Friday, April 09, 2010

Pardon Our Ouch

In order to enhance my blogroll (as I've been promising for a year), I have to undertake a slightly scary upgrade to my blog template. Things may look a bit weird around here for a while. Like a good, long, hard spanking, I keep reminding myself that it's (probably) worth the pain.


Hermione said...

Wow! Bonnie, your new look is great! Somewhat familiar, but that's good too.

let me be the first to congratulate you on your transformation. I know you will make good use of all the new features.


Dom Tom said...

I agree with hermione, and I like the new look. Makes me feel like a bit of a dinosaur...

ronnie said...

I like it. It looks good, thank you Bonnie.


R Humphries said...

Great job Bonnie ... changing templates is, as you say, slightly scary ... thanks for taking the risk, Ma'am ... Cheers ... RH

Anonymous said...

Didn't change your look too much for me, but you load a lot faster for this old lady on dial up, so kudos!

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