blogs
F/F spanking blogs
M/M spanking blogs
Commercial spanking sites
Spanking models
Something else

Thank you!


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

You don't list it as an option but how about grouping the links thematically? I think that's actually the most useful.

There could even be crossover with some links appearing in more than one category.

From results so far it looks like primary interest is in a video/photo site featuring domestic discipline. Maybe you're doing someone's market research here, Bonnie!

As for non-English sites, I've found a few good ones, but my impression generally is that they are relatively more sparse -- there's fewer of them -- or maybe I just haven't found them. Certainly there are some good foreign language sites out there -- especially in French.

Bonnie said...

Karl - Thanks for your feedback. Actually, the market research is mine. From time to time, I believe it's necessary to reconnect with readers. Sometimes, they don't think what I think they think. Polls, brunches, comments, and e-mails help me to realign my content.

My blogroll is clearly due for a makeover. I think it's among the best out there in terms of links, but the presentation is so 2005.

I've considered various categorization schemes, but there always seem to be some worthy blogs that just don't quite fit anywhere.

The foreign language question arises from an observation that seven of my top 100 referrers are written in an language other than English. At present, I don't link any of them. That doesn't seem fair. On the other hand, I'm not certain how many MBS readers would enjoy them.

Jane said...

I'd prefer the chronological listing (and grouped by theme is a great idea if not too much work for you?) because then I'll catch the new posts. Love some of the places I've discovered through your blogroll. Hermione, Sara, many more. I am grateful.

Kat5 said...

I like chronological listing on smaller blogrolls so I can see what is new but bigger blogrolls seem better alphabetically for some reason. Thanks so much for adding my blog to your list too! I really appreciate it.

Hermione said...

I can't wait to see the results of this latest piece of research, Bonnie. You're sure to come up with an interesting solution.


ronnie said...

Your blog roll is very important to us Bonnie.
I prefer chronological links so I can see who has updated, works best for me.

I'll look forward to seeing the results Bonnie.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...


Maybe the solution is an alphabetical listing PLUS a separate section for recent discoveries -- just to make your life a little complicated.

And I for one would love to know what those foreign language blogs are that send you so much traffic.

Bonnie said...

Jane - Thanks for your feedback. The trouble with categorizing is that many blogs belong in multiple groups. For example, one blog could be M/F, DD, fiction, photographs, etc. 350 links could easy become twice that number or more.

I'm thinking about other ways to indicate the contents of the blog (such as adding some notation after the names). That approach may not be as helpful as grouping them, but it could aid some readers.

Kat - For now, I'm going to try both. I kept the old blogroll in alphabetical order and added a new one below it in chronological order. The latter shows just the 25 most recently updated blogs, but it can be expanded to show all of them. My hope is that this will provide the best of both worlds.

Hermione - I think the blogroll will continue to evolve, but we took a big step today. Thank you for all your assistance and support.

Karl - Great minds think alike!

As for non-English blogs that link to MBS, here you are:

Bonnie said...

Ronnie - Thank you!

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